What to feed bream for a good bite

Bream is a representative of carp, one of the most desirable fish in the catch. Ways of preparing great many, but most favorite dish is drying. For productive fishing, you need to lure the places to collect fish in the point of fishing. Before selecting the ingredients you need to familiarize yourself with the diet and taste preferences of the object of fishing. Basic, regular and favorite food is live food: worms, insects, mosquitoes, larvae, crustaceans, in General, protein diet.

In summer the best option for feeding bream is a sport. Due to the fact that the ingredients are finely ground, they are well washed off with water and increase fish appetite. Not take and specially designed for bream flavors that should be added to the finished feed. The viscosity of the mass is one of the factors that can affect the outcome of the future of fishing. Properly cooked food is slightly dry to the touch and easily molded. It is an excellent clumps, which are easy to score to the right place.

We should also talk about the viscosity of bait and what it does. Depending on the place of fishing: the current (strong or slow), in stagnant water require different density of the feed. In the fast current it is added to clay, which, owing to its inertia long blur. Imagine what would happen if the rapid will be a loose ball of bait. It will be quickly washed away by the water, during the first minutes before work ends. In order to avoid this happening is added to clay in certain proportions.

Slow for most often added land. It helps to fill the bait mixture weight, and also allows you again, do not quickly erode. In stagnant water the weights are optional. But the experience of producing long-distance casting easier when the ball of groundbait harder. Read more about the addition of earth and clay in the bait, read our article. Don’t forget to use the feeders, which seems to be catching white fish. On the course it is better to use a rectangular (including square) shape, they move in the water, unlike shaped barrel. In stagnant water form does not matter.

Recipes bait for bream

что из себя представляет правильная прикормка на леща

A list of products and ingredients you can write huge, everything will depend only on the ingenuity of a fisherman. As has been said bream love live, protein foods. It remains only to mix it with something, and then, of course, comes to mind a standard list of names:

  • millet
  • bran
  • peas
  • cake
  • breadcrumbs
  • grind roasted sunflower seeds
  • cookies
  • Hercules
  • oatmeal
  • sweet corn flakes
  • barley

It remains to chop worms, bloodworms, maggots, mix with one,two or three ingredients from the list above, add soil or clay, water and the best fragrant bait ready. But today, many fishermen do not stop only on natural ingredients, adding more and more flavoring agents, attractants and other artificially created impurities that contribute to attracting the attention of fish.

They are not expensive, are sold in every fishing store and have a huge range of smells. But use them with greater care, because the excess bait can be a deterrent that will adversely affect the bite.

But do not forget about natural aromatic substances, the abundance present in every kitchen worth ten times below:

  • carnation
  • Anis
  • vanilla
  • garlic
  • strawberries
  • strawberry
  • honey
  • cinnamon
  • banana
  • coriander
  • etc.

In winter, sometimes quite a handful of Joker thrown in the hole. The smells at this time are transmitted over a long distance, for this reason, the use of attractants should be treated with great caution. For economy bloodworms or maggots can be mixed with cooked cereal (any, it is better to experiment) or soil.

Autumn recipe:

осенний рецепт прикормки для леща

Summer recipe:

прикормка для леща летом

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