Cord for fly fishing

First in importance of the elements of the gear fishers put forward cord. And with this statement to argue pretty hard. Today, you can choose the cord for the fly fishing for any occasion, a lot of them, they are very different.

And such an abundance of choice for fishermen forcing manufacturers to come up with many advertising moves to lure customers. The fishermen laugh and that fishing you can pick up a separate power cord. A variety of models leads to the duration of the conversation, half of which will not bear the information load, I will try to highlight for you main points in regards to the cords.

We all know that the tackle without a sinker is not a tackle, that’s just the cord and plays the very same role weights. The choice of the density of the cord depends on the tactics of the angler and the behavior of your lure on the water.

Classification of the cords is huge, I tried to choose major and I want to say that each type of fishing corresponds to a particular type of cord. Cords for fly fishing.

  1. Fast sinking;
  2. Sinking;
  3. Slowly sinking;
  4. With a sinking end;
  5. Floating;

Often, novices use a floating cord for fly fishing. Among anglers are of the opinion that the fish on the surface of the water there and she’s fed, but very little, say most of the time a predator spends in the water column. Yes, it is, but it should start with a floating cord, if you don’t learn how to catch them, do not learn to fish at all. There is one, decisive moment, not everyone will be able to raise the cord from the water to repeat the cast. It entails the only requirement for the cords for novice anglers, the cord for the fly should be floating.

The cords are divided into classes, and other elements fly snap. The class of cord is indicated on the packaging, somewhere near its mass. A prerequisite for the selection of the cord is matching the class class of the rod. The most versatile and convenient is the conical cord. Cone shaped torpedo is the most convenient for use in fishing. The color of the cord need only angler on the bite it has no effect and it is also subject to dispute, but it is proven that the visibility of the main cord when fishing.

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