Costume devil with their hands

There are a variety of means of masking from the usual camouflage of the suit to the original things, like a bag with holes for head and arms, covered in there that was lying on the ground in a particular area.

Today we will talk about how to make a real shaggy sniper camouflage, the so-called “Gilly” or as it is called, “devil”.

Of course, you can buy a ready made suit, now they are sold abound, however, the first minus in the purchase of such ready means of masking, is its price, and second, such suits are often made of synthetics which terribly hot it glare in the sun, and at night glows in night vision, like a Christmas tree, and in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, even army sniper prefer to produce these costumes yourself, to your taste, convenience, and size.

So, to make a ghillie suit the sniper is very simple, the only thing that there’s a lot of routine work. It might take you a durable fishing net with a broad “point” and a few cotton camouflage pants or shirts, preferably one color, for example, from a suit Gorka. To buy a suit Gorka in Belarus in the store, which sells military equipment or clothing.

Now we need to dissolve the camouflage for small patches. Next, from the grid do something like long shirts that fall just below the knee and begin systematically to bind to the cells of the grid patches of camouflage, to get not very thick, but not rare. The shirt mesh to do just need to find a pattern any long sleeve shirt and pokroet the mesh accordingly, and then sew or tie. If desired, you can attach to the jacket hood, and if you are too lazy to bother, you can just do a Cape on his head. That is, in fact, that’s all.

The main part of the work lies in tying scraps of camouflage fabric to the cells of the grid, there need to be a giant patience. But the result is worth it! In the end, you get a great means of disguise, which you may not notice from a distance of 1-2 meters!

Military uniforms and tactical clothing

Tactical gear and military clothing are in demand not only in the sphere of military service, but also for other purposes. Hunting, fishing, Hiking, trips to the countryside and some other activities are perfect for active service military uniforms and tactical clothing.

Modern range of tactical gear is wide enough. Present in both the winter and summer clothes. As well as all kinds of accessories that can be useful both in the course of military service, and in the process of implementation of country campaign with the purpose of hunting or fishing.

Military uniforms and tactical clothing is very warm and durable. Once bought a military uniform good quality, you make sure that you don’t have to update the purchase in the next few years. So as a tactical garment has a longer lifetime in extreme conditions.

Case for the carbine

One of the most common and popular products among the tactical gear is a cover for a carbine. As this accessory can be useful in any country Hiking, travel, hunting or fishing, as well as during military service.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of different pouches for the carbine. All models meet the technical requirements and have sufficient level of security. Therefore, in the case of the rifle you can store weapons and for him to be quiet. This accessory will find its place in the Arsenal of every hunter. To buy a case for the carbine on the website of an Internet store from a reliable and known manufacturer.

Tuning carbine Saiga

The saiga is great for Amateur hunting for a beast of small and medium dimensions. In order for the process of hunting was perfect, and the hunter has had the pleasure, you need good camouflage in the wild and have all the necessary accessories. A great option for Amateur hunting is considered a carbine.

For maximum benefit from the hunting rifle you need to purchase additional tuning of the Saiga in the store for hunters.

Good equipment including equipment hunting rifle allows to improve the result of hunting and also to get maximum pleasure from this process. After all, a good hunter must always be ready to different situations, and therefore to be fully staffed.

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