Donka carp

If proper positioning of the hooks with tackle and bait at tackle, then a ground rod for carp is to catch not only the fish species, but all feed on bottom fish. The nature of the reservoir is almost of no importance, except weight sinkers, the stronger the current the heavier the sinker.

The tackle is considered to be universal and suitable for both still water and flow like muddy bottom and sandy, and much more. Let us examine briefly the three donok there you go:

Has long been a favorite tackle anglers who want to catch large trophy, was the ground rod for carp.

Donkey are divided into three categories:

  • feeder, also known as easy Donka;
  • Donka moderate severity (greater demand is when fishing for fish of medium size);
  • heavy Donk, which often use carpatica.
Easy ground rod for carp fishing

Preferably used for fishing at short distances. On narrow rivers, and reservoirs with abundant aquatic vegetation. Feature is small sinker weight.

This type of tooling is very special, and tell us about it in one article will not work, in this talk only briefly about the equipment of the gear trough in the form of baskets and bait that will be placed under the feeder, on a leash. Easy ground rod for carp is quite popular, but ineffective. Speak positively about catching this snap-on current. You can use tackle the killer carp. Just putting the hooks of a larger size. Article about how to make a tackle killer carp with their hands.

The ground rod for carp of average weight

Is the most popular form of snap-ins and is used for fishing at medium ranges. Experienced anglers manage to throw this gear for 100 meters or more. The peculiarity of this equipment is that the feeder is equipped with a sinker and performs its function. Fishing ground of moderate severity with the precision of casts, such gear is easy to get to the selected plot area. Applies to all water bodies, it is not recommended to throw in a seabed with a thick layer of silt. But if you need to catch in the mud, you can use this interesting thing like a parachute. In addition to carp on such a snap-in catches of almost all fish.

Heavy Donk on carp

Used for carp fishing large size, and such fish are usually caught at long range. The method of fishing really heavy and requires the angler a lot of effort. The success of such fishing will depend not only on the tackle, and quality rods, reels and other equipment such as a Fishfinder and a boat.

Often, the fishermen examine the proposed location of fishing using a Fishfinder to find promising areas, and then mark them, and then imported back gear on the boat. Many say that the best distance not exceeding 500 metres. Notable are the heavy weights, the weight of which often exceeds 200 grams. When fishing for distance becomes significantly smaller and the weight is shipped more sinkers use up to 500 grams, as due to the rapid current gear with a light load simply blows in the direction.

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