Drop shot rigging for bass and walleye

The main difference is that spaced parts of the snap that are not in the same plane. If, for example, in the classic version of most of the snap-bait is on the same plane (jig head, Cheburashka and installation of rubber), in this embodiment, the bait is at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the main fishing line, giving it full freedom of action.

At the same time, the part that attracts the fish is not weighed down by sinker, because it becomes more attractive to predators. The naturalness of the game is only half the positive aspects of drop shots. As already mentioned, this type of tooling is used when fishing in cluttered areas of the reservoir, it may be snags, stumps, seagrass beds and water lilies.

In this area to produce the standard wiring either will not work at all, or with considerable misgivings as to the hook is very simple. Then the drop shot, able to play without winding fishing line on the spool. It happens this way: after casting sinker with the bait remains in the point of fishing without changing your location while rubber will continue to play, attracting perch or walleye.

In the course of the game will additionally be provided by the water flow, resulting in the action of the bait, and in still enough twitch the rod for an animation. The tackle stays on the 1st place, continuing to attract attention, without increasing the chances of a hitch or care in the grass. Spinning you can use any, its Stroy is important, not so much, such as length.

Use any available, but when fishing from shore it is desirable to have the rod longer. Form 1.8 m would not be very convenient to throw the bait into the fishing point and 2.5 m at the time. This will ensure the accuracy of the cast, and the quality of the game lure that is difficult to observe with a rod of short length. This does not apply to boats, as there is already an important compactness.

As the main fishing line used of monofil or braid. Suggest to choose the second option, as they are more universal. Owing to this mounting, you will use the leash.

If the drop shot for some reason will not show itself, or the pond will have a desire to change it is not difficult to do, will only have to snap the leash and you can catch pike, Zander or perch, not afraid otkazano line. The diameter of the core cord can be 0.1 mm, the leash must be of monofilament line and not a thick cross section, that would be when the toe came off it.

To tackle drop shot using different hooks, most of the ones that are at hand. There are specialized, created for this tackle. Since the hook is at 90%, it must be secured in this position. In a special hook for this moment taken into consideration, so mounting it on fishing line easier.

Otherwise, the installation of opsenica, you can associate a specific node, or keep it simple and limit it to two sides of crimp tubes. As such, the rules in this case does not exist, except one: the hook must be placed tip up. Further different ways to be mounted silicone bait. This can be anchoring for the head or for jig fishing in nezatseplyayki.

As cargo are advised to use oblong, narrow sinkers. This allows the dropper shot to be a universal snap-in that is taking the fishing in the cluttered waters. The sinker is reminiscent of a pencil due to this streamlining, it is difficult to catch in snags or other obstacles, as it was a great idea and easily bypasses them.

Of course, you can use any other load, though Cheburashka or ball, but in this case, the number of hooks may increase. As bait are silicone fish, crabs and other products from syedali. It all depends on what kind of fish you are hunting. For example, the bass prefer a smaller silicone, up to 7 cm, usually 3-5 cm Walleye might be interested in bait and larger in 10-12 cm

Therefore, before the vehicle spinning think would prefer it as a catch. Pure fashion is enough to pass the hook through the head of the lure, so that the sting went up and was open. If the conditions of fishing are not allow to do this, it is better to use the standard snap-in opsenica, in the form of nezatseplyayki. In tandem concealed sting and cargo in the form of a pencil you have all the chances to sh in a complex area where you hiding predatory fish without breaks snap.

How to install

Site for drop shots shown in the photo, it is called Palomar. When angling bass enough monofil 0.16-0.2 mm for walleye increase thickness to 0.25 mm. Necessary to cut the fishing line long 1-1.2 m, which binds the cargo. As already mentioned, it is desirable to have it in the form of a pencil, in the absence of that will fit any. The main thing that it was smooth, without burrs.

Its weight is chosen depending on the conditions of fishing: the flow is heavier (up to 30 Gy), in stagnant water is enough and 10 gr. Next, measure from the weights of 30-50 cm and tied the knot hook. Importantly, as has been said, that would sting looked up, and the base of the hook was facing the angler. Therefore, the installation of drop shots will be completed.

It remains to connect the main cord with a snap. It is better to use a swivel, but you can also connect the loop in the loop. Option with swivel the best thing to take its minimum size and then snastochki won’t look massive, and when all else fails, you can retool it to something else. Fish with the drop shot you can stand on the shore or on the boat, the basic difference will not be.

After casting wait achieve weight bottom and start posting. It differs from a classic and it is not uniform winding of the cord on the spool. The rod tip twitches slightly, though not dramatically, but gently, what would our gear moved a little and the bait started to play. The released cord podmahivat, you can then make a pause of different length or even to do without it.

In the course of the bait will begin to play immediately when dropped in the water, without any additional manipulation. Being in a horizontal position under the action of currents vibrohvost would have a little twitch.

The node to bind the hook is called Palomar

A few tips for beginners

If you found a window on the surface of the water (among snags or Lily pads), feel free to throw tackle in the area. It will be located in one place, attracting hidden perch, it is also a major advantage, especially in complex areas where the use of other methods difficult. When fishing a drop shot from the boat even easier: finding a suitable hole on the bottom enough to swim and stand almost on top of her.

It remains a bit animeready twitching of the rod, raising and lowering the tip. In order not to spook the fish boat it is necessary to choose the deeper sections. In areas with less depth to stand a little away from the place, using exactly the same tactics of fishing like from the shore.

Minus the classic method of jig in that the lure may hang in the water column and is a single layer while still playing. Right after you stop posting, the jig will immediately fall to the bottom, where it will continue to be stationary. Drop shots well will always keep the bait in one area and in one layer of water. In other cases, it is not as useful as for example the effluent leash, showing good results for catching walleye and perch.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Among the shortcomings note the use of monofilament line. Many fishermen know that perches on a lure not a bad bite and pike. As a consequence, after the attack of such a sharp-toothed predator may stay only the main cord, and cut the rope will be in the jaws of a pike or on the river bottom. The rookie will need to adjust to keep the bait in the upright position, especially on the course.

If the lake shouldn’t be a problem, that on small rivers the method is often not used because the shallow depth does not allow to do that. All the advantages we described above, it only remains to add that the design of the snap is so simple (can be seen on the diagram above) which both professional and novice angler.

If necessary, long cast, you can use a feeder rod, as we have said, the form is not important in this case. It is important that in the case of using feeder rods have the ability to put sensitive quivertip (the rod tip), which will give an understanding of what is happening in the water, which does not provide in this case spinning.

Diameter fishing line weight sinkers, a hook, a length of the leash drop shots and bait, you can choose to fit your needs by experimenting and finding the most suitable option. Of course, that for use the heavier load, when fishing for perch the thickness of the twine may be lower. The weight will depend on depth, the higher it is – the higher the load and Vice versa.

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