Equipment for fishing in the spring

Fishing in spring their characteristic features. The active technique of fishing, which consists of continuous movement of the nozzle and the constantly changing nature of its transactions.

With the help of float fishing rods check the most promising space and find zones of high concentration of fish.

Despite some of the features of spring fishing, tackle for posting standard include a rod with a coil wound on a fishing line, bobber, sinker and hook.


Tactics the transaction does not require any special rods, as long as it was sufficiently rigid and lightweight. In the case of frequent travellers is to have a telescopic version, designed for catching big fish. The optimal length of such a rod is 4.5-5 m. Pay attention to the availability of high-quality rings. It depends on their character of movement of the fishing line, and also overall convenience and comfort of the whole process.

Fishing line

The main requirements to the line when fishing in the transaction is its strength, as determined by its thickness and sufficient length to maneuver. In this regard, the best option is monofilament size of 0.22-0.3 mm and a length of from 100 to 150 m. End of the line is equipped with a swivel and a leash length of 30 to 40 cm, made from new scaffold size from 0,14 to 0,2 mm. the Leash has a direct influence on the catching efficiency of the gear, so the subtler it is, the more effective will be fishing.


Due to the fact that the spring fishing in wiring runs in places where there is current, it imposes restrictions on the type of floats. This kind of tooling should provide a timely response to the bite, smooth the passage to be always afloat, but it does not tip over and not break.

Together, these requirements are:

  • for places, depth not exceeding the length of the rod: floats, which are mounted at several points and have a long keel that provides stability even when a large current;
  • in greater depth: floats with ogruzka in the composition of moving constructions.

The best way shipping lines securing a small lead items. Step of installation is about 15 cm, starting from the end of the main part. Thus as you get closer to the float the weight of the load is gradually increased. This allows to achieve the maximum sensitivity of equipment.

This installation method is the most preferable weights when fishing in the spring on water fast. On long casts can be used more simplified structure consisting of one sliding sinkers. However, less sensitivity of this type of shipping reduces maneuverability when primerica.


The type of hook to a greater extent depends on the type and size of the nozzle and less away from the object catch. So, if the nozzles are the larvae of the burdock, take large hooks No. 18. In turn for maggots enough snap size No. 12-14. Often be ulovistye of the lure, equipped with hooks of size No. 6 to 13. However, regardless of the type of hooks used, they must meet the requirements of durability, reliability, retention and, of course, be acute.

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