Everything You Need To Know About The BioSpawn ExoRibbon

We wanted to create a unique take on a ribbon tail worm and after experimenting and testing different designs, we found that this shape created some of the best fluttering action we have ever seen.

As one of the first baits ever created for BioSpawn, the ExoStick has been a tried and true bait for us for a long time. After countless hours fishing with this bait, we decided it was time to step it up a notch. We took a look at the body of the bait and made slight tweaks to go with a wicked curled tail to create the BioSpawn ExoRibbon.

This new tail is aesthetically pleasing both to the eye and when fished. Instead of going with the usual curl you see on ribbon tail worms across, the ExoRibbon took its design from the “S” in the BioSpawn logo.

Our Take On A True Bass Classic

Texas Rigs, Carolina Rigs, and shaky heads are the three most popular and effective ways to fish this worm. Weightless is also a great option when fishing near shallow grass.

A ribbon tail worm is easily one of the most well known and widely used soft plastic bass baits on the market and it has been for many years. From pond hopping to big-time tournaments, ribbon tail worms are viable. Typically Texas rigged with a bullet weight, this bait can be fished in nearly any conditions and at any depth.

As new techniques continue to come out every year, we sometimes forget how effective a bait like this can be. The beautiful flutter created by the tail of the ExoRibbon looks just as good whether the bait is moving vertical or horizontal. We are very excited to see the big fish catching potential this bait has when in the hands of anglers across the country.

When designing this bait, we knew we wanted a standard size and with that, we created a 7-inch ExoRibbon. This wasn’t enough though, so we quickly began work to tweak the bait in order to create a 10-inch variation. We spent a lot of time going back and forth between our office and local waters to make sure we got exactly the action and look that we knew would catch fish. Part of catching both numbers and size is why we wanted to have both a traditional 7-inch as well as the larger 10-inch size.

Fishing The 7-Inch ExoRibbon

7-inch ribbon tail worms help provide enough bulk for long casts but enough finesse to help elicit strikes from more leery bass.

The 7-inch ExoRibbon is a killer no matter when or where you are fishing. It is small enough to be fished early spring, while still big enough to be used throughout the year. With a variety of colors, this bait will easily match the hatch wherever you are fishing. When using this in the spring, try and downsize on weights and hook size to work the bait with a little more finesse. The flutter of the tail when slowly crawling or hopping this bait is an awesome way to get leery bass to grab it.

Another fun way to fish this is to use it as a trailer. The length is enough to get the tail past the end of a skirt so that you can add a ton of action to a chatterbait, swim jig, or spinnerbait.

Fishing The 10-Inch Exo Ribbon

Upsized worms help push more water while providing a larger profile that big fish key in on.

The 10-inch ExoRibbon is for when we want to bulk up to those bigger hooks and weights and work the deeper water for big hungry summer bass. Be careful not to go too big on weights, but enough to get the bait down into the depth you want.

If the weight is too big, you will lose some of the action as the bait will fall too fast. On the other hand, you might be surprised how common it may be to hook a relatively small bass on a big 6/0 hook.

When you get the bait down to where the fish are, you can drag it, swim it, or hop it to trigger those big bites. A fun way to fish these can also be to remove the weight completely and let the bait fall weightless in shallow water. This can be a great option when fishing around docks where bass love to hide from the sun.

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