Features baits for IDE in different seasons

Bullhead fish is very interesting for a number of reasons. It is not found in all waters, is quite cautious and timid, and its flesh has good taste qualities. These and many other reasons lead to the popularity of the lakes at fishers.

Interesting fish that can be caught at almost any tackle – bullhead eats both plant and animal components, and therefore can be caught not only on fishing rods for peaceful fish, but is not designed for catching predators fly and spinning tackle.

And if the last two methods complementary feeding is generally not used in the case of float and bottom fishing, the use of appropriate purchase baits and the use of different homemade bait mixtures can significantly affect the result. Note that depending on the season bait for IDE need different.

Possible ways of feeding

The way of the lure for bait is delivered to the table, depends on the method and range of fishing. When you float, as well as different ways of bottom fishing close to shore, skarmlivanii you can perform the usual balls of bait that are to the point of catching a throw delivered either by hand or with a slingshot. In the case of feeder fishing at long range delivery of feed to the point is done exclusively feeders.

When fishing from a boat are used as for bait balls and a slightly more sophisticated way of feeding. Often with swimming facilities on a thick fishing line lowered to the bottom of a large (often improvised) bird feeder from chicken wire. Especially effective is this design on the current, as it allows to catch the train washed by the flow of water mixture.

Ingredients bait mixtures and peculiarities of fish behavior

According to the observations of many fishermen, IDE is not uniformly responding to the bait during the season, and this peculiarity is almost independent of its composition. So, at the beginning of the summer for bait table is more appropriate a roach or some other white fish, and only then, might the IDE.

Part Yasevich bait mixtures may enter as components of vegetable origin and animal, as it is an omnivorous fish. From plant component are:

Photo 1. Components of baits.

In some cases it is advisable the addition of soil from the banks of the reservoir or clay.

From animal components can be added:

Also popular are a variety of ready shop, the bait mixture.

Flavoring agents

To be more attractive and also to attract fish from the far parts of the water into the groundbait to add different-smelling components. They can be both artificial and natural origin. Artificial aromatic components in huge quantities, you can find in any fishing store.

Among the natural flavors for bait are:

  • Flax seeds and flax and hemp oil.
  • Cinnamon, coriander.
  • Anise oil, cardamom, nutmeg.
  • Cloves, allspice.

Important! Before fishing in an unknown place should find out in advance what smells more like the IDE on this pond.

Winter fishing

When winter fishing the main thing – do not overfeed the fish, otherwise the fish bites quickly and permanently cease. One of the most attractive to IDE in the winter options are considered bait recipes based on mushy. It can be both pure and contain various protein supplements.

Alternatively, when the winter fishing for bullhead is the use for feeding of clay. Clay (not too waterlogged) molded beads inside which will prevent various animal components such as, for example, bloodworms, maggot or pieces of worm dung.

Recipes for spring

Spring fishing for bullhead also can be successful, you only need to choose the right time, because in the spring he, like many other species of fish, comes the spawning period, during which a good result can not count. But before and after spawning spring fishing may be successful.

Important! In the spring need to be careful with the amount of bait, when too large amount of it is possible to overfeed the fish on the point and then there will be no bite, no catch.

The recipes are often quite simple. The spring may work the following mixture:

  • Barley porridge.
  • Chopped worm.
  • Clay, or soil of the pond.

Instead of the worm in this part you can use maggots or bloodworms. Optionally, you can add flavoring. Good can work mix based on pea. The presence of soil in the spring baits in the lakes due to the fact that during this period it is quite simple to overfeed, and the earth of the reservoir or clay not only prevents premature saturation, but changes the color of the bait, which is especially important in the case of this cautious fish.

Summer fishing

Summer can be considered the most a good time of year for catching IDE various float and bottom fishing. However, almost all methods involve the use of baits, but the variety of compositions of these mixtures is rather high and working on one water option is completely will not necessarily be effective in another. You can add and animal components, however, in the summer, unlike fishing in cold water in the fall or spring, it is not required.

Recipe the easiest way

You need to cook millet porridge, which for a more attractive smell add sunflower cake. May also use protein supplements like powdered milk (some anglers use pharmacy “Hematogen”).

Recipe of bait, consisting of dry component

The mixture consists of mixed fodders, corn grits, sunflower meal, semolina, breadcrumbs, oatmeal, you can also add store-bought bait for carp fish. Of flavoring additives used cocoa and coriander. This version of the bait is particularly useful in the case when to the place of fishing requires a long time to reach on foot, since dry ingredients weigh far less than a variety of cereals.

Composition Yasevich baits for fall fishing

What is happening in the autumn cold water contributes to the composition of the mixture adjustments. In contrast to the summer period, additive animal components is highly desirable. Also starting in October, when the water temperature is already significantly reduced, it is necessary to add to the bait ground (in this case, the lower the temperature, the greater the amount of soil is added). A typical basis for autumn Yazev bait is peas – steamed or as a porridge. Add oatmeal, cornmeal, or purchased formulations for cold water. It is highly recommended to add animal features.

Important! Maggots it is best to add in a container of bait, and directly in the feeder, so it keeps you active.

In the context of the cold water in the bait should also add some soil from the banks of the pond – this reduces its nutritional value and makes the color of the feeder is slightly more dark, which is important for increased transparency of autumn water.

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