Feeder equipment: equipment for feeder fishing

If you prefer to harvest the loopback montages in advance, they are more convenient to store flat in a special box or folder, in the manner of Potocnica. Too many montages to stock is not necessary. If necessary, it is better to produce directly into the pond.

Feeders in the fishing box you need to store more. Would recommend opt for round and square “cells”. Other types of feeders, several pieces,too. If fishing box small stock feeders wiser to limit of the rectangular “cells” of different weights and volumes. They are versatile enough for almost any fishing conditions.

On the need of the widest selection of sinkers in a fishing box mentioned in the Chapter on snap-ins. Not to lose time searching for the right type and weight of sinker, they need to be stored in separate sections sliding shelves, If in the Arsenal of the angler is no easy picerno the rod, the number of drop shipped can be significantly reduced by simply duplicating their weight most commonly used feeders.

Vertucci, buckles, clockwork rings and beads are also stored individually in the sections other shelves. While they do not need to pour from the bags in which they are purchased. Even easier to keep all these things in a plastic box with a transparent lid. In this case, the bags, of course, is not necessary.

But the hooks just easier to keep it in bags, as they are much less dull. Some anglers use storage bags with hooks old vizitoni, which is quite convenient, although somewhat cumbersome. It is easier to place the bags with hooks in one of the sections of the bottom shelf of the drawer. However, having an adequate supply leashes, tie hooks so you often don’t have.

Tubes-protivosokowoe, foam beads, banking gum, liquid silicone, marker, pencil, fireflies and other things better placed in sections of the top shelf. A set of lead pellets stored on a shelf with gruselle.

Always useful to have in the box a set of silicone kembrikom of different diameters. They, like lead pellets, can be bought in any fishing store.

As for the box, their choice to date is incredibly high. The most functional and convenient, in my opinion, a three-tiered plastic container with sliding shelves. Its size is determined by the number of placed items, but in any case, the box should be large enough and spacious. Go into too much detail here is not necessary, as the number of your gear is likely over time to grow. Before buying a crate is necessary to make sure that the depth of the container under the shelves sufficient to accommodate the coils.


First, it stands for feeder rods. Due to the nature of manipulating the feeder while fishing, these coasters are somewhat different from the usual. Since cutting the feeder has the form of a more or less sweeping movements to the side, saddle flyer needs to be much wider and soft, so as not to disturb the trajectory of the rod tip. Since the installation of the feeder can be horizontal and vertical, the height of the stand should be adjustable.

In the middle of the flyer, on the front of the stand must be facing down a notch or groove for free running of the line. On the back of the stand that is not needed (photo 3). Feeder stand is either mounted on a tripod (photo 4), or just sticking in the ground. Can be for one or several rods (photo 5). Special value it has. Another good option front feeder stand can be called a spring-loaded one-way stand (photo 6).

Wide plastic bucket you will need for mixing groundbait. Well, if the package will be a special sieve, through which sifted prior-mocna mixture with the purpose of breaking the formed when kneading the lumps and saturate it with air (photo 7a). This procedure is very important for making high-quality, efficient feeder at the stern, Soft foldable bucket (photo 76) is much more compact, but the use of sieves is not as convenient as plastic.

Small bucket for washing hands and a towel will also be very useful. Fish, when hands are soiled adhering to them the bait, not very convenient. And constantly jumping up from the table to rinse them at the shore – and even more so.

You need when feeder fishing spacious landing net on a long handle (photo 8). Sometimes the fish on a thin fishing line for large fish ends successfully only thanks to the timely podsazhivanie trophy. However, even a small one, managed to get rid of bad spotted the fish hook is often still in the hands of the angler, skill and time take advantage of a landing net. But apart from this, fishing the feeder often occurs in places where water access is difficult or even impossible. In this case anything except the landing net on a long handle, will not help.

Fish tank is long, wide neckline, cotton or synthetic. It and catch larger and throw the fish in, not getting up (photo 9). Synthetic cages are lighter and more durable than cotton. But the thread stronger.

Cervania can serve any small size containers with free access of air. For the best safety in the heat and cold suggest do not be lazy and to put together a wooden box for three or four compartments, lid which neverlet holes with a thin drill. These containers are about a week to store several types of animal heads. Better yet persist nozzles in birch-bark containers.

In the winter time for storing bloodworms and maggots used regular foam Metallica.

To provide convenient access to the bait while fishing, you can get a special bait table on the strut Assembly. It is convenient because it can be installed even in the water when fishing szabadka.

Bait, baits, and attractants be stored and need to be transported in a separate, better than plastic, containers. Perfect household bucket with a tight lid.

Finally, it is necessary for every fishing thing is a comfortable folding chair. The privilege to determine the degree of comfort of a chair is lumbar each angler. The only thing I can recommend in this case, choose a chair without armrests. Even if the bite is not too active, the armrests are prevented when cutting.

Very comfortable design, combining a chair with adjustable height legs, a rack for fishing rods and a table for attachments (photo 10). For fans of feeder fishing is a good alternative to the expensive and cumbersome fishing platform.


Fishing vest should be considered not so much an item of clothing, much compact and convenient backpack to store your necessary on any fishing things. The main indicators of its quality – the strength and presence of a large number of conveniently located pockets and pockets.

A common set of hosted fishing vest detail looks like this:

  • headlamp and replacement batteries to it;
  • medium-sized zevnik;
  • xtractor-cap with the needle inside for knots on the line (it can be worn on a lanyard around the neck);
  • mosquito repellent and tick (preferred in aerosol form);
  • small first aid kit;
  • folding Swiss army knife, in subject set which required: scissors, pliers, magnifying glass, screwdriver (Phillips and flat) and of course the knife itself. Although the need of all these items may be obvious, but from my own experience, I would say that they probably will be needed for fishing;
  • strong thin cord (10 m);
  • matches and lighter.

How it will be distributed these things in the pockets of your vest, depends, first of all, from your view for convenience. The most important thing is to place them so that you don’t have to spend much time to rummage through the pockets in search of the necessary. The entire rig vest should be comfortable and easy access. To complement the vest you need at home in advance, reducing the time for the morning duties. One of the pockets, it is desirable to leave free for mobile phone (photo 11).

Besides the vest, of the clothes will definitely need boots with felt insole, wool socks (preferable for any time of the year), a Cape and a hat with a wide brim. When fishing in winter, the equipment must be the same as for ice fishing.

Take a long hard look at vershinki fishing-rods on a bright Sunny day is tiring for the eyes and the summer and winter. And therefore useful, although it may be optional, a piece of equipment are sunglasses.

Special attention is paid to the indispensable presence on belt fishing hunting or tourist (not folding) knife. It is so useful and universal tool that to get anywhere without it is simply impractical and even, to some extent, irresponsible. The most convenient fishing I think a simple Finnish knife with a wooden or birch bark handle. But this is only a personal opinion, nothing more.

In that case, if you are going to fish a few days, you will also need a tent, polyurethane pad or inflatable mattress and a sleeping bag.

Do not touch this issue of food, allowing the solution to personal taste and travel experience of each. Thermos with hot tea and a few sandwiches will not interfere even for a day fishing.

In conclusion, let me remind you that type with a redundant or unimportant things just never need. This “selaimesta” (which tend some anglers) takes a lot of productive time, without reimbursing him the loss of nothing but fuss and mess in the baggage. Each item in the outfit needs to be useful and necessary. And if you are sure that you can without something to do, feel free to exclude it from your Arsenal.

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