Fishing box with their hands

Wanted to make a box for its size, as the ones that are on sale do not meet my needs. First, what’s not to like in the factory: they are difficult to accommodate (small) in a standard plastic sled fisherman. Second, they are all the same road, so I decided to make a box for their needs himself.

Based on their sizes and the analysis of existing analogues has selected the dimensions of the box, namely:

Expected size of a folding chair:

Materials and tools found

Additionally purchased two more clamps:

zinc is the remnants of galvanized window tint, which remained after the installation of plastic Windows:

The size was perfect: just need to straighten out the bend, puts a bar and another bar on top of the hammer to rectify:

Next, using an indelible marker and area razmeram locations of the bends on the above sizes:

Then with the help of a pair of bars, clamps and chairs gnesh longitudinal ribs:

First I used a hammer small wooden block, then he did not use, just because you can hammer the plate to bend, as can be seen, without deformation of the metal.

For longitudinal bends had to use the kitchen table, the process is similar:

The result is a frame box

Wall fastening by means of rivets and for drilling we use the bars the exact size

Next, carefully drilled, riveted gun used

A similar method was riveted the bottom of the box, at the same time along the whole perimeter of the longitudinal edges at the connection with the bottom was spilled with glue

The lid of the box was measured off and bent respectively

In the end, the box is ready, the frame covers too, need to ratmerice seat.

Material polyplex, just press the print covers

Cut with a knife inserted into the cover

Fasten the lid to the box via a piano hinge with rivets

Locks studs is also attached similarly to the wall between the tanks box.

For convenient transfer box was fitted handle from b/y box

For the construction of the box went just nothing… Three nights for three hours… it Is time picking the fishing process:

And here he is fishing:

Certainly better and more practical than:

Well, as a good table…

PS to Make the box simple, not expensive and fun… Plus in size…

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