Fishing line for carp fishing

I want to present you a review of important items of equipment for Kara choosing you need to know more and apply their knowledge. Probably the most valuable item of tackle is considered the fishing line for carp fishing.

After all, it accounts for a large share of the load when casting and playing a fish.

In the following article we will try to give satisfactory answers to the questions of the fishers that relate to the fishing line.

After analyzing many pages of their forums about fishing we were able to identify the main issues on the line, here they are:

  • What kind of fishing line for carp fishing you need to buy?
  • What is the diameter of the line it is best to choose?
  • How often you need to replace the line?
Classified as fishing line for carp fishing

The basic classification of a scaffold produced according to the materials of which it is made.

There are the following types of materials from which is made the fishing line for carp fishing:

  • Nylon – a material invented by scientists from American laboratories in 30-40 years of the 20th century. He is one of the first materials produced specifically for the production of lines designed exclusively for fishing.
  • Nylon – today is not in great demand among the fishermen (it is rapidly destroyed under the influence of the sun and at high loads). According to historical sources, came up with nylon, the Germans in 1952-1953.
  • Polyethylene is used for production kinds of fishing line braided, which are very popular among fishermen due to the low elongation and durability despite small diameter. The materials used for the production of different, but they differ only in the method and material for the impregnation.
  • Fluorocarbon – in 1971, the Chinese introduced the world to his creation in the face of fluorocarbon. Intended this material for oil companies. The material is very resistant to chemical and physical stress. Fishing line manufactured of this material will not change its properties in the temperature range from -40 to +150 degrees Celsius. This line is difficult to “kill”, it does not affect the sun exposure and physical activity. It is also worth noting that it is invisible in the water thanks to koeficientu the refraction of light, which is very useful when fishing for wary fish such as carp.
Buying fishing line for carp fishing

Fishing line for carp fishing should not be worn should not be visible in the background of the bottom and sinking rather quickly. Drawing attention to the materials of which produce the fishing line, you can highlight a clear leader in this segment is flyuorokarbonovaya leska. This material is suitable for carp fishing 100%.

Many people may pay attention to a huge selection of woods on the shelves of fishing shops. During a visit to the store at the avid angler just a bunch of thoughts in my head: What is better to buy? How much money to spend? And it is not too expensive? And the list is endless.

You should not resort to panic and need to get together! Do not pay attention to other gear, rods and reels, focus on the purchase line. To you today one goal, one sale, fishing line for carp fishing.

First you need to select one or several reliable brands that produce the line. And no matter expensive or cheap is fishing line, the main thing that it has withstood heavy loads. If you can afford the purchase of expensive fishing line, the choice of the manufacturer will not be difficult, as a rule, they are all good. The main thing is to buy them in specialized stores, but never on the market. When buying a fishing line on the market, you can “sell” is not what you need. Cheap woods I recommend to choose the manufacturer “Carp Expert”. She excels about fishing. Do not wear out unlike the other inexpensive options and is reliable enough.

What is the diameter of the line required for carp fishing?

After reading the above recommendations to choose the manufacturer of fishing line in the pocket will not be difficult. The next step is to determine the diameter of the line.

Fishing line for carp fishing should be as strong as possible with the minimum diameter. Due to the small diameter, fishing line allows you to throw a tackle over long distances and to minimize its detection by fish, are key stages in catching carp on the Donk. Read more in the article: Donka on carp. Quality fishing line allows you to pull out carp much greater weight than the tensile index. Carp Expert, cited above, at breaking load of 7 kg allows you to pull out carp 10 kg! Based on this, use fishing line diameter of 0.3 mm. is not quite right.

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