Floating boilie. Cooking at home

Carp fishing on boilies floating baits is becoming increasingly popular proving its effectiveness. Practically there is no water where the fish are not familiar with this nozzle. Boilies are sold in fishing stores.

But, unlike “colleagues” from the West, our fishermen, accustomed to save, was used to design the nozzle and the bait. So much more exciting to catch carp on the nozzle, made by our own hands when this cautious handsome is not caught on the store anyway.

Catching carp on floating baits effective on silty waters. After all, whichever beat the nozzle is fragrant, a couple of hours, Il interrupts all smell. Sinking Boyle becomes silt or rotting vegetation smell of the pond.

Many will say that for carp is the usual odors and it won’t scare you off, but… Boyle’s Task in this case will fail. After all, the fish must be brought by aromas of the nozzle and tempted to take. To do this, and selected the smells that can’t be broken silt or aquatic vegetation.

At the moment there are many recipes for making boilies at home. Some You can find on our website. But, almost all of them for making sinking tips.

We also, in order to preserve the flavor as possible longer you need to cook pop-up, ie boilies floating baits. They are in the water, not sinking into the mud, and longer retain their quality, attracting and tempting for a bite of carp. Why citizens don’t buy the “people’s bond” by Their actions the Agency intends killeds two birds: to attract medium-and long-term money from retail investors in the domestic debt market while reducing the market dependence on […]

How to make boilies floating baits with your hands?

The answer is simple, as all ingenious: they need not to cook, and to cook in the microwave.
Composition and ingredients remain the same, You can find them on our website. Then I’d suggest not stew in the pan, and laid out in a single layer on a shallow pot and placed it in the microwave.

It should be remembered that the microwave oven flavors a little worsens. Therefore, the amount of need a little boost in comparison with the usual recipe. Also, to increase buoyancy, you can add dry milk or casein, a milk protein.

The hardest part of this operation is to select the cooking time. Everything happens at the maximum temperature to evaporate all the moisture from the nozzle and the time should be the maximum possible, but you need to avoid burning boilies.

After two minutes of cooking, check the baits for the presence of burning. After seeing Boyle and found no charring, to continue the process, checking the bait every fifteen seconds.

As soon as signs of charring, stop the process and note the time of the procedure and the diameter boilies in the future.

In order to verify the correct preparation of floating boilies need one ball to drop into a container of water. If he starts to emerge, it means that You have correctly prepared baits in the microwave.

After all this, baits can be impregnated with oil or dip or sweetener.

That’s about it. Now You know the cooking time and the composition for the next batch.

Do experiment, be smart… in Fact so new ideas, new ways of fishing!

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