Highlights when choosing a boat PVC

When choosing a model boat, PVC special attention should be given to a number of characteristics of purchased stuff.


Boats PVC, depending on model and destination, can be equipped or not equipped with transom. Are not equipped with the rowing fixture of the vehicle. If the transom is still there, then it can be hinged or fixed. Hinged transom is designed to fit low-powered motor – 3.5 HP If you need to more serious motor, then the transom needs to be fixed.

Buying a boat with a stationary transom, you should pay attention to the way in which it is pasted. This can be done in two ways: use pieces of the basic material means swimming or using a special rubber gasket (rim). More preferred is the second method of gluing.

The fact that the vibration motor has a negative impact on the structure of PVC and the material begins to age. Rubber well smooths out the vibration, thereby prolonging the service life of the boat.


The choice of color depends largely on the purposes for which acquired boat.

The fishermen better to stay on the bright colors: white, light blue, silvery, gray and etc. It is in these shades is seen from under the water, the sky, and then the boat will be less visible to underwater creatures.

Hunters need maximum camouflage among vegetation. So in this case, the best are dark colors or camouflage print.

The bottom of the boat.

PVC boats are produced with the bottom two types: foldable and inflatable.

The bottom of the first type is a folding strani made of aluminium or plywood. The bottom is fairly hard and heavy. To put strani a boat length of more than 3.3 m alone, you might need an assistant.

From bottom inflatable no such rigidity as foldable. However, owing to cell structure, it can easily withstand the weight of one person. In a boat you can fish even standing. With inflatable bottom it weighs about a third less than with folding. Minus the inflatable bottom can be considered that PVC can be accidentally cut with a knife or burn with a cigarette. But from such troubles it is easy to protect yourself, bed, on top of a piece of linoleum.

By the way, this “litter” do not interfere, and in a boat with a folding bottom. It will provide the owner with purity, because the wash after fishing will have only linoleum.

Inflating the boat.

To inflate the boat using the pump frogs or compressor. To ensure the specified in the passport pressure it is better to use a compressor with a pressure gauge. The main thing is not to pump the cylinders. Using “frog” boat you need to pump up until the pump will no longer push. The desired pressure to achieve is unlikely, but to pump it in this way is impossible.

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