House of the fisherman, can “crawl” on the ice and become a trailer

There are a lot of houses on wheels. Some of them are suitable for a romantic getaway, others for a peaceful stay in nature, while others are designed for more narrow areas of activity vacationer.

For example, for fishing. One such house, which is useful especially in the winter, appeared quite recently.

Run out on the ice.

People say that the sledge should be prepared in the summer. If so, then why not prepare with summer and winter fishing means? A big problem with the latter is that on ice you can’t feel safe. It is dangerous to move the car, do not start a fire and even set a temporary abode. But what about when it’s too cold outside and warm where it is needed? The answer to this question may become the new home on wheels “Fish houses”, compact and minimalistic. It was designed by the American Studio of industrial design Zero4Outdoors and has one very interesting feature.

Unique design.

This feature is that the trailer Fish houses may lie on the bottom. It is worth noting that the use of the house can be not only in the winter and not just for fishing. It clearly there are other applications. Despite its modest appearance, this house is very warm. Its body was mounted on an aluminum frame, which is sheathed stenovymi panels.

And there may be a trailer.

Back to the main know-how. In “Fish houses” is used Beznosova scheme 3500LB Timbren suspension. Thanks to her, the movement of the house smooth and enjoyable. There is a manual winch – just in case. The wheels of the trailer 205 / 75R15. The house is available in two forms – short (body length of 3 meters) and long (body length of 3.6 meters). In each of the two cases, the height of the box is 2 meters.

Now, what about additional functions. Use the home can not only in winter, but in summer. The back wall of the trailer leans and turns thereby into a ramp that allows you to use the house as a trailer. If you remove all superfluous, it easily fits ATV, or many bags of potatoes!

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