How to catch pike on spinning: tricks and secrets

The first thing you need to come from the time of year, using the relevant rules. There is a spawning period for him catching predatory fish on spinning is strictly prohibited, failure to comply with the rules of the fisherman is assigned a penalty, I advise you to read.

After spawning begins active zhor, restrictions on fishing there.

Promising place or where to look for the predator

It is known that the predator, including pike, is an excellent hunter, due to the ability to choose the right place for ambushes. Widespread, with rare exceptions, absent in the pond.Easier to list places with her absence: first and foremost, a mountain river or a rivulet of icy water.

Constant low temperature it is absolutely not suitable.For large specimens it is important to have natural conditions hide it. Of course, for large and small members of the pike rocks. With age they become “crocodiles” who can perfectly pick up the Parking lot and hunting.

Favorite places are: snags, fallen trees, supports of old bridges, pits, water lilies (well worth a look for any in the grass).In the heat of summer oblavlivaemye spinning or depth, where the water is cooler, or water, located for example in the shade of the trees.Secrets of fishing in summer is told in full, required reading.

The article can delve into the question of the Parking of a predator depending on the time of year.Of course, season is important, depending on it is necessary to choose lure and have an idea of which fishing technique will be the most effective, using a spinning reel it is important to consider.

What time of day is better to go fishing

In General, throughout the year time plus or minus the same. The most effective is considered to be the morning bite, depending on the reservoir can begin in different ways.Fishing is often in one place schedule with catchability hours or lull.Get ready in the morning.

Lures worth trying, all by selecting the appropriate option.In the interest of a predator falls, especially if the temperature is high or extremely low. This is not an optimal temperature and as a consequence biting may stop entirely.

Often this is true for larger specimens, a trifle, or so-called “laces” can feed constantly.Having the desire and possible, try to fish with the night is the time suitable for fishing lures.Need to know what baits will be hunting in the dark. No lures or jigs will not be seen. Baits must be covered or fluorescent colors or buy now, ready the tackle for fishing at night – for example a spinner with led, be sure to read, there is described the principle of its operation.

Ways of fishing: from shore or boat

We have a huge and interesting article on pike fishing from the shore, considering the main points of what you must have and how to equip the spinning for this type of fishing.

Fisherman must understand, the methods are divided into 2 parts:

  • Boat
  • From the shore

Each has pros and cons. Of course to do this with sushi a little simpler, you do not need the boat to the word, and to bring to the pond.Not every angler has a boat and a car. Having the same easy access to those places on foot to get either hard or impossible.In such a quiet, remote and pristine places can be caught a decent size predators, which undoubtedly desirable.You will see new methods of fishing: on mugs or on live bait.

On small rivers it is often difficult to reach the cutoff of water – overgrown trees and shrubs are not allowed to do or prevent. Do not go around these places, the size of the river is not the ultimate indicator.For example, the case of life: agreed with friends to go fishing on a spinning in a new place. Arriving realized that to call this river the language is not rotated, its width 3 meters maximum.On reflection, decide to take on Popper from yo-zuri 3ds (I wrote about the top Valero for pike).

After the second cast I feel a strong kick. The result: a toothy trophy, later released home. Then we tried to catch live bait with a float ( snap-in is written here), poppers, lures with spinners, one word – amazing day.Summing up I want to say, no matter catch pond or small river, lake or reservoir, it is important how you have prepared your gear, selecting the right gear and wiring.

What bait to use

Consider casual, everything has already been discussed in detail by reference, which describes all spinning lures.

The basic and most common types:

  • Silicone (vibrohvosta, twisters)
  • Spinner (rotating or oscillating)
  • Crankbaits (different zaglubljaetsja)
  • Spinnerbait
  • On the fly (interesting spinning bait)

How to catch a predator and not miss it? Of course you need to know about the diameter of fishing line, monofilament or braided to take. The main thing to choose the diameter and then the chances of the gathering tend to zero.Braided type consists of woven lived, stronger in comparison with the monofil is taken with a smaller diameter.

Monofilament obviously weaker and consists of 1 thread, to take it you need a larger diameter.In recent years more and more gaining popularity fishing on a fly (fly fishing). Pike this lure is not spared, indeed, you can use it. Here’s the problem: not suitable for spinning in the classical sense. You need a special coil, cord, approach, tactics, skills. Meet and learn the types of transactions.

The complexity of the choice of gear for the novice angler

Perhaps this would be worth to start an article, we did it consciously. After reading the material you already have some (more complete) understanding of the process.It is first necessary to determine the reservoir which method is fly fishing and what systemio we have already prepared an article on choosing a spinning reel under pike containing everything that needs to be considered.I hope the material will help to understand such an interesting thing and you will catch a trophy.

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