How to catch ratline in winter plummet?

Rattlin – specialized catchability wobblers, well-known domestic anglers. However, not all anglers know that this lure with the right approach displayed well when fly fishing from under the ice in winter.

It is especially effective was in the hunt for Zander and large perch.

Fishing rattlin in winter plummet allows to diversify the fishing, which is important in the absence of bites on the classic winter baits either on the pressed bodies of water, where the predator behaves very cautiously, reluctantly attacking passing objects.

Features rattling for winter fishing

Rattlin not just good for sheer angling. These bait has all the features and characteristics that catch it in the winter from ice:

  • Almost all models are available rattlin sinking. The exceptions are a few of the lures of suspenders.
  • Attachment point located in the middle on the back.
  • The lure has a stable game when lifting. Free-fall makes damped oscillations.
  • Hooks located in the lower part of the crank to the abdomen and tail. It can be traditionally tees that are easy to replace dinamiki or doubles, if necessary.
  • The presence in the body of the lure “rattles” that creates additional noise, which attracts the predator.

Photo 1. Bistratose, rattlin for walleye.

Ratline are fast and melanotoma. For sheer fishing is better to use first. They are likely to achieve near-bottom horizon and allow you to make the most delicious posting. Lighter models are “hang” in the water column and slowly plan. These it is possible to try to catch when fish are behaving sluggishly.

Photo 2. Large rattlin for pike.

The optimal size rattlin for winter fishing is the bait with a length of 4-7 cm Is enough in order to catch hefty walleye weighing pounds and large perch.

Where to apply?

In the summer, this type of plastic baits proved quite successful in different conditions. It allows productive sh in a vast water area with small and medium depths. Suitable Wobbler deep areas with clean bottom. Here, rattlin permits and uniform, and step transaction.

Tip! It is difficult to understand fly fishing, rattlin in the winter, if not originally to fish these lures on spinning in the summer.

In winter, when vertical fishing, rattlin used mainly at medium and great depths.

With his help researching the various anomalous areas with high probability of Parking the predator:

  • local pits;
  • the bumps and hills;
  • eyebrows and drop offs;
  • single trunks of trees;
  • submerged cutting, and more.

In shallow water the bait is not showing the expected result, therefore rarely used.

Photo 3. To snag the Bayou catch pike.

When to apply?

Rattlin does not always work consistently and efficiently throughout the winter period. It shows best results on the first ice, when the predator is very active and eagerly responds to the noisy moving objects. This bait allows you to attract fish to the hole, collecting her from a far distance.

In gluhozime, oddly enough, rattlin also very productive. This is due to the fact that he is able to activate a sleepy fish experiencing hypoxia, prompting her to bite.

The last ice – not the best period of application of rattling. The belly of the fish culled Mature eggs, so she reluctantly responds to a large noisy objects. At this time it is better to use a classic vertical blesny or balance weights.

The advantages of rattlerow

This bait is unique to the winter period, has a number of advantages enabling it to compete on equal terms with rocker, spinners, helicopters, beards and other:

  1. Stable game on different wiring options.
  2. Significant predator from far away.
  3. Creates a sound effect.
  4. A wide range of models and colors.

Catch, rattlin in winter it is easy to master even for an inexperienced angler as the bait always start on the tossed and wobbles on the fall, what attracts a predator. It only remains to experimentally find the force, its amplitude and the duration of the pause.

Requirements for gear

Special requirements of gear for fishing on rattlin in winter there. For fishing with these baits do not need to collect a separate set, it will fit a standard used for walleye fishing:

  • Spinning of 0.7–1.2 meters, hard and easy. The presence of the indicator bite is optional.
  • Coil open standard spool with line capacity required.
  • Fishing line monofilament thickness of the order of 0.20–0.28 mm with a breaking load sufficient for playing heavy fish.

Photo 4. Spinning with the coil.

Leash for fishing rattlin usually not used because it is not needed. In places where there is a likelihood of biting of a pike, preferably by the end of the fishing line tie section of fluorocarbon up to 50 cm This will protect the bait from the pike’s teeth and save it from being cut.

How to catch ratline to plummet?

How skillfully the angler controls the tackle and competently carries the wiring rattling depends on the effectiveness of fishing. Basic techniques of animation this lure looks like this:

  1. Rattlin, sinks to the bottom. Then up to 5-15 cm above it.

Tip! After lifting the bait above the bottom, it is useful to withstand a short pause before you make the first stroke.

  1. Next is done toss bait. The height of the wave and the force depends on the mood of the predator and the conditions of fishing.
  2. After lifting, rattlin freely immersed. However, he performs damped oscillations and jiggle.
  3. Followed by a pause at the bottom. Its duration is determined by the activity of the fish.

When hunting for active fish, especially in early winter, it is advisable to make a short sharp podbrey rattlin. Of course, to execute a strong stroke, as in angling on the vertical spinner will not work because of drag exerted by the crank. The rise must be accelerating, but fast enough. Its height should be up to 30 cm minimum Duration, usually 1-3 seconds. On the first ice to linger in the same hole makes no sense. Far more productive to move quickly around the area, exploring promising point.

If the predator is passive, behaves sluggish, reluctant to respond to the bait, then the transaction should run smoothly. The lift is performed by accelerating to the top. Its height can be increased to 50 cm, and sometimes more. Pause at the bottom can be up to 10 seconds. This time is required for the fish to decide to bite. To clean the bottom is useful to knock rattling on the ground, raising a cloud of turbidity.

For additional stimulation of predators and minimize the idle takes the hook bait it is advisable to equip bright elements, the so-called point of attack. It can be beads, end sleeves, silicone beads, red thread or fringe of hair. This trick often works, the game rattling is not degraded.

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