How to choose a boat rod

Side or boat fishing rod designed for fishing from aboard a rowing or motor boats, boats that clear with the name itself. These types are used for catching white fish in bodies of water with great depth.

The process occurs close to the boat, due to design features. If desired, these products possibly do personally.

The main part is spinning, and the choice of which should be treated with great responsibility. If the process is carried out to a depth of five meters, then the rod for boat fishing it is possible to replace ordinary winter rod. At the same time to get the fish have hands. Products sensitive enough. The main drawback is that the coil does not participate in his retrieval of the trophy, so to get heavy catch would be difficult.

For ponds with a depth of five meters is better to use spinning tackle. You should carefully choose the length which can be from one and a half to two meters with a weight of bait from sixty to one hundred grams. These parameters will be enough because the process occurs directly next to the boat and far to the baits do not have. The fish often swims under the boat, so this helps to get around the anchor rope.

It is important that the whip was tight, and the tip is soft, fit the product with a nod. It is important to choose the right material.

There are the following varieties:

  • Titanium.
  • Carbon.
  • Fiberglass.

The product must be securely mounted so as not to lose tackle. It is convenient to use multiple rods of the same type. If one product fails, it’ll be more several. Buy products in any specialty store, where experts and will help you make the right selection.

For night fishing suitable model crocodile. Characterized by white color, the tip painted red, so it is clearly visible in the dark. Such varieties are available in price and quite practical to use.

The main components

You need to choose the right indicator for the fish to bite. To do this, use a nod or a bell. Due to the small length more practical option would be a nod. There are models with a brilliant tip, made of springs. There is a significant disadvantage – a short life, as the frequent use tend to stretch. You can make yourself nod. To do this, buy a cane the size of three millimeters.

Also use ordinary tape spring from a vacuum cleaner, tightening the cord. This will take part from seventeen to twenty inches, and on the edge you need to attach the ring and then be connected to another region. The edges should be treated with a little sandpaper and paint in bright color.

Any suitable types of coils – inertial or spinning. The bearings shall not be less than three. The spool should be a place for a scaffold with a length of from sixty to seventy feet with a diameter of 0.35 millimeters. For a thin fishing line is better to choose a clutch that can be adjusted as instantaneous varieties. A wide range of products presented on where everyone will find a suitable product.

Tips for choosing

For proper and successful process to choose a quality fishing line. For boat rods suitable option will be the products the size from 0,25 to 0,35 mm. High compatibility have models and carp expert feeder. Characterized by high quality, soft, not much ground has a long term usage.

Leashes are suitable for the types of from 0.15 to 0.3 millimeters. To make cutting quite difficult. More practical and comfortable are varieties of from 0.1 to 0.4 millimeters. Characterized by strength and rigidity. Soft types lead to salesteam for the snap.

Important hook size, which is chosen by the size of the bait, not the fish weight. A great option would be feeder types, which are made from thick wire. The hook needs to be sharp. Largely depends on the result. If there is no catch, you should change the hook. Fishing rods for beginners should choose more carefully, it is necessary to consider the individual preferences of the angler.

For large catch must be used hard. Cloth is better to choose from the line, as often hooks cling. The pricing were quite different, depending on the chosen brand. You should give preference to manufacturers that provide warranty card. There are the following brands: Cormoran, DAM, Dragon, Daiwa, Brain and others. When choosing boat fishing rods need to read and heed the reviews of other buyers.

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