How to choose a monocular

How to choose a good monocular? For a long time already there was a tradition, which suggests that quite popular are high-quality optical instruments, that is, the binoculars.

It is understandable, because the eyes have two, not one, so binoculars are considered to be a very common product, but the popularity of the monocular at the moment is at a low level, because products of this kind have not yet been able to interest consumers.

On the market are also models of night vision monoculars. To make the right selection of high quality night vision monocular for hunting take a look at some of the features and capabilities of this optical device. Monoculars for night hunting function in a certain infrared range. These monoculars, as a rule, fitted with clips for mounting them on a tripod.

The range of shops such as Top Optics, different types of night vision monoculars in different price categories. Which means popular in the market of binoculars.

To begin with, that the main purpose of such optical devices is the surveillance of any particular object. Surveillance hunting takes place under conditions of masking. And the main condition of the masking – a minimum of movements and better mobility. If the animal will be wary, you can’t even change the direction of gaze, the beast can see you even the glitter of the eyes. And so there is no special role played by the brightness of colors, and many others, so to speak, the possibility of new generation TVs.

It should be noted that the main advantage of the binocular before monocular is a sufficiently large radius of the surrounding space.

But if you carefully consider the specifications and features of use of the monocular, you can see a considerable number of advantages.

  • The multiplicity of monocular – this is the characteristic that indicates the degree of approximation of the object in the device. In the product description before first digit is the letter “x”.
  • The lens diameter of the telescope in millimeters. And this is the second digit that comes immediately after the letter “x”. And the larger the lens device, the wider the field of view during use.

In fact, the technical characteristics are incredibly a lot as to pick up a decent option is not so simple, therefore it is recommended with the utmost responsibility and care to treat looking for a good monocular.

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