How to choose a riflescope

The correct choice of optical sight plays an important role. Do not try to save money on purchasing high-quality optical sight.

If you believe the words of experts, the scopes with the cost of up to$ 60 will be fit only for shooting sparrows in my backyard, and also for firing at banks.

It is worth to accept the fact that quality optics will cost between 110-120$. But even such a high-quality riflescope need to buy wisely.

The importance of multiplicity

When choosing an optical sight initially you should decide which type of hunting it will be used, as they are all different in their multiplicity. It is as variable and constant, and adjusted in certain ranges. Buy optical sight is better guided by the firing conditions and the type of goals, what will be shooting. For example, an optical sight with magnification of up to 4 will bring worse than the more “serious” counterparts. But the field of view such a sight would vary in the range of 10 to 30 meters.

In other words, with optics of this type, you can safely go on the hunt for shooting the beast with relatively small distances, no more than 100 meters, but due to the large review, the goal will always be in the field of view of the sight.

If we consider more serious optics with magnification up to 30-x, its parameter approximation will be much better, but the field of view will have not so good performance, which will not exceed 0.5 meters. With this sight you can maintain an effective firing at targets from a distance of 600 metres, but on the condition that the goal will be to be in a fixed position. You also need to consider the fact that the weapons must be properly secured, with the slightest of vibration significantly increases the chances for a miss. Before buying an optical sight will not be superfluous to familiarize with the expert opinion.

Universal options

If the telescopic sight has a magnification up to 12-x, then it refers to a generic category. This expansion is sufficient to lead to a productive target shooting from the middle distance. The field of view of such optics is also optimal and is close to 10 meters. But the most universal optical sight are such models, which have a variable magnification. They provide an opportunity aiming to shoot from great distances with Melodifestivalen field of view, and small distances with a good view.

The secondary points that it is better to focus in choice of optics include:

  • Reticle.
  • The focus plane.
  • The price of division of the drums tuning.
  • A range of amendments.
  • Quality mechanics.
  • The absence of any curvature in the geometry.
  • Detuning parallax.
  • Weight.

In any case, do not buy models of optical sights, which cost less than 60$.

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