How to choose braided line for spinning

Catching predatory fish on spinning since time immemorial, is considered the most interesting, exciting and effective way of fishing.

Over the years perfected the technique of fishing, the market for new equipment and materials, allowing you to make the process easier and more comfortable. If a few decades ago, monofilament fishing line was considered the only option to equip the spinning, but today it replaced with braided cord.

Its reliability and attractive operating characteristics are well known to both professionals and fishermen-to fans worldwide:

  • Optimal departure;
  • High reliability in General;
  • Elevated characteristics of resistance to wear and abrasion;
  • Increased strength compared to monofilament line of the same diameter;
  • The lack of stretch, which increases the sensitivity of gear to previously unmatched values.

The growing popularity of any product has the opposite effect: the market appears a huge number of counterfeit and substandard products just. Even supporters of the sport of fishing can sometimes get lost in the intricacies of characteristics and properties of a scaffold from different manufacturers. For beginners choice of braids for spinning sometimes becomes impossible. Today we will try to examine in detail all the selection criteria, to perform the fishing line from different manufacturers and to give useful advice based on the opinion of professionals.

Features and types of the structure of the cord.

In assessing the quality of the braids you need to pay close attention to the way plexus fibers. Well-known manufacturers not to save and prefer to use technology that provides a perfectly circular shape.

This braided fishing line has the following advantages:

  • Maximum strength with minimum diameter;
  • Durability due to the absence of suspended matter and dirt between the fibers of the fishing line;
  • The lack of stretchability;
  • Wear resistance even when operating in difficult conditions.

Cheaper ones can not boast of such characteristics. Some manufacturers don’t even weave of fibers, positioning them as close as possible to each other. Fishing line this type is often flattened, has a non-uniform diameter throughout its length and wears out quickly with regular use.

The thickness and diameter braided fishing line.

Remember that braided cord for the notion of diameter is a rather relative measure. Even the best braided fishing line premium have different thicknesses in different areas, so to make accurate calculations very difficult. Most manufacturers uses its system for determining the diameter, which is not always understandable even for experienced anglers.

Experts recommend to focus on such an important figure as the breaking load of the cord. It is measured in pounds (lb) and the little fishermen called LiBr. One pound is approximately equal to 450 grams, so that the transfer provided by the manufacturer numbers in the usual pounds is easy.

Important! Quality braided fishing line for spinning has a maximum breaking load at a small thickness. Be sure to consider this feature, but don’t rely only on honesty of the manufacturer. Before buying a cord, it is desirable to read reviews or to consult with experienced anglers.

The color of the braids and the efficiency of fishing.

Braided cords from modern manufacturers offer a wealth of colours. Practice shows that the color of the braids not affect the efficiency of fishing or the durability of the gear. In this case, works of visual factor: fluorescent line easy to spot in any water and under any weather conditions.

Even among experienced anglers there is a misconception that the bright line on the spinning scares predators and reduces the chance to catch a big fish. In practice, this judgment in no way confirmed, so you can safely give preference to bright options. The quality of fishing is not affected, but facilitate the search line.

Choose a braided line for pike.

Regardless of what fishing technique you prefer, the best gear is the one that has minimal diameter and maximum tensile strength. To hunt for pike in the grass or walleye in fast current, you will need fishing line with a load of 6 lb.

The most well-known manufacturers.

Previously, we have analyzed the most important characteristics and possible advantages of braided fishing line. Every manufacturer tries to make their product the best and recognizable, so to determine the perfect option for regular usage is very difficult.

Experienced anglers recommend to pay attention to the products known and reputable brands:

  • Fireline;
  • Power Pro;
  • Daiwa;
  • O. S. p.;
  • Berkley;
  • Bullit braid;
  • Sufix;
  • Sunline;
  • Salmo.

Specialists recommend not to save and prefer low cost options from unknown manufacturers. Remember that braided line is used for throwing a bait that is at a price not inferior to the cost of the cord. It is very important that random hook did not result in breakage of the gear.

Quality if the cord breaks, only on nodes, which reduces its consumption when fishing in difficult conditions.

  • Try to pay attention to products from the same manufacturer: sometimes it helps to quickly identify the fake. Carefully inspect the line and smell it: some variants differ in specific smell, which is not to be confused with the others.
  • Visually inspect the line only in the working view and only with the coil. Before buying be sure to read the network, which is already wound on the spool in the store. Check cord for defects, uneven plexus, scuffs and other suspicious factors. If you notice any of them, better give up the purchase.
  • Be sure to read the form of braids. If the shape of the fiber is wrong, the line will fall unevenly on the spool of a spinning and may lead to unpleasant consequences. Quality braided line has a round shape: it allows it to retain its attractive properties.
  • Don’t ignore the quality of the impregnation. Budget models of the line from lesser-known producers may leave traces of impregnation on the package. This is the first sign that this is a defective product.

The last stage of the control store is the quality of the weave of the cord. Check it the usual twist.

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