How to choose the color of lures for pike, perch and Zander

Many anglers, sooner or later, faced with the choice of colors lures for pike. Some say that for pike lures need a certain color, while others argue that the color of bait doesn’t matter, the main thing to choose the right place and the tactics of fishing. A definite answer to this question exists, and the first and the second version is correct, but to some extent independent of each other.

How to choose the color of lures

But, to say there is not, on the basis of physiological development of the pike, its main point of reference when hunting is sight, the rest of the factors such as sense of smell and hearing, fade into the background. Taking note of these factors, you can come to the conclusion that to choose the color of lures for pike fishing all it is worth. About privileges a particular color of lure for pike, speak pretty complicated and not entirely rational.

The color of lures for pike should be selected based on the following factors:

  • the depth of the reservoir
  • the time of year
  • water clarity in the pond
  • bottom
  • the time of day
  • weather conditions
  • forage base of the reservoir

Select the color of the bait based on weather conditions and water clarity. For example, if you are going to catch a pike on a clear day when the sun shines well and the water is warmed enough, you should give preference to the lures of bright and calm colors.

But, on a cloudy day when the sun lights the pond is bad, more suitable for bait with a Golden color. When fishing at great depths, where sunlight is very little, is to use bait very bright colors. In the spring the water has a rather dark color, from this we can assume that it is best to use baits dark colors.

Do not forget about other factors contributing to the catching of pike, such as correctly selected transaction, a promising place for fishing, and of course luck.

How to choose the colors of silicone lures

For several years anglers discuss the impact of the color of the baits on the bite, and information on this issue quite a lot. And most of the fishermen adhere to the idea that the color of the lure is not dependent on anything. But there are those who believe that biting is dependent on colors of lures. I belong to the first and second. The unequivocal answer is no. There are times when fishing has only one color there is no correlation present.

When I was new to spinning fishing it does not represent what the colors of silicone lures to choose, and the shape of the bait was not looking, because they do not know what is necessary. For a start I’m, flying gait went to the store and helped the whole package silicone fish. But then it was interesting, I noticed that half of the lures did not catch the fish, a little reading, I concluded – I bought silicone fish for sea fishing.

And here I am once arrived at the lake, knowing nothing about the correctness of the nozzle of fish on a jig head. Pulled vibrohvost on the hook (and I now began to realize that the hook had to take more). Fishing technique I, too, was unknown. Anyway, I started catching on silicone baits because of the lures I did not catch, and the cranks I just couldn’t drive to my desired depth. And seeing the store stand with silicone fish, I started fishing.

The first fishing dropped just to feed the pike and it could catch on anything. And it caught even me. The transaction itself was not, and the predator was very active. Caught some fish so I went home. And from that day believed in the efficiency of silicone baits.

So, what I’m getting at. Every year I got more experience and began to understand how to choose the colors of silicone lures, how to properly mount and knew a bit about the preferred colors of perch, pike and Zander. I say at once that all the information described below is purely my observation, and of course may not work in your fishing conditions.

Best color lures for walleye

Best color lures for walleye is a tone machine oil. Shades and variations of this color scheme very much. But they all work in different ways, depending on the conditions it is best to pick the pure color, and some places will have the advantage of baits with a Golden hue.

Lure of the dark tones work best in the morning period and afternoon. With evening approaching it is better to change baits on lighter, sometimes with a green based color. Just like the first, can be used in conjunction with sequins or Golden tones and clean design. I choose the colors of lures for walleye on the following principle: the cloudy weather outside, the lighter the applied bait.

For fishing in dirty water, or during the dying algae it is better to use a very bright bait perfectly in these periods works the acid color. With the approach of autumn, when the water fades and becomes more pure I try to use lures in natural colors. It is best to choose them knowing a food base of the predator.

If you have ever been interested in these lures, you might notice that a lot of them, different colors, what you want. In my region works best color the middle with the bleak and gudgeon. Best Sudak comments on silicone fish with red dot on the belly, objective of which imitation blood stains on the wounded fish.

Form of baits, though not related to the topic of this article, but the last paragraph I’ll highlight the best baits for walleye are vibrohvosta. And I can tell you not from a ceiling, the conclusion was a long time, after a series of experiment with different colours and shapes of silicone. Which I understand that the walleye work best vibrohvosta, while twisters and various worms with crustaceans bring much less bites.

Best color lures for perch

If we are talking about perch fishing, then I’m not focused on the small fish that you can catch a lot with turntables, and involve quite large specimens. Everyone knows that flocks move only small perch, and large lead a single lifestyle. For some fishermen to catch a big bass is sometimes abundantly than pike. But, unlike pike, catching large striped almost impossible to predict as the Veda he is unpredictable. I must say that I believe a large perch over a kilogram.

So, what I is often I used to catch bass along the way, when I was looking at a pike. And lures were vibrohvosta yellow shades with a size of 120 mm If the bait is a red spot, it is generally necessary to allocate in a separate category. The solid bait fish react much worse than in a mixture with red.

I decided to go into detail and to distinguish the two better colors and models silicone lures that you think is best for perch fishing on spinning.

The first bait – “Bass assasin” very well attract perch and makes him eager to bite. The color of this lure, the producers decided to call “candy corn”. Yes, and pike react to it pretty good, but the perch bite is much better and more often. I recommend to have it in the Arsenal of every fisherman who enjoys fishing the jig.

And the second bait, which I would like to talk. This is a Twister with two tails, red, from an unknown manufacturer. Sometimes he rescued me, when the bass was passive and refused any other lures. Best bait is long 8 inches in combination with 8 gram head. Good bait catches as pike and perch. I was surprised when I caught him a pike weighing about 6 pounds. Just the perfect bait. All suggest.

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