How to euthanize a fish

The question that I want to talk a little bit, modestly debated among fishermen, and many in it do not pay attention because I don’t think it’s some kind of problem.

It seems to me that the topic of the humane and proper killing of the fish caught, in some cases at times more important than the method of fishing. You need to understand that fishing in our – this is more of a hobby rather than a necessity for survival. and increasingly, you can meet the fishermen who caught the fish let go (I myself do the same).

But sometimes, it happens that the fish deeply swallowed the hooks, or injured while playing, or have You brought the fish home, and she’s still alive and somehow not very comfortable to begin her process, while she was still alive. That these cases require the ability to properly and humanely euthanize the fish so that the fish are not in pain, and You do not spoil the mood of wrong actions.

As you know, the human psyche can sometimes create a situation where people are forced to turn to the psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists. I’ll try to briefly tell you a few ways how you can humanely and with the least damage Your health and kill fish. Note that the main condition for this is that fish do not experience pain. So, let’s start.

Ways to euthanize a fish

1.In almost any bait shop, you can purchase a wooden hammer (mallet), who need to dramatically and quickly hit on the head caught the fish. The blow should be of sufficient strength to fish was immediately stunned and fell asleep, otherwise You will bring the fish in agony. More with all the obvious advantages of using the beater (it’s lightweight and compact), this method has also disadvantages: you need to learn how to use it, fish recommended after euthanasia to gut and place in a canvas bag. It is time to admit that not all of us fishing fish guts.

2.If You have a portable freezer, or You came home and the fish is alive, the latter can be safely put in the freezer. In this case, fish “sleep”, it does not feel neither pain nor any other “torments”.

3.Many fishermen practice a fracture of the spine of a fish. I have to say that I in this way have never been used. There is a huge risk that the hand will slip, and the process of killing will turn into torment.

4.A sharp and fast cut off (cutting off) the head. This method works well on small fish and fish oblong. For example, this can be done with a medium-sized pike, carp, eel, perch, etc. For larger fish, this method of killing the.

5.Big fish, you can cut the ridge. This is done either with a sharp axe, or a fairly large knife with a thick and wide blade. This method requires strict compliance with safety, since the knife can slip, the axe to come off. Folding knives, as You know, for this purpose unsuitable. Put the knife near the head of the fish, closer to the spine, top to blow. In the end, the blade quickly and dramatically cuts the spine, the fish falls asleep.

What method You choose, I don’t know. The only thing I want to note, you should always remain human. Remember that the best way not to cause the fish “concern” is to release it in their native element. Because, as I said, fishing we go for emotions, not for the production of food for survival. All the best to You.

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