How to make winter fishing rod with your hands

Despite a wide range of gear for any season of the year in the fishing shops of fans of ice fishing does not cease to invent improvised winter fishing. The main reason lies not in the desire to save, although this factor is present.

For most domestic fishermen only home-made is able to provide preferences as convenience and efficiency. And many people in remote areas, due to the lack of specialized shops, fabrication of fishing gear is commonplace.

Winter gear are compact and easy to use, because the fishing from the ice suggests the presence of the angler right at the hole. This makes a wide scope for creativity and new inventions. What rods make anglers for ice fishing?

Types of homemade winter fishing rods

All homemade fishing rods for winter fishing can be divided into several categories according to the method of fishing. Ice-fishing is a multifaceted hobby of millions of Russians, everyone finds their favorite niche.

  • The fine fishing of white fish and perch use with a float rod. It is completed with the attachment of the jig or plain hooks with a sinker. For such anglers, the fishing rod must have a stable position on the ice, and the stock of twine can be stored on a small spool or on the handle gear. Striking examples of this homemade bait is a filly, the name owes resemblance to a horse. Most often it is butkivka rod for stationary fishing.
  • Another category of fishermen prefer to lead an active bezmetallny fishing on mormyshka. With this method of fishing the rod is all the fishing in the hands, it rises up and down, the angler makes the lure trembling and oscillating movement. To the hand is not tired, bizmathica is easy and convenient. There’s a multitude of options, in which the handle is made of cork or foam, but the main role is played by the nod.

It is important! The task of nod in bezmetallny tackle – to give the lure a realistic game and to fix the slightest bite of fish. Therefore, it should ideally be combined with the weight of the jig.

  • For catching of a predator on the balancer and the lure and anglers who make the long rods. The sheer trolling is to toss artificial lures over the bottom, where it needs to entice a predator to take. So the whip is long and hard, it is equipped with elastic pointer, and the handle may be made of wood or foam. It is important that the hands warm and comfortable to hold tackle.
  • Postawski considered a passive tackle for catching such fish species as bass, walleye, trout, rotan. Hook clings to the bait fish or other bait, equipment is lowered into the hole, and the rod installed in a vertical position with a slight slope to the hole. The bite is determined by the bright Lodge. Usually set several postives, and the angler takes a position to clearly see all the gear (more on the choice of live bait for fishing, read our article).
Materials to create a winter fishing rods

The main elements of tackle for ice fishing are the handle and the whip. They can be made of different materials. Before you make a winter bait at home, you should choose for yourself the most acceptable variants.

What is a whip?

The whip rests a heavy responsibility for the quality of the wiring and the performance sweeps. Therefore, this item is handmade must be of optimal length and stiffness. Manufacturers budget fishing products typically use materials such as polypropylene or polystyrene.

They quickly deform or break.

  • A good polymer for the manufacture of whip is fiberglass. It will fit most types of winter fishing rods.
  • When you want to penetrate the hard mouth of a pike or walleye, it is best to use a whip made of carbon fiber.
  • Traditional material for the manufacture of the whip has long been a juniper. And now some anglers are successfully using on their rods.

As for the length of the whip, for mormyshkas tackle it is limited to the size of 20-30 cm, bleszinski use larger elements (50-70 cm).

Materials for the handle

One of the main requirements to a handle is convenience, ease and comfort.

But it should be firm enough to stably attached to the whip.

  • Our grandfathers pens were made mostly of wood. It is pleasant to hold with your bare hand, it is well processed and is durable.
  • In place of the wood came today such modern materials as the tube of dense foam, polystyrene foam. They have a lightness and buoyancy, well handled, not frosted over.
The best homemade products for winter fishing, examples of manufacturing

Invented a lot of homemade products that are different and the manufacturing complexity, and weight, and cost. Every fan of ice fishing, I want to tackle for winter fishing with their hands was simple, affordable and effective. Therefore, we focus on several options that will be able to implement any angler.

Create besttelki for 10-15 minutes

The use of such baitless lures, as “devil,” the goat”, “uralka” or “nymph” allows you to catch roach, bream or perch without fixing small moth in the cold. But to give these baits most likely the game required a light and sensitive rod. It can be done in 10-15 minutes, if in advance to prepare all the necessary details.

  1. A small pen is easy to make from a champagne cork or piece of Styrofoam, giving it the desired shape. The pen will simultaneously serve as a kind of spool for storing fishing line. Photo 1. Handle-spool tube.

A useful tip! On the handle it is necessary to make a small groove to the scaffold alone does not fly with fishing rods. This can be done with a utility knife and sandpaper.

  1. About 1 cm from the edge of the drilled cross hole. Its diameter depends on the thickness of the whip.
  2. The role of the whip will fit the plastic rod, tube of sweets “Lollipop”, the tip of the old telescopic fishing rods, etc.
    Photo 2. The whip of the plastic spokes of the umbrella children. Photo 3. The whip is inserted into the tube-handle.
  3. The whip is mounted a nod from PET bottles or x-ray film with cambrica. The top is glued another piece of covering to skip the line. At the end of the nod of the hole or glued sleeve. Photo 4. A nod from the film.
  4. It remains to adjust the work gear, the fishing line is wound 0,08-0,12 mm and tying the jig. Roughly the weight of such rods will be 10-20 g. Due to the simplicity and cheapness of manufacture, it is possible to make several different models under the existing jig.
As “ride” that horse of yours?

The unusual name of this winter fishing attracts the interest of novice anglers. Filly – acoobee the name of the whole layer of tackle for float fishing, which have an unusual shape of the handle.

It allows not only to hold the whip and keep stock of the line, but also to give the bait a stable position on the ice.

  1. The most time consuming and difficult in the manufacture filly will be cutting out the handle. As a material suitable rigid foam. Processing is performed using a hobby knife, files, sandpaper. In the classic version at the top of the handle is supposed to be a ledge for storing fishing line and bottom – desirata legs. In the end part is made a longitudinal hole to a depth of 20-30 mm for the whip.
  2. The role of the whip can complete the standard purchase product, a tip is the old fishing pole, feeder or just a sprig of juniper.
  3. A nod is made in case the angler will have to move away from the hole or want to play a little bait in the upper layers of water. For this purpose, you can use a pointer of PET bottles, x-ray or steel plates. As the holder uses a high-voltage automobile wire, or several kembrikom.

The advantage of the filly is a high degree of buoyancy. Even preseva the bite, the angler not to lose tackle. The pen will play the role of rescue buoy.

Manufacturing tackle for blesneniya

A good catch of pike, perch or walleye can provide the angler a homemade fishing pole for trolling. Sheer fishing means constant vertical game artificial bait. It is performed in different horizons of the water, so it’s best to equip the product coil.

For configuration, you can use a simple inertial model made of plastic, a small grinder or a modern multiplier.

  1. One of the main requirements blesdyke is the stiffness of the whip. It is better to make the feeder quivertip or the tip of a spinning length of 50-70 cm This is particularly important in the extraction of walleye and pike.
  2. The handle can be cut from a moisture-resistant wood or use plastic products, covering them with a layer of cork. To do this, the tube is crushed and glued to the handle. Usually applied multiple layers after complete drying of the glue is coarse abrasive machining and subsequent polishing.

Recommendation! As if tightly was not the whip in stick, it’s better to fix it with a few drops of glue.

  1. Mount the reel to the handle is performed by means of pinch clamps and duct tape.
  2. Blasnik can be configured with a nod, if the whip hard, and spinners and balances the lungs. It can be made from a wire of spring steel or Mylar plate. For attachment to the whip it is better to use special holders.

Photo 5. The rod for trolling from scrap materials.

When the fisherman asked how to make a rod for winter fishing, you should immediately pay attention to available materials. A fisherman’s masterpieces made from junk items. The rods are easy and high efficiency.

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