How to use a yawner for pike

Using a yawner is simple, the main thing is to do everything strictly in turn.

Every fisherman knows that very often predatory fish swallows the bait with a hook very deeply.

It will be possible to remove them with his bare hands, but injuries cannot be avoided, it is in such cases that a yawning person will come to the rescue, for a pike this thing is simply irreplaceable.

To get a hook from your mouth, you need to pike:

  • take the yawning folded;
  • make ends in the mouth;
  • release the spring.

Then, using a lancet or extractor, they take out of the mouth and take out the yawn.

Hands, even when using a yawner, are not recommended to climb fish in their mouths, sharp teeth can leave their mark even with a little touch.

Device features

Everyone needs the yawner; he is just as necessary as an extractor . Such a device is designed so that the fish, in particular, the pike, could not close their mouths and thereby simplified access to the swallowed hook. But it often happens that the size of an existing tool is either large or too small.

That is why there should be several yawners in the arsenal, and each of them should have its own size. An ideal option would be to have at least three different yawners.

This product is very important for fans of sports fishing, they are valuable every moment when captured. Spinners without a yawner are also nowhere, but they don’t need a lot of extra things.

The choice of material for self-manufacturing

Many masters at home make yawners in the required quantities and the right size. It is not difficult to do it yourself, but certain skills should still be.

In addition to the ability to bend metal, it is important to choose the right material from which the product will be made. For a yawner, they usually take a spoke from a bicycle or a steel wire of the required diameter. The main thing is that the selected material does not break and bend when used.

Additionally, for convenience, you can put a rubber or silicone tube on the place where the hands will be located when using the tool. In winter, this supplement will prevent the skin of your hands from touching cold metal.

DIY making

For production, you must first stock up on the necessary materials. There are not many, many will find everything in the garage or workshop. Everything you need can be represented in the form of a small table:

component quantity
rubber tube about 10 cm
bicycle spoke 1 PC.
paper clip 1 PC.

The manufacturing process is simple, everyone can handle it.

With your own hands you can make a yawner like this:

  • using pliers on the spoke, make an incomplete turn exactly in the middle;
  • at the front ends they bite off everything unnecessary and bend at 90 degrees;
  • the ends are filed so that there are no burrs, this will prevent injury to the fish and the fisherman;
  • on curved ends you can put on a piece of rubber tube;
  • a straightened paper clip fix the product, this will facilitate its transportation.

On this, the process of manufacturing a yaw for a pike with one’s own hands is completed.

It will be easier to bend the wire or knitting needle on the handle of a file or screwdriver. When working, you should be careful, low-quality metal can simply burst, and not bend.

The ends can not be covered with a rubber tube and not bent at a right angle, you can wrap them in the form of a spring. In this case, you do not need to put on the tube.

Product Requirements

The design of the yawning can be any, just above the simplest manufacturing method was described. In this mechanism, the main role is played by a tight spring and the strength of the product along the entire length. It depends on their quality how long and widely the mouth of the predator will be opened when pulling the hook.

Is it worth making yourself

An independent manufacture of a yawning machine should be carried out by someone who has similar metal working skills. If you are new to this, it is best to buy the product in the store.

Their cost is not great, and the trouble is many times less. But it is worth remembering that a plastic yawner will have less weight, but in the cold this material is very fragile . Yes, and for a large pike you can’t use it, a toothy one can break it. Most often, purchased options are chosen from metal, it can be modified independently at home, if desired.

You can make a yawner for pike with your own hands without problems, the main thing is that the necessary materials are available and very little time. Every spinning fisherman should have such a product in his arsenal and preferably not one, but he will buy it or make it home-made for himself.

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