Intech fluorocarbon FC – first impressions review

Amazingly low price and, at first glance, excellent quality fishing line I decided to purchase the Intech FC fluorocarbon. You know, often fishing in severe conditions, struttering littered in urban ponds, training and competition eat the expensive kilometres of flood material.

Already the first outputs of the pond showed that the novelty is very interesting and, apparently, has all chances to become, if not a “Product of the year”, then certainly “people’s Choice” of the upcoming season.

As I said, price Intech FC – more than democratic.

“Flur” is sold in three razmetka, respectively, the angler can choose on the pocket:

  • 10 metre roll costs 20 UAH;
  • 25 C. – 40 UAH;
  • 50 – from 65 UAH.

Of course, before you purchase Intech fluorocarbon FC, I conducted a thorough visual and tactile analysis of the line, I asked the sales assistant for permission to set fire to its edge. As you know, this ftorkarbon unlike ordinary nylon does not melt, but burns out completely. Employees of the store gladly gave me the opportunity, then handed the lighter. Perhaps they themselves are interested in to see what they offer to their customers. Indeed, under the influence of fire, the edge was charred.

So, Fluor is real. I note that on the touch it is smooth enough and a bit harsh. In General what you need. For the first time decided to take the 25-meter roll-out in diameters of 0.16 mm for microrhopala leader and 0.45 mm for the manufacture leashes for pike. The packaging is very stylish, provides the necessary information about breaking load, diameter, etc. the Inscription Line Made in Japan testifies to the country of origin and inspires confidence in the quality of the product and in compliance of the declared parameters of the real strength and diameter.

The fishing show that’s what! Especially for tomorrow already planned out for “paysite” with lots of shells and pike.

The next morning I have water. Took two spinning – teachingby stick to 18 g to catch toothy and microcephaly the whip to 5, the First equipped with the leader of the newly acquired fluorocarbon fishing line 0.45 mm, the second produced a few leads from 0,161 mm fluoro Intech FC. I should confess, that the line tested perfectly! Especially liked the fact that it worked well as ticinovic leashes, not perechitivay with treble hooks crankbaits through cruelty.

So what about the strings and twisting it is possible to forget as about always annoying parting with lures for pike teeth. About the abrasive resistance will add that a single slice MJ-leader was not (although the loss of the baits in this pond because of the shells – the usual case). In General, fluorocarbon Intech FC can be used to both Amateurs and athletes. While such a conclusion, but we’ll see.

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