Lures for pike spinning

Let’s start with the most popular edible rubber. It works always, in any weather and season, of course if properly selected size and color. The most efficient is brand Lucky John.

Options artificial lures

Silicone: vibrohvost and twisters.

Proven brands:

  • Megabass
  • Pontoon
  • Manns Predator
Surface lures – poppers

The name speaks for itself. This is a type of crank that is not immersed in water. When posting, it creates splashes, splashes and the characteristic gurgle.

The point is simple: the pike are attracted by the noise believes that this sports fish, swims up to its prey and attacks it.Rightfully the most efficient Popper for pike is the Yo-Zuri 3DS Popper.

Spoon lures

Universal snap-in type, suitable for fishing at any time of the year. It’s enough to change colors and sizes.The oscillatory motion generated during the movement attract a variety of predators.

There are a few known and good kalabalak for pike:

  • Mepps Syclops
  • Blue Fox Esox
  • Kuusamo Rasanen
  • Kuusamo Professor
  • Williams Vabler
Spinners (turntables)

One of the advantages is the opportunity to catch a little overgrown ponds. Generally it is considered as universal mandatory purchase.If pike is passive, it is likely that she is not offended. With active it’s easier enough to change the pace of the winding line and the chances of capture increase.

Differ (other than color and weight) petals:

  • Algia (angle 60 degrees). Better suited for beginners and fishing on the surface. With a slow and uniform wiring petal rotates constantly attracting fish.
  • Long (angle 30 degrees). It should be used at depth. A corner of a petal does not allow the bait to float that well affect the penetration. Also perfect for fishing on the course.
  • Comet (the angle of 45 GRS.). Best everyday option. Versatile and suitable for both standing water and flow.

Best reviews anglers are:

  • Mepps Aglia
  • Kuusamo Kuf
  • Super Blue Fox Vidrax
  • Mepps Aglia Long
  • Mepps Lusox

The main objective is to show the predator that it is the object of the hunt was wounded. Vary in length (usually from 5-15 cm), weight, color scheme, and the working depth.In zaglubljaetsja are superficial (we said earlier), bury at a shallow depth and deep water.The names of their types speaks for itself, comment is superfluous here.

Read article that discussed in detail the process of fishing for pike on crankbaits, top catchability can be found there.

A small selection of our preferences:

  • O. S. P VARUNA 110 SP
  • FishyCat JungleCat
  • Megabass Mr-X Cyclone

Is a kind of the same lure, with the only difference – this swimbait has a part (as hinges).

Repeats the size and structure of live fish.

  • Izumi Minnow Alive
  • Izumi Shad Alive
  • Spro BBZ-1 Shad

You have probably met with this type of gear, but didn’t know what it’s called. This is the most cumbersome of all the above.Is a versatile tackle that is a must have for every angler. It is possible to catch pike in the grass, not to mention the clear waters.

Represents the frame of the wire (area) to which the top is attached to the metal rotating petal (there may be several). And towards the bottom is attached to the sinker with a rubber skirt (fringe).

Their preference is given to models:

  • Terminator Titanium Twin Spin
  • MegaStrike StrikeBack
  • Northland Reed-Runner Magnum

In Russia, they are not very well developed, home is the United States, where it was established for the production of trophy predator. But it turned out one of the best lures for pike.Suggest to put it when on other types of bites, not at all.

The walkers

Some of the best lures are suitable for catching in the grass. Have either zero-depth or very little. Have a streamlined head without blades or petal, as they have no recesses like those of Popper.

The best of them:

  • Storm Thunder Dog
  • Lucky Craft Sammy
  • Megabass Gaint Dog X

As you can see, the variety of types of gear for catching on a spinning reel is simply amazing. Is difficult to understand even the experienced angler, not to mention beginners. We hope that our article will help You to choose the gear.

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