Minnow on the Rudd

Rudd differs from roach way of life, namely the fact that it is a predator, though most of the fishermen attribute it to peaceful fish. I lean more to the second option, so how to catch a Rudd on a lure I had infrequently.

Malek is part of the diet of this fish, but still large part is devoted to insects. Because of this the Rudd is considered a versatile fish, it can be catching and spinning and using with a float rod. Minnow on the Rudd must be present in the box of the Fisher.

The choice of baits for catching redfin is very large. She speaks very well on crankbaits, various silicone bait, but I prefer spinners. Most of the fish I caught on a small turntable No. 00-1. If you delve into the specifics, it was a bait “00 Aglia Long” and “Black Fury 00”. But a homemade spinner baits also gave Rudd the rest, the main thing that they were small. Special attention deserves the baubles on the Rudd called “0 Aglia Spin Fly”.

The secret of this spinner is to equip, namely a single hook with a small fly. And since we often have to fish in the Bush, applying a thin line and delicate tackle, single hook rarely clings, in comparison with the double.

I was faced with catching fish on the spinner “Aglia Long 2”. How much marking she’s pretty big, and the hooks are also relevant. But a fish on it took a big, half pound Rudd’s already can be called a great? Well, that’s not the point, in short, Rudd bite and bite rather eagerly. The main thing that the spinner was selected correctly during the transaction to avoid mistakes. By the way, I recommend to sharpen the hooks on the lures, because Rudd is very often catches the bait without swallowing it. And the blunt hook will not strike here, but with acute problems do not exist.

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