Mormyshki for winter fishing

Mormyshka was described by L.P. Sabaneev. He first described it as a small piece of lead into which a hook was soldered. The name “mormyshka” comes from the crustacean-mormysh, or bokloplav, which lives in large numbers in the waters of Siberia, the Urals and Kazakhstan.

When fishing, the fisherman imitated the movements of the scamp in the water with small twitches of the jig, and this brought a good catch.

Since then, little has changed. It is still a relatively small piece of metal with a hook to which the fishing line is attached. However, many varieties have appeared, such as beznasadochnye and unmucked, designed for catching perch and bream at depth, jigs with two or more hooks.

They were supplemented with all sorts of beads, cambric, flags, panicles. There were mormyshki, which have quite an expressive own game at a shallow depth.

Catching mormyshk consists in constantly twitching it with different amplitudes and frequencies, with pauses, moving up and down in the catch horizon. Purely vertical game – the business card mormyshki. This imitates the oscillating movements of insects in the water, which whet the fish and is different from other active winter baits.

Types of mormyshkas
Packed and non-packaged

Depending on the type of fishing, it is customary to distinguish between tackle and nozzle attachments. The nozzle jig is a classic. On the hook, the fishermen put a moth, maggots, sometimes even vegetable bait when fishing for roach.

This is interesting: during the game Mormuk plant bait creates a muddy taste cloud in the water, which attracts roach. Cool is even more successful than on animal baits.

Nozzle jigger does not always suggest a natural nozzle.

On sale you can buy an artificial bloodworm, an artificial maggot. Many people catch on the mormyshka using sponge rubber sprinkle soaked in attractant, or a piece of edible twister from a good manufacturer, in which the impregnation goes all the way down.

They are not always catchy, but they do without the attachment, which is difficult to keep in the winter frost. The volume of the nozzle is usually comparable with the size of the jig.

The no-burners are designed to imitate with their body a food object without using additional nozzles or using a nozzle that is 5-6 times smaller than the jig itself.

The opinion that they are always more catchy than the jigs with a nozzle is wrong. Mormyshka with a nozzle in normal fishing conditions always bring greater results. The main advantage of a non-sluggish one is that it has a much higher total density, and the nozzle is usually lighter than metal and reduces sinking capacity.

All this leads to the fact that you can play a non-stop mormyskoy deeper. The range of standard nozzle jigs is usually limited to three to four meters, no more.

With and without own game

Classic jig has no own game. It simply moves up and down following the line. Some, such as banana, goat, gozdik, uralka, have an elongated shape. They are suspended from the top point, and their center of gravity is offset from it. As a result, during the game, vibrations are formed, swaying around the point of suspension and a three-dimensional effect visible to a person is created.

As the fish sees this effect, it is impossible to say. The fact is that fish, although short-sighted compared to humans, see objects much more clearly, have a better color perception, distinguish a greater frequency of images several times and most likely they do not see this effect.

In addition, all these fluctuations already at a depth of more than one and a half to two meters become very insignificant, and at a depth of 3-4 meters they disappear altogether. Slightly more biting activity on such baits is most likely due to the fact that fish are more attracted to oblong objects in the water, as well as to some kind of acoustic effects.

With one and several hooks

Initially, all the jigs had one hook. However, at some time devils appeared – which had three symmetric hooks and hung vertically on the line.

The game of devils is very stable vertically, it always returns to its original position and has a short sharp move. In some cases this brings the best catch. They were used for summer fishing, and can also work on the course.

What can not be said about the majority of other mormyshkami – in the course they work poorly and their game will be smeared with jets of water.

I must say that the abundance of hooks is not always good. For example, any dragon fisherman will say that there is always a lot of devils for devil. Fish often do not swallow all three hooks, and they simply interfere.

In addition, prying the devil himself is reduced due to the body of the mormyshka, beads on hooks and does not allow for efficient cutting of fish.

There are asymmetrical multi-hook mormyshki. For example, a witch or a goat. They are non-baiting and are used for perch fishing at shallow depths.

The witch, or noodle, has two hooks that pivotally fasten to the body and hit the body when playing.

The goat has an elongated body and two hooks located approximately 45 degrees to each other. Hooks in this case are part of the bait and take part in the game.

Small and big

Large mormyshki have a large mass and work at greater depths. This is due to the fact that the mass of the fishing line above it, its resistance to immersion and friction against water will have less influence. Therefore, for fishing on the boat use the most thin fishing line. Small mormyshki have a small size. As a rule, the perch, including the large one, most often prefers the smallest ones, even if they are simple round shapes.

With and without decorations

Usually decorate bezmylnye, beznasadochnye. Beads, flags, and hairs are put on the hooks. Sometimes it works. However, fishermen do not understand that by doing so they reduce the effective depth of work – the main trump card of the jerk-free jig.

All these things have a specific weight in water, less body density. You can simply put on the hook moth. It also reduces the working depth, but a simple bloodworm or maggots are more attractive to perch than other tinsel.

Decorate should mormyshki that work at shallow depths or for special purposes. For example, a cambric mounted on a long base of the hook allows the moth not to move much from the tip and not to bare it completely by prying;

Mormyshek material

Lead and lead-tin solders are used as materials for manufacturing. They allow you to make a mormyshka at home using an ordinary electric soldering iron and long hooks purchased from the store.

Often solder mormyshki on the crown, using as a base plate of copper, brass or neyselber. A hook is soldered to them and the necessary amount of lead is fused, a hole is made. Soldering on the crown is more accurate, it is easier to master.

Modern material for mormyshkas – tungsten. It has a much greater density than lead. This allows you to reduce the size of mormyshkas who play well on the same fishing line, and increase the number of bows.

If the jig is not done, and bought in the store, you should consider only tungsten. They are more expensive, but more comfortable one and a half to two times. Tungsten mormyshka is made on the basis of the factory workpiece, in which with a special solder solder hook.

It is worth mentioning light mormyshkas, they are made of plastic. They are used in float fishing instead of a hook. The fact is that the plastic will glow under the water in the dark.

Thus, it attracts fish from a greater distance. When buying, you should check such a jig for glow, with your palms close to the eye. Use them as a second jig above the main one should not be, as they greatly impair its game.

Other materials are also used for manufacturing: copper, silver, steel and even gold. Working with them is either too complicated, or does not give the desired result, or the material itself is expensive.

The success of a piece jig in limited conditions does not say that everything must be done now from this. However, if a ready-made semi-finished product is used for work, for example, a pistol bullet in a tombac shell for a heavy jig, then there is a sense in this, but only that production is facilitated.

Homemade mormyshki

Making your own mormyshka easy enough. You will need:

  • Long hook hooks
  • Solder POS-30 or POS-40 in wire or rods without rosin filler
  • Electric soldering iron with power from 1 kW
  • Orthophosphoric based soldering acid and thin stick for its application
  • Thin copper wire. You can take from the old computer network wires, stranded wires.
  • Insulated cams for hook protection. They are taken there.
  • Optionally – a crown of the desired shape from a thin copper, brass or neiselber plate. Copper gives a reddish color, brass – yellow, neiselber – white.
  • Needle for making the ear or steel wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm
  • Pasatizhi, vise, other fastening tools. It is convenient to use the machine for knitting flies
  • A set of files and skin

The list may not be complete, everyone has their own preferences.

  1. Pre-protect the tip of the hook with a shimmer from acid
  2. The hook is treated with soldering acid
  3. Tin hook with a thin layer of solder. For large hooks, it is prewound with copper wire for better grip.
  4. A needle or wire is passed through the eyelet of the hook so that an unsealed hole remains.
  5. The body is soldered using a soldering iron. Act carefully so as not to melt all the lead. It is necessary to add a drop and blow on the product.
  6. The semi-finished product is processed by a file to get the desired shape.
  7. From the ear gently pull out a needle or wire, to get a hole for the fishing line.
  8. Mormyshka give final shape and varnish as desired.

Soldering the devil is a little more complicated. Here you need to connect the three hooks into one, wrap them with wire and solder.

For fixation, a cork with three symmetrical cuts, radiating from the center, is used. They insert hooks. Often a hole under the fishing line is a curvilinear shape, sometimes a separate eyelet is soldered, etc. A beginner should definitely begin with soldering simple products.

Decoration mormyshki

Here the main thing – to comply with the measure. It is enough to hang one or two beads to catch the mormushka and be working. Glass beads are used, as they give a play of light at a shallow depth.

Plastic give nothing and use them useless if they are not glowing. For great depth, they are usually not decorated. So that the bead does not fly off, it is fixed with a small rubber or plastic ringlet. They can be cut from the cambric wires USB or they are in the set of beads for fishing.

Large beads should have a large hole. For example, a bead for a nail ball. This is necessary so that when she bites, she slides out and releases the hook. Anyway, large beads reduce catchability.

Not everyone realizes that they can be put not only on the hook, but also from above,. It will have less influence on the game and the catchiness, but mormyshki with an eye are not suitable for this.

Effective mormyshki for catching a perch

This fish remains active in winter and becomes the prey of a fisher more often than others. Going after him, you should take a few tackles that are good for him.

Drobinka, klopik, lentils, etc.

Relatively rounded, with one crochet, nozzle. They are bright representatives of classic mormyshkas. Tungsten is best to use.

As the perch nozzle acts moth. It is difficult to keep it in the cold, but you can get it yourself before fishing. The size of the hook here goes from 12 to 10 numbers (usually 12).

This is the main difference between perch and mormyshke to roach. There are often used small hooks, about 14-16. A dace very reluctantly opens his mouth, and the hook for it must be set to the minimum.

At the same time, the perch grabs the mormyshka clearly, and the larger hook hooks it more often. Weight rarely exceeds 3 grams, is caught at a depth of 2 meters.

Long mormyshki with nozzle

Uralka, Baban and others belong to the long, which also have their own game. They are also advisable to take a tungsten version to increase the working depth.

Sometimes they are caught in a non-return version, it is still better to use the bloodworms. Perch on such a beret as well as on the round, but the roach Uralku and the banana loves a little more. A good option to switch to it, so as not to be left without a fish.

No-hook with one and two hooks

These mormyshkami include most of the non-stop: goat, Uralka, banana, gvozdesharik, etc. Refusal to use the nozzle allows you to catch them at a greater depth and makes fishing more sporting when the fish is attracted only by playing bait. For perch fishing, a rather tempo and short game is used.

Initially, mormyshku show fish, making several strokes with a good amplitude. Then they start playing, making small fluctuations, from time to time making pauses, moving across the horizon during the game, etc.


The most “deep-sea” jig. Usually has a short form, but sometimes there are also long ones.

Can also be purchased with a tungsten body. Classic devil has three hooks and a stable course in height.

This allows you to play at a good pace even at the depth and flow. Often use a fishing rod with a hard nod. They are rebuilt so that with one hand movement the mormyshka makes two vibrations. This is very convenient, you can achieve a high frequency of the game.

The author believes that the devil is the only “sensible” non-addictive jigger. All the others can be replaced with great success by mormoshkami with a nozzle. The catch lies in the fact that the perch is caught at a relatively shallow depth, in quiet backwaters without a current, where the devil has no advantage over others. It turned out to be the most practical at catching busters and white bream.

Witch noodle

Catching on them is something between mormyshka and luster. The game of balda is in vibrations, in which hooks knock on her body. At the same time, the weight and size of the bait is much larger.

Deeper than 3-4 meters, the hooks stop knocking completely and just hang along the body of the balda. Fishing becomes the same as fishing for a lure of the “carnation” type, but lure in these conditions is usually more catchy.

However, the perch is often caught at a shallow depth, and can be used to catch and search for a noodle.

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