Oil for two-stroke engines

There are no secrets and special recommendations when selecting oils for two-stroke engines. Experienced boaters and fishermen that ply the water spaces with a certain view of sea wolves, pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

And beginners are recommended to do the same as well.

Find on the packaging information describing the specific standards or criteria and do not fall back on her. This is the only way to choose for your motor safe lubrication that not only hurt, but will improve the operational characteristics of the engine.

Mineral oil

– very affordable and viable option that suits many owners of two-stroke engines. Today, there are lubricants on mineral basis, which is suitable for engines without automatic feed, as well as special products for automated systems. Most importantly, do not choose a product blindly, guided by their own considerations. If your engine needs a certain, special kind of oil for two-stroke engines, the manufacturer must specify the relevant information in the instructions.

For two-stroke fuel injected units type of disagreement with the statement in the question of the choice of grease is strictly prohibited. These engines are designed specifically for the use of synthetic materials and are not designed to any other.

Synthetic oil

has the necessary level of fluidity, which gives certain advantages:

  1. To minimize possible damage during high load oil starvation.
  2. The lack of dry contacts and friction in critical situations.
  3. Stable oil film on the nodes and details of guaranteed.
  4. Optimised lubricating effect.

Synthetics also do not recommend to use motors with plain bearings, although the official documents, this view has not been confirmed. With proper choice of lubricant to count on good results is quite real when you use both types of oil.

Although the objective synthetic has better penetrating properties and it is also able to create the necessary oil film, which is almost never violated.

In General, synthetic oil is more suitable variant for two-stroke engines. Artificial lubrication is not conducive to the formation of deposits inside the combustion chamber and helps the engine to cope better with high loads.

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