Overview crankbaits Rapala

What was remarkable crankbaits Rapala? All lures company Rapala have an attractive appearance to predators. However, that’s not it. Appreciate the lures were Rapala for the use of innovative technologies.

Casting lures is not difficult nor a beginner, nor even the more experienced fisherman. Wobbler “helps” to make accurate and long casts – taking flight in the best position. All about cargo located in the body of the lure special rod. Moving when casting in the tail of the lure, Wobbler shifts the center of gravity and thus flying straighter and further.

The manufacturer took care of other important details, for example, the chance that bait will catch on the bottom, minimal. For example, Rapala Scatter Rap Minnow touches the bottom of the blade, thereby minimizing the likelihood of a hook on snags and rocks.

The most popular models of lures from Rapala

Let us consider the model most in demand:


This model is the pride of the company. Wobbler for twitch suited for perch and pike. The oval-shaped form allows it to slide under water with an interesting fish wobbles. The movement of the lure is varied, appealing to a predator. To choose and buy minnow lures for different fishing conditions – light, water clarity, depth – has Rapala is color. Buy used Wobbler Rapala Shadow Rap can at a good price, as this product combines quality and economy.

RAPALA Husky Jerk

This model is well suited for use in not deep water bodies. At an average depth of the bait exhibits a high efficiency. Fishermen appreciate him for what he imitates the movements of the fry and wounded, weakened fish, thus attracting a large predator. It should be noted that this model is unique in its kind, because the movement style was invented by this company. Buy Wobbler Rapala convenient at the online store, it will save time and effort.


Classic bait-type minnow with original proportions. A lure suitable for catching many species of fish in different reservoirs. One of the most productive crankbaits for pike has a lot of modifications aimed at professional fishermen rather than lovers. A bit more expensive lures from other manufacturers, but the price is worth it: convenience, comfort when fishing is provided.

Rapala Scatter Rap Minnow

Currently used in many countries, however, the most widespread in the CIS countries. Most fishers are positive about this model because of the quality and price policy. Wobbler Rapala Scatter Rap Minnow is a combination of high-tech, high-quality bait. Manufacturing enterprises, as well as the company’s headquarters are in Finland.

Buy crankbaits minnow in the online store of the fisherman. The price of baits does not exceed 1000 rubles, making them available for the vast majority of buyers.

When buying lures choose trusted sellers and quality products! Currently, one of the most productive crankbaits for pike from Rapala is on display in many stores, but only some of them provide original products and warranty. This is why we need a responsible approach to the choice of the online store.

Beware of scams and buy from the best. Recommend a network of shops of the fisherman – https://lovisnami.ru/rapala-finlyandiya.html competent consultants and a large selection will help you to prepare for the most challenging fishing.

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