Porridge on bream

In fishing tackle stores , large quantities of ready-made bait mixes are sold, and there are manyvarieties . So as not to be trapped and just return from your favorite hobby with a catch, experienced anglers prepare porridge for the bream in the feeder on their own.

There are several subtleties how to cook porridge for fishing for bream, without them there will be no success in fishing.

There are several important moments, but each of them is important.


Porridge for catching bream must necessarily smell good. Depending on weather conditions and season, different flavors are used. Everything should be in moderation, the strong-smelling bait will scare away the cautious fish.


All fishermen know that bream loves sweets, therefore, often sugar or honey is used for cooking. But here it is necessary to take into account some features.

Turbidity in water

To catch a bream on a feeder, first of all, it is necessary to create a dregs near the tackle in order to attract the attention of larger individuals. Do this due to the components in the bait.


The feed mixture should consist of fine-grained ingredients and be well mixed. To do this, all the components are carefully kneaded and mixed by hand.


It is necessary in the process of mixing the components to achieve the desired consistency, in which the bait will not crumble immediately after contact with water, but it should take not much time to wash out. The consistency of complementary foods for stagnant water and for the current will vary.


The color of the bait should match the bottom soil, but preference is better to give light options. To reduce the contrast in the finished product directly on the shore, you can add a little soil from the fished reservoir.

Tandem prikorma and nozzles

The composition of the product prepared for bream do it yourself, must include bait. If fishing is planned for peas, then one of the ingredients for complementary feeding should be peas; when fishing for a worm, it is added to the bait, maggot can also be an additive, like bloodworm or corn.

When fishing for foam in prikormku add something that smells like an artificial ball.

Porridge for catching bream on the fodder must be of high quality, meet all the above requirements. Further, more detail on the components of the product.


For or other methods with the feeder use bait with a smell, and it does not always have to smell like components from it. To catch a decent copy you need to know which bream prefers flavors. There are a lot of subtleties here, some use purchase means, there is a lot of such goodness in fishing stores. Experienced fishermen rarely use such, it is better to enrich porridge for bream with natural aroma on their own.

Most commonly used:

  • Roasted and ground into flour flax seeds, which can be bought at each pharmacy.
  • A good flavoring for bait is ground coriander, the main thing here is to pour in moderately and grind directly in front of the batch.
  • Cumin seeds also give excellent results.
  • Crushed dill seeds are used in an amount of not more than 3 tsp. per kilo finished porridge.
  • The bream loves the smell of apricot, strawberry, banana. Purchased flavors are more useful here.
  • Widely used spices are vanilla, cinnamon, anise, cocoa.
  • Porridge for bream in its composition can have natural vegetable oils of sunflower, sea buckthorn, anise, hemp.
  • From the natural ingredients add grated garlic, fennel root.
  • The smell of animal bait can be created artificially, special fishing drops will help the bait to smell like a worm, bloodworm, and maggots.

It is simpler to set a smell, and here is how to cook porridge for fishing? What components should be part of the bait had all the necessary characteristics?

Main ingredients

Regardless of whether preparing bait for fishing on a ring or on a spring, the main ingredients do not change. Cook porridge for fishing at the trough should be immediately before leaving, its composition always includes the same and hedgehog substances.

The foundation

The basis for preparing food for a bream feeder is often a small fraction:

  • all kinds of cereals;
  • cookies, breadcrumbs;
  • crushed grains of flax, canola, pumpkin, hemp;
  • cereals.

These ingredients should give the potential production taste, but not saturate it. Typically, the base is 60% of the total product. The important point is that the base should create dregs than attract bream.

Any of the proposed options for the basics can be applied separately, it is allowed to mix several options. The main criterion is the small fraction.


Porridge on bream has a filler, which will give nutrition to the product. The most commonly used steamed cereals, peas, corn, boiled pasta, cereals, sunflower seeds, special fish feed. The nutritional component contains bait elements: chopped worm, moldy worm, bloodworm, pieces of steamed peas or corn.

Connecting link

To better connect the two main ingredients together, they use ground peas, wheat flour, clay, and sugar.

For dregs

What kind of porridge you would not have cooked, to attract the bream with mud, you must add semolina, powdered milk, white bread crumbs, pieces of dough.


To give the finished product the required color, use artificial colors or paint the supplements with clay, crackers, and ground from the reservoir.

Only by properly combining all these components will make an excellent porridge for bream with your own hands, which will not be inferior to the purchased counterparts, and sometimes even surpass them.

How to cook porridge for bream in the feeder

Varieties of porridge in today very much. Each of the anglers chooses for himself what is the best or uses several recipes. We offer you the most popular options for feeding on bream for feeders.

Salapinsky porridge for fidera

This option is considered universal for fishing from a boat during and in still water. Perfect for fishing on the ring and on the spring. How to cook salapa porridge for catching bream on the ring or another method now we will examine in more detail.

The recipe consists of several stages:

  • 3 cups of water are poured into the container, 2 cups of barley are poured into it and cook on low heat until swelling.
  • Add a glass of millet, a bag of vanilla, a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil with a smell. Leave on the fire until the cereal soaks up all the water.
  • Cover with a lid and leave for 30-40 minutes for swelling.
  • The resulting porridge is poured into a larger container, add 2 cups yachki, the same amount of corn grits and a glass of semolina.

Well-mixed porridge is left for 20 minutes, after which it is completely ready for use as intended. Salapinka is an excellent basis for catching any peaceful fish, if you get lost and do not know which porridge to choose, then this option will definitely be a win-win.

Pea porridge for fishing

This recipe is not suitable for fishing on a ring, but a foam like bait on a hook will be perfect for this type of feed.

In a liter of water, 250 g of peas are boiled with a teaspoon of baking soda, a glass of millet, a tablespoon of sugar and flavor are added. I mix everything well.

Prepared according to this recipe packing for koltsevki or kormak can be used as a nozzle when fishing on the float.

Bait for fishing in the heat

The recipe is unusual, the composition includes shoots of horsetail, and this plant is used as the main bait. The basis of the product is millet porridge, for every 100 g of which add three boxes of fresh or frozen moth, 100 g of bran and sunflower oilcake, as well as the main ingredient, 10 g of chopped horsetail shoots. To the desired consistency prikormku bring sand or soil from the reservoir.

Cooking porridge on bream for autumn

All components are thoroughly mixed and kept in a container for at least half an hour, so that they “make friends”.

To prepare you need:

  • 100 g of bread crumbs, sunflower cake, rye bran, ready-made rice porridge;
  • 50 g of fresh bacon, cut into small cubes;
  • 2 matchboxes of moth or maggots;
  • spoon crushed coriander.

If necessary, correct the consistency of clay.

Porridge for catching bream: a recipe for long casting

All previous recipes will be effective in determining feed over short distances. If it is necessary to conduct a long cast, the feed should have slightly different characteristics. An excellent option is this recipe. Prepare 300 g of breadcrumbs, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, add 100 g of crushed roasted peanuts, a couple of boxes of natural maggots, 200 g of bran. Everything mixes well.

This option is suitable when fishing on the ring

There are many cooking options for complementary foods, each fisherman himself adds ingredients at his discretion. According to anglers with experience better than the Salapa porridge on the bream has not yet come up with anything.

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