PVA bag for bait

PVA pack, manufactured using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is an interesting invention which is used in Europe in order to reduce the amount of household waste.

The most important feature of the shell of such a package is the following property: in contact with water, it disintegrates in a few seconds.

Quite aware of the fact that the package of the conventional polyethylene may decompose for decades. Thus the environment is polluted with a huge number of toxins – products of its decomposition. In place of the usual polyethylene in Europe gradually come to new materials that do not cause the environment such serious damage.

Lithuanian fishermen on its website www.zvejus.lt already suggested that one of the ways to use these exotic products.

This article describes a simple (not the best but not the worst) way to use it as a shipping bait and tackle.

You lay the bait (your system with hook and bait) in the bag (as shown in pictures).

Add the bait to what is already placed in the package…


Some time wait and get the result…

Note: I do Not know where and in what cities the product is already in use. Even for Lithuania is still exotic. But progress does not stop. Sooner or later, we will also be able to catch this way. Take note, gentlemen anglers.

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