Ranking of boats from PVC under the motor

Fishing is a hobby and recreation for millions of people. This communion with nature, breathe fresh air. However, it becomes uninteresting, if not accompanied by catching fish.

The boat allows you to multiply the chances of a catch, to catch more trophies. A boat with a motor allows faster travel on the water and find the fish. Consider the best boats of PVC ideal for the installation of the motor.

Selection criteria PVC boats under motor for the fisherman

Most anglers are bringing to the boat PVC the following requirements:

  1. Reliability. The boat needs to be sturdy, safe and durable.
  2. The ability to establish a good motor. Most of the boats that are found on sale, limit the capacity of installed motor. Depends on the speed of movement around the pond and the possibility of planing.
  3. The ease of use. The boat when folded needs to fit in the trunk of the average car. It is convenient to inflate and blow off, to wash, to transport to the fishing spot.
  4. Accessories. Very handy, if it comes with a comfortable seat with back support, ring for the anchor at the bow and at the stern, a pair of oars with rowlocks of good quality, rod holder, and other gadgets.
  5. Price. One of the main criteria for the choice for most fishermen.

Of course, you cannot satisfy all the requirements, and it is necessary to divide the boats into groups.

PVC inflatable boats for fishing: what are

They can be divided into three groups:

  1. For large water areas and fishing overnight
  2. For small areas and single trips
  3. A budget option under low-power motor

PVC boats for big water areas are large in size, must have the possibility of planing. They are going long, equipped with a powerful motor, seems to react to the strong wave. Designed for two or more people with massive baggage. Must be very reliable, like a punctured balloon two or three miles from shore threat to the lives of fishermen.

Their main drawback – a large mass, long fold, bad to transport from the car. Therefore, they are often inflated before fishing and taking to the water already in the inflated condition. Or for this used automatic pump that works from the cigarette lighter of the car.

Boat PVC for small areas and for single-use trips near the shore. It should occupy little space when folded. Move it to the reservoir on the hands or inflate in the vicinity of the area. However, it must meet the same requirements of strength of material and large areas. Often on small areas cluttered the shore and on the water bottom can be pierced aquatic vegetation. And the chance to collide with a snag near the shore is always there.

These boats do not always require registration in the state inspection of small vehicles. According to the rules, the power of the motor on the passport must not exceed eight kilowatts and the weight of the boat with motor 200 pounds, to avoid the registration procedure. These conditions is sufficient for this boat.

Budget boats of PVC for a small motor is not designed to exit under the plane. It usually is purchased without a motor, if it is not possible to buy everything at once, and is used on the oars. Then the angler the opportunity to put a small motor, and it is used as an adjuvant. It will still be easier and faster than rowing, especially against the wind or current.

How to choose a motor for PVC boats

To exit steady planing is required for every thirty pounds of weight of the whole structure, considering angler, Luggage, boat and motor, had no less than one horse power last. Preferably two, since the minimum power gliding is too cocked up nose, which is very inconvenient in control and slower in speed. Most outboard motors can disperse power just above the nameplate. However, we must remember that the boat is designed for a certain motor traction, designed for such, without the overclocking.

If the length of the vehicle is up to 2.7 m, it is necessary to raise the motor with a small displacement 43 – 130 cm3, with a capacity of 2 to 3.5 HP and a weight of 11 to 26 kg. maximum power of the engine for such a vessel 5 HP.:

  • The optimum capacity of the motor for a three-meter model is 10 HP
  • For a four-meter boat – motor with a capacity of 15 – 20 HP
  • If the size of
  • the boat more than 4 meters, there is already applicable motors with 30 HP and a weight of 60 kg.
How to choose the right motor for PVC boats
TOP 5 best boats under the motor

Review of the best models of boats PVC under the motor:

  1. Mercury 420 RIB
  2. Gladiator RIB 420
  3. Navigator 400 NDND
  4. Frigate 300 EK
  5. Pelican 245Т
No. 1 Mercury 420 RIB

PVC boat Mercury RIB 420 is designed for large water expanses. Has a hard bottom where you can fish standing up without worrying that it will make a mistake. Well goes to gliding and heading. Has a lot of accessories for the angler, rings, seat, lockers, steering.

Unfortunately, to catch with the standard seats is not very convenient, it is better to buy extra bouncy from the back. Cockpit length 290 mm, width – 90 mm. the Maximum power of the motor, which can be installed on it – fifty horses. When folded, may be transported in the trailer. To use this boat with a motor require registration in GIMS and law.

Type motor
RIB-boat There
Number of seats 7
The material of the boat reinforced PVC
Transom built-in
Maximum engine power 40 HP
Capacity 750 kg
The number of air compartments 3
Kiel hard
The bottom hard
The bottom material fiberglass
Color grey

Dimensions and weight of PVC inflatable boats under motor Mercury 420 RIB

Weight 125 kg
The width of the cockpit 90 cm
Width of the boat 188 cm
The diameter of the cylinder 55 cm
The length of the cockpit 290 cm
Boat length 480 cm

PRICE: 212 000

No. 2 Gladiator RIB 420

Boat PVC Gladiator RIB 420 of approximately the same dimensions, but with less functionality. Designed for large areas. For three or four fishermen carrying capacity of 750 pounds is more than enough, and you can go on vacation on an island in the lake, taking with them everything needed or even to travel across a wide river.

The parameters of the cockpit is about the same as for mercury at the price of one and a half times less. By bundling all a bit poorer – there is no steering, only two benches. However, the wheel is often not required, because you can control the movement with the tiller sitting on the stern for the angler it is much more convenient, especially when trolling.

Type motor
RIB-boat There
Number of seats 7
The material of the boat reinforced PVC
Density PVC 1 100 g/m2
Transom built-in
Maximum engine power 40 HP
Capacity 850 kg
The number of air compartments 3
Kiel hard
The bottom hard
The bottom material fiberglass
Color green, blue, camouflage, white-blue, red-black, light taupe, dark grey, yellow-blue
Boat length 420 cm
Weight 127 kg
The diameter of the cylinder 41 cm
Width of the boat 200 cm

PRICE: 143 000

No. 3 Navigator 400 NDND

Boat PVC Navigator 400 ND domestic production with inflatable bottom of low pressure. Folded you can put it in the trunk with the motor. A good option for those who decided to go fishing together on a small area.

Allows you to set the motor in the thirty horses, but it has its own small mass. Because of this, it can be used without registration with the motor up to eight kilowatt is about ten horsepower. Has a built-in transom, benches and oars with oarlocks included. PVC for this boat of superior strength, which reduces the risk of puncturing it.

Still used as a glider is safer than a boat with a solid bottom, and are more suitable for the regular course. Inflate this boat can take a long time. Also many time it will take to wash inflatable bottom after fishing.

Characteristics of the craft Navigator 400 NDND:

Maximum length cm: 400
The greatest width cm: 187
Cockpit length cm: 280
The width of the cockpit, see: 81
The diameter of the cylinder see: 48/53
Seating capacity (person): 5
Boat weight (kg): 48.5
Load capacity (kg): 850
Recommended motor power HP: 9.9
Maximum engine power HP: 25
Type of bottoms: NDND
Number of compartments: 3+NDND
The PVC used density (g/m2): 1100/1100
Type of seam on the tank of the boat: Weld

PRICE: 57 000

No. 4 Frigate 300 EK

Boat PVC Frigate 300 EC small capacity and price category, with an inflatable bottom. Capable of carrying weight, including the weight of the motor and the Luggage, not more than 200 pounds. Passport more, but it is better these boats are a little fetch. Allow to use engine power up to eight HP, but also better be limited to five.

Of course, not designed for planing. Has a built-in transom, two cans in the kit, foldable soles, two short lifelines and oars with oarlocks. Due to the low weight, it can be transferred to alone together with the motor and stuff from the car to the shore. Quickly to operating conditions, a small volume of the cylinders will allow you to pump them with the pump for ten minutes. A good choice for those who have not yet decided whether to buy a motor, or the like while rowing – it is equally suitable for that, and for another.

Characteristics of the boats of the FRIGATE 300 EK:

Maximum length cm: 300
The greatest width cm: 150
Cockpit length cm: 218
The width of the cockpit, see: 62
The diameter of the cylinder see: 40
The capacity of the person: 3
Boat weight kg: 30
Load capacity kg: 345
Maximum engine power HP: 8
Recommended motor power HP: 5
Type of bottoms: Paul is the owner
Number of compartments: 2+1
The PVC used density (g/m2): 750/750
Type of seam on the tank of the boat: Weld

Price: 22000

No. 5 Pelican 245Т

Boat PVC Pelican 245Т for one fisherman, which, in principle, you can put a small motor. The manufacturer specifies the acceptable power – 3.75 l/C. best to stick to the smaller motor in three horses. It will be enough to go on calm waters at a speed of 5-8 km/h. For lovers of quiet fishing with electric motor this boat is a good option.

You can easily catch on light trolling, or plummet, moving with the help of the motor, to control this boat second hand and do not listen to the crackle from the engine. Capacity allows you to put the battery and the load, and take a pretty stout man. The soles of the rack, it almost the size of the boat.

When folded, it will fit in the trunk of a small car, and still have room. Cost is most affordable. She weighs 16 pounds, and it allows you to convey a strong man all the Luggage ashore alone. Unlike many inexpensive boats, the manufacturer specifies a material density of 700 grams per square meter. It is not suitable for glider, but for ordinary fishing tolerable option.

Capacity: 1 person
Capacity: 160 kg
The weight of the boats included: 16 kg
Number of compartments: 3
Engine power: 3.7 HP
Length: 2450 mm
Width: 1210 mm
Diameter bead: 350 mm
The density of the fabric 700 g/m
The density of the fabric bottom 850 g/m

Price: 15,000 rubles

All the options considered reflect the views only of the author. Everyone catches fish as it is convenient. Naturally, many will want something to swap, to add some other items or to replace. All depends on the fishing conditions, and the specific preferences of each angler.

However, for beginners this rating will be useful even if the fact that you can choose a watercraft for fishing, based on their needs and financial possibilities. Not always the most expensive will be the best, but the cheapest is unlikely to be practical and comfortable. Boat PVC under the motor for the angler is a serious purchase for one year, and the choice should be approached thoroughly.

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