Recipe bait boat for carp with their hands at home

For effectively catching fish of the carp family in stagnant water lasting several hours, need at least 2 kg of bait. Brand bait that is sold in stores, very expensive. So you should try to prepare the bait themselves. This will help not only save money, but to get out of the situation in that case, if you just forgot to buy bait.

Currently, to effectively catch fish of the carp family with no bait is almost impossible. If you do not purchase bait, it is worth to cook by yourself.

Brand bait consists of more than ten components, often of exotic that are hard to find on sale. Information about the ingredients and their proportions each manufacturer keeps secret. They are impossible to prepare at home. However, you can try to prepare the bait in my recipe.

It should consist of the following components: the basics of bait, work components, additives, binders and fillers, you can also add live bait.

Cooking the basics of bait

The main component of the bait is its basis. She does not have to be rich to fish didn’t stop biting. You can buy breadcrumbs at the store or prepare them yourself, for example, pitch grinder dried a loaf of bread. Then you need to sift the crumbs through a sieve, as the fine crumbs harder to get enough. Then crumb you bake in the oven at a temperature of 200-230°C until Golden brown.

In the framework of the bait needs to enter the component holding the fish taste. It can be biscuits, corn flour, crushed biscuits or cakes.

Preparation of working components

These components are needed in order to bait rose into the water. Without them the bait, trapped in a muddy or weedy bottom will be less likely to attract the attention of fish.
To bait raised above the bottom you can add pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes or wheat bran. All ingredients should be pre-grind. Seeds need to be grinded along with the husk. Sunflower seeds need to fry in a skillet.

Should dose the right amount of components to the correlation with the basis not exceed 1:5.

Cooking aromatic additives and attractants

Good flavouring Supplement are roasted seeds of flax or hemp. Hemp seeds are especially effective for catching roach. They must fry in the pan at a temperature of about 200°C. Fry need until, until seeds turn brown and begin to burst.

Other aromatic additive may be a syrup (thick liquid produced during sugar production). Molasses, previously diluted in water, must be added to the basis of the lure.

As aromatic additives it is possible to use purchased in the fishing store the finished concentrate. Most often it is designed for catching certain species of fish, e.g., bream will fit caramel, anise, coconut, honey, vanilla, and more for roach – tart spicy flavors: anise, fennel.

Preparation of the binder and filler

You can use a binder for the bait, bought at the bait shop, or natural food product.
Well stick together ground oatmeal. They are smaller than the better on. You can use the ground from the wormhole with a sticky consistency.

Preparation of live baits

To improve the effectiveness of bait, you can add the green larvae of flesh flies, pupae, maggots, red maggots or chopped worms.

The proportion of animal components in the bait should not exceed 15 %. During the preparation of bait to be careful to add water, because when the excess properties are lost bait. Water should be added in small portions.

To learn how to work the lure, make balls dip in the water near the shore.

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