Rubber band for fishing: efficient technique

The first thing I want to answer the question: is it allowed fishing method. Searching information, we found no evidence that it is forbidden, but it is a little to go into detail. Indeed, for a complete ban there are no prerequisites, except, of course, the number of hooks that have a value in certain times of the year.

So, fishing during the spawning period (autumn) will be prohibited, provided that the gear has more than 2 hooks. In fact, in the spawning ban easier just to abandon this fishing tackle from the fishing reasons of ethics, because who does not like the angler should consider the preservation and enhancement of aquatic life.

After the spawning, nobody forbids to use this catchability tackle, but of course with the mind and not with typical poacher’s greed.

Manufacturer of rubber bands for fishing with your hands

The main element this set is equipped with a properly working part, which is on a relatively small segment. Fishing line for a leash it is better to use thicker, with a diameter of 0.2 to 0.3 mm. Recommend to use them for more than 10 pieces, as this will lead to unnecessary confusion during installation and casting. Usually, there are between 5-8.

Distance between leashes in the range of 15-20 cm, it is enough for comfortable catching not only bass, but for example, carp, or other peaceful fishes. The total length of the working part will depend on the final number of hooks experienced anglers don’t make it longer than 2 meters. The manufacture begins with cutting a piece of fishing line with a length of 3 meters.

On one end, knit a plain loop, inserting it into the swivel. Who of the newcomers doesn’t know how to do it, in short: measure from the wood to approximate the size of the loop and make a knot, but do not rush to tighten. The tip must twice pass through the eyelet before tightening, pre-moistened – all, loop ready. Next to it is attached a rubber band, the choice is up to you to connect them loop to loop through the swivel.

Next stepping 30 cm from the swivel (or loop) to associate an ordinary knot, strung on the line one more swivel, and knit again the knot: it turns out that he squeezed from several sides and nodes can not move freely. Departing cm 20 doing the procedure again, and so the number of leashes. On the other hand, made a loop for attaching to the ball of the main line. The scheme is located below.

An illustrative scheme according to the manufacturer, all parts are signed and numbered

For versatility and catching in different conditions, whether it be boat or shore, at home, you can prepare several different gear, using, for example, leads from a fluorocarbon or metal (tungsten or strings), this will be especially true when fishing for predators such as pike and Zander. You can also use the snap-in feeder, feeders small weight from 20 to 40 gr., alternating with leashes. Thus the point of fishing is to fed up, to lure the fish odor and food.

The diameter of the main line should be thicker, about 0.5 mm. No need to buy expensive and high quality Japanese, quality doesn’t matter with this diameter will fit any. This thick line is difficult to confuse on the beach, during the cast or retrieve from the water. Leashes are attached to the fishing line with swivels to ensure that they under no circumstances, including biting, is not twisted or tangled.

Weight can be a piece of metal, a lead ring, in General, anything that is heavier than or equal to 0.5 kg. the Main condition: the weight must be sufficient to keep the entire structure immobile and securely. Also for your convenience, suggest to tie him to a piece of foam, painted in a bright color – so you’ll always know where it is.

Perch fishing elastic

As perch is a predatory fish, the bait should be suitable. You should not just forget about the fact that striped loves active play bait, so the above gear can be upgraded, and here is how, read on. Best bait for bass will fry any fish, it may be, as does the striped robber and small roach, Bursch, perch.

The stores sold live bait for catching of a predator, but the vast majority of these large ones, designed for catching pike or walleye. The best option would be to catch them manually, read how to use a spider or mesh with a small cell to catch the little things. When this is not possible, you can always use the worm, nacopa pre-or bought in the store. The fraction of this bait perfect for perch.

Spitted a worm on a hook doesn’t cut it, dress fully, with the condition that would be 15 mm remained in the free movement, wriggling it to attract the fish. So the upgrade will be in order for the hooks to hang additional stimulus and its role can be: threads of bright colors (perch likes to throw red skirts), braided wires, heat shrink tubing bright colors, end sleeves and so on.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that during pulling the main line we get:

  • active game that attracts perch.
  • the point of attack in the form of bright kembrikom or tubes on the hooks.
  • the stimuli in the form of skirts from threads.
  • animal head, which is a favorite forage of perch.

The General structure may be slightly different from the one we have described above. The diameter of the gum 5 mm, length 10 meters. The diameters of the main fishing line and fishing line for leads described above. The constant question tormenting newcomers: what is the number for the hook to use: enough to be # 8 one size fits all.

After making the tackle ready to dive into the water. How to load and how to use it look at the detailed video where this process is shown in detail and clearly. If the tackle is manufactured according to the second example, don’t forget to play it (sometimes pulling), to attract the attention of fish.

How to choose the right place to install the gear

First and foremost, the place should be free of snags, stumps or aquatic vegetation. To find a place can be difficult, especially if the fishing spot is a small river or lake (a small reservoir) with small depths. Otherwise, the hooks and breaks are provided. If beating the shore to find such a perfect place did not work, you can resort to the second option: prepare it yourself.

For clearing of snags and stumps it’s not, but for the removal of algae and grass completely, with the caveat that will make the device at home. You can use 3 welded diamond metal garden rake tied to a rope. Making the cast wait for the device to sink to the bottom and start to slowly pull it on itself.

Thus, after 4-5 shots (depending on the amount of grass) a place for the installation of the bands is ready. Ideally, make the cleaning procedure possible for a day or two before fishing, so the fish are a little used to the changes. If you desire to do the gum yourself you don’t, you can use ready-made, of the purchase option.

The quality of these products is often poor, for several reasons. The first and most important is the quality of the rubber itself. If stored in inappropriate conditions, it begins to crack and crumble, to catch up on this makes no sense. And when you consider that the goods in warehouses may be years, certainly before you buy, check its quality. Hooks and other accessories can also be a low quality, and if the swivels are not so important, the sharpness of the hook is important.

What types of fish you can catch with this method

If you read the article fully, it is already understood that the snap catch any fish, both predatory, and peaceful. The only difference is that you attach the hook, animal or vegetable bait, will use live bait, attach worm, maggot or bloodworms. Pike and perch prefer the fry, and if it is small, then the bass are not averse to profit. Representatives of carp, Rudd, roach and others you can catch for example, in Hominy.

It is important not to forget to complete the tackle, in the case of hunting for specific species. As has been said for the bass you should add more irritants on the hooks. For carp, it is desirable to use a thinner leashes, 0.16-0.2, with hook size No. 10. If the bite is not there, then replacing the worm or live bait on vegetable food (steamed barley, for example), I’d suggest the small size and other, you get a perfect chance to catch a mass of peaceful fish.

In conclusion we list the main advantages of this method, which will only fuel the interest in this gear:

  1. Budget and small cost of production affordable for every fisherman.
  2. The opportunity to catch both from a boat and from the shore.
  3. Easy to cast long distance.
  4. Big fish caught on the hook will be difficult to escape, due to the damping rubber, the damping jerks.
  5. To check the abandoned tackle do not have very often.
  6. Hanging feeder feeders and once by running them in water, you no longer make noise and don’t scare away the fish, as is the case when fishing on the feeder rod.
  7. Hooks likely do not get confused, continuing to be in the water in the upright condition.

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