Secrets of ulovistost magic fans

Spinners are of two types – zadniaprouye and predpolojenie. Klassificeret turntables and size, from 00 to 5. With this kind of bait to catch a pike easier. This is because at the time of posting spinners experiencing very strong vibrations, which the pike can hear under water.

Predpolojenie spinners

Use it from spring to late autumn. Applying prednagruzku trolling, it is possible to sh in deep space, well feeling the bottom.

If we consider it in more detail, it is safe to say that this kind of baits is a separate universal category. The fact is that when fishing for them changes weight shipping (located in front), this provides a colossal advantage over other baits.

Arriving at the pond with a large current, replace the sinker for more weight. When fishing at depth it is also useful visitest.

If you are looking for pike in the upper layers of water in the reservoir with no or small river, then get in here and unload the gear that takes power 1 minute.

The main advantages peredpuhlynnyh turntables:

  • The versatility of use. Having a set of weights different weights catchability tackle is used in different conditions.
  • The ability to change tees. Equally important as putting a tee for example Owner you will significantly increase the number of successful attacks of a predator.
  • Casting distance is adjustable by changing weight. Perfect for fishing narrow streams and huge water expanses.
  • The possibility of its use for direct wiring, which is especially important for the beginner.
Zadniaprouye spinners

In the spring and summer work perfectly zadniaprouye fan. Don’t exploit the deep places of rivers and reservoirs. This is the more usual type, which is available to every fisherman in the Arsenal. The most successful of them are representatives of the company’s MISP.

This firm has succeeded on the Russian market and pleased with constant updates. This information is not written for the purpose of advertising. Just look at the most popular pike lures and you’ll understand that the vast majority of them will be the company’s MISP.

The downside is their attachment to the place and method of fishing. More specifically, they are not universal, and for the most part do not have the function of replacing the goods. But there are some undeniable and important advantage: the cost and topiclist. Low price enable the fisherman with any purse to buy it and not to get upset at a hook or cliff. The popularity of these suggests that they do work and will not leave without a catch.

The popularity they gained as well due to the fact that you can use uniform wiring. This view is easiest to master, especially for a beginner. More precisely, there is no need something to master, is enough to make an accurate pass to a point gear and start to reel the line evenly on the spool.

Uniform, slow retrieve displays pike off balance, forcing them to attack. Additional stimulus may be fly (fur or colored strings). The size of the most suitable fans for pike are numbers 2-5. These bite sizes and small and large fish.

It should be noted that generic brand of turntables do not exist. Each spinning independently accumulate your experience fishing on turntables in different water bodies. Therefore, in the Arsenal of the Fisher must be different spinners as size, ogruzka and petal shapes and colors.

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