Selection of inflatable boats for fishing

When choosing a boat PVC a is based on the mobility of the boat, which would make it compact to pack and move from place to place, transport in the trunk, and store in a small apartment. In fact for some it is the possibility of the fulfillment of these conditions leads to the purchase solely of inflatable boats of PVC.

Only models not more than 4 metres to ensure compact transport and mobility during operation.

Faced with the choice of motor boats it is necessary to understand under what conditions the boat will be used and for what kind of fishing inflatable boat is more appropriate.

Inflatable boat for fishing with a spinning rod

Fishing with spinning involves the use of many attributes of acute fishing, including bait, lures, hooks and lures. This fact should be taken into account. The boat should withstand professional loads and to adapt to the peculiarities of this type of fishing. I mean, inflatable boat PVC should be durable and reliable soles that will protect the integrity of inflatable boats, as well as not to interfere with the absorption of water dripping from the equipment, as well as rainwater.

Soles should be durable, which would allow professional anglers to his full height to stand confidently on his feet, and while it would be convenient to work with the spinning.

What is the most effective soles for PVC boats?

In the fishing sector got more and more popular two types of soles – metal and plywood. In the latter case used waterproof plywood. Despite the fact that metal is more durable soles and durable, the fishermen prefer plywood to the soles, as his list of disadvantages is considerably smaller than in the case of the use of metal soles. Agree, not very comfortable to walk on hard and strong to the bottom of the boat.

Especially in hot weather with a metal bottom, you can easily catch a cold, considering the heat absorptivity of metal products. To go on such a boat should not be barefoot. It should be emphasized practicality plywood structure. In the event of damage to this type of soles can be repaired in a few hours, but with metal work necessary to Tinker longer, about a month, and in the summer for the experienced fisherman every day counts.

Choosing a boat to quality guidance to beginners

Of course, the first thing you must ensure when choosing a boat PVC for fishing, so is its quality. If experienced professionals are familiar with some tweaks to select durable models, the newcomers quite difficult to navigate in this rich and vast region. To ensure the quality of the boat you can still by visual inspection only should be a little careful. The first is to pay attention to the contours. Opt stands for modern models, which are designed by experienced engineers, so more focus on boats with smooth contours. As for the cut lines, the models of ancient times.

After please note the top edge of the transom Board. This Board is usually made of high-quality plywood and you can not hide its edge, just in case, if the manufacturer is confident in their products. If the edge of the Board is fixed by the profiles, it is likely that the manufacturer is reinsured.

Sizes of inflatable boats

Today there are three types of boats:

• length 3.0 m, and the motor to 5 HP
• length of 3.5 m, motor up to 15 HP.;
• a length of 4 m, motor 20 HP

What is special about each model and which criteria should be based upon motor boats for each type?

Inflatable boat 3.0 meters.

These models are suitable for a day of fishing. To bring only your fishing tackle and a thermos of tea, more cargo a boat can not stand. It is easy to use and has a low weight, which allows anglers, even if only two of them, easy to pull the watercraft into the water. Usually manufacturers skimp on packaging and the soles complement with the boat. For convenience during operation should accommodate a separate pouch for duckboards.

If we consider the choice of the outboard engine, it is best to stay on the model with a 2.5 HP, weight not exceeding 13 kg. you Can also buy a motor with 5 HP, but for the rare fishing outlets it is enough for a 2.5 outboard motor, which, incidentally, can be dispersed up to 8 km per hour.

Boat 3.5 m.

This model must be outboard of the chassis, which would alone to get the boat out on the water. For easy management should take care of the presence of the bow visor, which will protect against splashes. An outboard motor of this type should be at least 10 HP note the weight of the motor, some species are quite difficult to budge, that already says a lot.

Boat 4 m.

With this craft you can safely go on long fishing trips. Only pre-install the chassis, bow visor and cupping guard rails, which will provide reliability with a small flow of the water. Even if the store thought that the boat should be big enough compactness and moderation should be present in every gear, especially if it’s a hike for 2 – 3 days.
Outboard motor for inflatable boats 4.0 m must be at least 10 HP should Also pay attention to raskhodimosti fuel.

General guidelines:

1. Team anglers should consist of two people is the optimal number for fishing boat PVC 3.0 m.
2. Buy inflatable boats cheaper in December, as this month we have a time of discounts and promotions.
3. Immediately purchase the bag for boat motor – this will increase the period of operation.

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