Silicone lure

Silicone lures are considered essential for jig fishing. There are several types, or rather a lot of them, but the key is this – vibrohvosta, twisters and silicone worms.

There are also some very catchability bait simulating the behavior of various crustaceans. But we won’t touch, because I catch on them I don’t practice, and to tell you about something that he did not know just can’t.


Silicone bait, or rather one of their varieties, vibrohvosta also called rippers (ripper), which means nothing else as a hoe. And it is called so because the shape of the tail has a very large visual similarity with this tool. Thanks to this “hack” on the tail of the bait and moves in the water like a wounded fish.

Vibrohvosta very popular among spinningtop that prey on different predators, the popularity of these baits are no worse than twisters. Some use vibrohvosta to catch a predator just because they look more like real fish, can not be said of the twisters. I know a lot of people who refused to of baits and lures in favor of vibrohvosta.

There are two types of these silicone baits, they are divided into:

  • vibrohvosta with the wide body, also known as shad;
  • and with a narrow long body, respectively.

Vibrohvosta with a narrow body is very comfortable to equip, and it is better to catch them on the course as due to the small width of the body to their blows aside. But the biggest advantage is the possibility of their use for long casts, thanks to the small sail they fly very far. But if you have in the Arsenal is only wide body of the lure, there is no need to get upset. They can easily be cut with scissors.

During the selection of a shad necessary to operate a small information, namely to know a little about fishing conditions and the size of expected production. What determines the efficiency of a shad and how it is influenced by the color, you can read in the article: how to choose the color of soft lures. And then we talk about the choice of shape and size.

The game lures directly affects the size and shape of the tail of a fish, or rather the “patch”. The intense play of the lure is provided with small tails, which have frequent but small amplitude. Well, if the size of the tail of your fish is large, it will slowly and smoothly to play.

On the shelves of fishing shops it is possible to notice interesting silicone lure with the usual form of the tail. And if they try to hold in the water, you will notice that as such the games they have. Some manufacturers do notches on the tail to give the bait a more intense game. Such vibrohvosta will not catch on a uniform wiring, they are designed for jig fishing.

Equipment of a shad

Traditionally vibrohvosta equip anglers on jig heads. But there are many other options, such as dynamic with barbs on the shank and the load on the hinge.

There are options for equipping lures uncoupled method:

  • classic jig head but a hook tucked into the body of the lure;
  • on an offset hook;
  • on a jig-head with a safety shackle wire.

If you mount vibrohvost nezatseplyayki, it is necessary after each bite to correct the body of the lure. It is very easy to get off the hook and out into the water or just start to cling to.


Twisters is silicone lures that mimic water behavior of various worms and frogs. The shape of the twisters have elongated body with notches, and a tail that is made in the form of a sickle. Thanks to her, he plays in the water. It is believed that these lures were first and they are called the parents of all silicones. Even today, a lot of baits done on the basis of the twisters, all in order.

First silicone baits, referred to another Soviet fishermen was Mister Twister. Yes, it was in the Soviet Union were distributed silicone American production. They had the elongated body and the Crescent-shaped tail, perhaps this is why today, these bait and are called twisters. American name – which translates as grub larva.

Fishing today on the market you can buy the various models of baits, with two tails, one triple and a variety of colors from clear to green. The same situation is with the sizes I have seen twisters for MICRODIA long, about 2 cm long and just a huge, 25 inch bait. And catch these baits the same, only adapted to different conditions of fishing and tackle. Some are used to discharge the leash, the other in combination with a snap sbirulino.

For examples of well-known manufacturers and modification of the baits I think will be superfluous. Yes, and it is not very necessary, as even a small fishing stores you can find dozens of different brands of silicone. And use of such baits is also very different, for some, the twisters was a training ground in jig fishing, and others make up the Arsenal of the most efficient and frequently used lures.

The lure is universal, but for long casting is not suitable. Due to the large sail lures Twister is very hard to deliver a great distance. Well, if you need for fishing at long distance is not present, then the replacement of such silicone bait just yet.

Installation of Twister

During Assembly, a Twister on a jig head I need to start applying it to the body of the lure, this allows you to choose the correct hook length and roughly note the point where the tip of the hook will exit the bait. Don’t forget that the Twister has a top and bottom, some people just don’t pay attention to it and for good reason.

Proper installation of the Twister happens only if the sting of his hook will stick up, and a Crescent tail down. Then sting should pierce the front of the lure. And then you have to put it on the hook, so he came in a previously scheduled point.

Silicone worms

We do not just allocate a separate paragraph to talk about silicone worms, as they are along with other popular silicone lures. But they can sometimes give the twisters vibrohvost, depending on conditions of catching. American fishermen caught in a silicone worms only perch, and our anglers have adapted to catch them and other predatory fish.

Silicone worms, like the twisters, came to us from the Americans, where they are used mostly for catching trout and perch. Domestic anglers have started to refer to the new product with some apprehension, but after years of successful use, they began to act as the main bait to some fishermen.

Most often silicone worms must be mounted on an offset hook, but the installation of the drop-shot and classic jig heads also bring good results. And to use heavy spinnage not necessarily, you can use the classic light spinning rods for jig. With a small test and medium length of about 3 meters.

Shipment is better to use a classic, like a bullet. However they are used most often for “Texas snap” (Texas Rig). But the snap is considered a classic among fans catch the worms. As was common due to ease of manufacture and ease of use.

But some fishing with soft lures prefer to use “Karolinska snap” (Сarolina rig). Here is a little more structure, you will need two ballasts, one heavy, weighing about 30 grams, a sliding load and a clay bead. Because of a heavy class load and spinning will need massivnee. Carolina rig very easy to build: first, you snap the swivel leash, about 50 centimetres in length and it silicone worm. But to catch it is possible only in ponds free from aquatic vegetation.

Some are caught by using artificial worms and on float tackle. Such a set will be very useful for summer fishing predator, when the reservoir has a pronounced thermocline. With it you can accurately control the depth of the transaction.

What bait silicone best buy

As it may seem inexperienced fishermen all silicone lures are the same. Because of the similarity in shape and materials, and production technology reduce everything to the same game. But this is not true. After all, some reservoirs, some fish will work better, others worse. This is due to several factors which we should pay attention to when buying. That’s why I want to talk about what bait silicone best buy.

The main mistake of most beginner is that they believe the attractant the main criterion when buying lures. But this is not so important when buying choose the correct form and color. Here’s an example from crustaceans silicone baits, there is one feature, either the fish are biting like mad or does not respond.

Considered the most versatile lure silicone lure with elongated body shape. But at the time of purchase, do not forget about the preferences of the fish in a certain period of fishing and fishing conditions. Sometimes you only need to choose all three parameters (attractant, color and shape) is ideal to catch many fish.

Many anglers believe that a certain kind of silicone baits you can catch almost all species of predatory fish, and it really is so true, and then have their Pets. And a lot depends on conditions of fishing, as hairy species you are unlikely to throw for more distance.

Summing up we can conclude that the choice of silicone bait very difficult thing. And definitive guidance on this issue is not present. It all depends on the method and conditions of fishing, and the time of year. Buying silicone need to pay attention to all the details.

A rating of the best edible silicone lures

And the first silicone lure in our ranking of the best is the Latvian silicone from Lucky John company, which was founded by several avid anglers. Bait mostly edible. And attractants are matched by the fishermen based on years of experience.

Next in the ranking is the Japanese lures Keitech, which like all Japanese products are characterized by their manufacturability. Manufacturers claim that the lures have great appeal thanks to the use of different attractants in combination with salt. The main scent in the line belongs to shrimp.

Special attention should be paid to edible baits Reins. By the way, the company is focused exclusively on the manufacture of baits for fishing on spinning. Such lures have to taste predatory fish in our waters. Perch, pike and pike-perch perfectly respond to them, and due to the smell and taste I never let go of his mouth.

The next participant of the rating of the best edible silicone baits is a Hong Kong manufacturer of Crazy Fish.

Special attention should be given to interesting smells, silicone bait can smell like

  • fried fish;
  • garlic;
  • shrimp;
  • anise;
  • squid.

Due to such a vast array of smells and tastes you can find a bait for catching almost any predatory fish in various conditions. And a big plus is the low price lures.

O. S. p. – the well-known Japanese company that manufactures fishing equipment. The truth is they syedali different from the other, they lack a clear smell and taste. But predator they attract no worse than others. I recommend to by every angler at least a few models of these lures.

Completes our rating of the best edible silicone lures Molix Italian manufacturer that produces a bait based on pheromones of crustaceans. Many years of operating experience in different bodies of water allowed manufacturers to make these catchability bait.

The best soft lures for pike

If we talk about edible baits for pike, it is better to choose attractants similar to the smell of real fish and its blood.

Well, if you want to hear specifics, here’s my list of the best silicone lures for pike:

  • Vibrohvosta: Flipper and Predator 3 RFMO from Mann’s, and Bubbling Shad Rockvibe Shad 2 from the company Reins, Relax Kalifornia;
  • Twisters: Fat G-tail Grub and a G-tail Grub from the company Reins, from Yum Wooly Curltail and Rockvibe Saturn.
Catchability silicone on a perch

Bass prefer different attractants, based on their fishing experience it works best smell of shrimp, smelt, blood, fish and bloodworms.

But if you talk specifically about the manufacturers and models, here is a list of the best silicone baits bass:

  • Lucky John Hogy Hog and Long John;
  • Keitech Live Impact and Swing impact;
  • Reins Ring Srimp, Bubbring Shaker and Axe Craw mini.
  • Bait Breath Curly grub, and Fish Tail Shad.
  • Megabass Links and Sly worm.

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