Simple options for making homemade nods for winter fishing

People go ice-fishing in winter are actively used as alerter bite homemade nods. They are used for equipping gear under the jig, noodle, spoon, spring balancer, iuzovka. In some cases, the nod is responsible for the quality of the game bait.

Shop gatehouse do not always meet the stringent requirements of anglers, so you have to manufacture nods for winter fishing with their hands. How to make this delicate item of tackle for ice fishing?

The purpose of the nods

A nod is a simple device for determining the biting fish in the winter. It has certain advantages over the float.

  • A pointer made for winter fishing, it does not fall into the water. So it is working properly and in the thaw, and in the bitter cold.
  • A flexible and resilient material of the bite indicator allows you to play bait in any water.
  • Nod can be used in a variety of winter fishing rods in traditional jig and postavskij or biznillah.

Depending on the set in front of the signaller task chosen form and dimensions, as well as the most suitable material.

It is important! Depending on the background of the ice shell is required to install the models, which contrast sharply with him. On snowy pond clearly visible dark cepochki and melted ice is better to use detectors with bright and light shades.

Types of watch under the different conditions of fishing

Anglers came up with many options of nods. To classify handmade, the easiest way to turn such an important parameter as the stiffness.

  • For delicate fishing a small fish in ponds and lakes with stagnant water and shallow depth using the most soft and sensitive products.

    Photo 1. Soft Mylar nod.

  • If the depth of the lake or reservoir reaches 10 m or more, then apply a heavy jig. For animation requires improvised a nod to the winter fishing rods medium hardness.
  • Rigid models are mounted on the fishing rod when the fishing occurs on the river with an average flow, but also in gusty wind. Such models can be used on rods to plumb.

    Photo 2. Hard metal nod.

  • Ultra-hard detectors are required when there is a strong current in combination with great depth. Sometimes these nods are used when fishing for predator bait. (read more on how to choose bait for fishing)

To share all the homemade design can and method of attachment to the whip. Some models be a continuation of the line fishing rods, while others can be placed at a right angle to it.

Versions of the working designs

Nod for winter fishing with their hands can be made from a variety of available (and not) materials.

Most anglers used:

  • the bristles of a wild boar;
  • various polymers;
  • steel spring, plate, wire;
  • thick tough fishing line;
  • rubber nipple.

In the course are also different end sleeves used rods handles, duct tape, etc.

Look at some popular self-made designs.


One of the most popular materials used for making watch for winter fishing is a springy plate. Technology nod from the clock spring as follows.

  1. From the spring of an old mechanical alarm clock is cut out billet with a length of 5-10 cm.

Attention! To make a long steel nods not necessary, as they are very SAG, degrading the game mormyshkas.

  1. The width of the workpiece must be in the range of 3-6 mm. it is best to give the hut a conical form, the widest part will be attached to the rod, and through a narrow pass line. The difference in width is about 1-2 mm.
  2. After the clip operation is necessary to remove burrs and to dull the sharp edges with a file or sandpaper.
  3. To skip the line to make a fine hole with a drill, and it is better to solder tiny ring to the tip of the gatehouse.

This nod will be different stable play jigs with the same amplitude.

From boar bristle

The traditional material for a nod is considered as the bristles of a wild boar. Often a pointer is used when fishing on mormyshka Packed. Nod your hands bristle made entirely just.

  1. The thin end of the bristle is bent twice, it is worn on sleeve. If the segment insulation is not sitting tightly must lock it with a drop of glue.
  2. The bristles extends into the holder on the fishing rod to the loops.
  3. Then the threaded sleeve from the rod, the end of the bristles podymaetsja and got into cambrica.

Such a pointer can be quickly replaced without cutting off the jig.


Today in everyday life we use a lot of products from polymeric materials. It and PET bottles, and polyester, and even x-rays. Simply and quickly is a cone alarm, like a metal nod. More difficult to make a spring design. It is particularly effective when angling for asmatico.

  1. The first step is to cut 3 blanks of different lengths. The longest has a wide base of 8-10 mm. it is a kind of tray.
  2. First, the tray is inserted, the record length of the first 2/3 of stripes.
  3. The top is the smallest billet, it is about one-third from longest part.
  4. Plates are fixed to each other with the 3 kembrikom.
  5. At the end of a long strip is attached to the ring or the hole for the fishing line.
Beam type

To successfully catch inactive or cautious fish, invented the design of the beam type. It is a side nod for winter fishing, which rotates about the axis of the rods. To achieve maximum sensitivity possible by using miniature bearing.

  1. First, you need to arm yourself with a soldering iron and tinned with stinging the outer surface of minimodding (from the old coil).
  2. The same processing must be performed with rigid steel rod of length 10 cm Solder is applied to the Central part of the wire.
  3. Now the rod is soldered to the bearing.
  4. One shoulder consistently worn sleeve, a sliding sinker and a second sleeve.
  5. By the end of the second leg is soldered the ring to the fishing line. For better visibility of nod, you can stick a bright ball or wrap the wire with electrical tape.
  6. At the point of attachment of the rod to the bearing must be soldered to another ring for crossing the line.
  7. Left to wear ready switch on the whip, seal fit you can use electrical tape or cambrica.
  8. To achieve perfect balancing, it is necessary to move the weight on the shoulder. The bite is determined by the lifting or lowering of the second shoulder.

Photo 3. Balance nod.


To make a good nod for the rocker or spinner using a wire spring. It is fast and easy.

  1. First, you must choose a thin and flexible wire spring steel.
  2. On one end is attached to a ball of plastic or foam acid colors.
  3. The other end of the gatehouse is inserted into the holder.
  4. Through the axial bore of the spring line is skipped.
From nipple gum

Many anglers equipped with rods to plumb and postawski nipple pointer. The rubber tube was used in the nipples of the wheels of bicycles.

  1. Segment nipple gum with a length of 3-5 cm on one side fits over the whip.
  2. At the point swisa the hole for the fishing line.
  3. After pulling a fishing line through the straw to tie the bait.

The greatest sensitivity of the rod provides a design called the crossbow. It applies to fishing for bream or carp. Production is carried out in several stages.

  1. Steel wire curved triangular design shaped like a miniature crossbow.
  2. Its ends are inserted in the holder, which is located in the middle of the whip.
  3. The shoulders of the crossbow are connected by means of double bands in the middle of which wearing cut silicone tube.
  4. The tube has a slit in which is mounted a short nod of carbon fiber or plastic.
  5. At the tip of the whip and nod end sleeves are set to skip the line.
  6. To set a pointer in the operating position, it is necessary to twist the rubber, and then install in the slot of the tube nod.

This design provides an extremely smooth game, which is especially important when fishing for wary fish. In addition, when you bite bream or crucian carp feels no resistance hut, so surely the fish swallows the bait.

Photo 4. A nod to the crossbow.


No matter what type you have not used nod for winter fishing, whether from a plastic bottle or bristle, it is important to securely attach them to the rod. For this purpose, various holders. They can be made from materials such as:

  • single or double insulation of electric wires;
  • high voltage automotive wire.

Photo 5. Holder of automotive wire.

The popularity of these materials is due to the flexibility and ease in handling.

  1. Excellent holder kembrikom turns of two different diameters.

It is important! In the selection of the segments of insulation are required to give preference to those which are firmly fitted to each other.
Between cambricum set to nod, and to skip the fishing line is attached another piece of insulation.

  1. If from a high-voltage automobile wires to extract metal core, you get a spectacular mount. Between the insulation layers is inserted a pointer, and similarly you can skip the line.
  2. It is easy to make the mounting of a two-core electric wire. To do this, cut a piece of 6-8 mm in length. One wire is removed from it together with insulation and the other without it. A large hole is inserted the whip, and in a small nod and fishing line.

The emergence of new materials gives anglers the opportunity to make new and better nods. They will help to deceive the cunning bream or perch on winter fishing.

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