Sly Sly O. S. p. worm worm. Overview

My acquaintance with silicone lures Megabass brand began with a Sly worm. It just so happens that I trust more baits with the active game, and virtually ignored the slugs. In the beginning of last season I set out to stretch them often.

Not to say that the result is at once brought to fruition, but eventually, the lure succumbed to my persistence and endurance. In anticipation of the new season, I set a new goal, to explore Megabass lures closer, and to start I decided with passive silicone baits, including Sly worm.

Baits are available in one size – 5 inches. Therefore we can immediately assume that the lure is focused on fishing for smaller fish such as perch, pike and other inhabitants of our waters.

The package comes with 20 lures that I was very pleased, as silicone bait for me is a consumable, which as the saying goes: “not much happens”.

The packaging is pretty high quality, made in the form of a sealed (Zip) package of thin and soft plastic, as well in the package has a tray to resolve the problem of “zalojennosti” lures.

The bait is edible, its surface is covered with slippery fat, but nevertheless, the lure stays on the hook well and does not slip. In addition, Sly worm has a unique smell and taste due to which the fish bravely tries to swallow the bait, completely oblivious to the trick. Also, thanks to the smell of fish quite often re-attack the bait.

In my opinion, the hook for this bait you need to choose so that he took 1/3 of the body, when such installation, the bait behaves in the water quite freely. With this bait I use the Megabass spoon hooks No. 6, this type of hooks eyelet of greater diameter, whereby the lure of playing in the water more freely.

Megabass Sly worm has a very interesting shape, the body of the worm is quite thick, the transition to the refined tail, and the tail has a small thickness, due to such thickening of the animation, the lure pulls the whole tail section, and that more than half of the lure, which ensures a very lively game. For greater flexibility, some part of the body has a small cut. I can not mention the quality of the silicone from which the bait. It is quite dense, this gives greater longevity to the bait, and despite this density, due to good design bait very alive and brisk.

Sly worm I use most often when Microdrives fishing. Weight shipping is usually from 1.5 to 3 grams. For proper animations, I use swivel mount.

Of course, this lure is not limited to microcosm, even though I’m not a fan of the drive pin snap-ins, but discharge leash this lure was used, and quite successfully. When using such tooling and implementing podergivani rod, the bait behaves like a Wobbler, prowling from side to side, which undoubtedly attracts predatory fish.

Due to the streamlined shape of the lure casting distance from Sly worm on top. When compared with vibrohvosta or twisters, Sly worm on the cast has virtually no sail, in which I once have seen, is a big plus, not only the bait but also all over the world as a whole.

The Sly worm catches fish is excellent, such as the bass attacks the lure very abruptly and eagerly, I have not been noticed that this lure bite has been a bit angrier in the background druginvolved lures.

During biting, is a little pripodat with cutting, as after playing to become problematic to remove the bait from the mouth of the striped robber, this works the effect edibility.

Of course, the use of bait is not restricted to fish for bass, it is seen that the pike is often not averse to eat tricky worm.

To effectively fish these lures like a Sly worm, you need to find the correct entry. Basically I animaroo bait by podderzhivanija of the rod tip, while carrying out 1-3 revolution of the coil, and then waiting for a break.

In the course of such transactions, the bait behaves very interesting in the water, while podergivani bait, due to agrogenetic the end of the tail oscillates, wriggles like a lure. At the time when the bait fell to the bottom, it is advisable to wait about 1-2 seconds, because at this point, the squirming bait falls to the bottom.

When the fish is passive, it perfectly responds to the following posting: after lowering the bait to the bottom, we perform podergivani using the rods without taking the bait from the bottom.

Of course, we should not limit these transactions, in addition to the above animations do not work and other transactions. If you choose the right gear and wiring, you Sly worm even in the hands of a novice fisherman turns into a real fighter medium-sized predator.

Going to an unfamiliar body of water, or even competition fishing spinning, I will take with me O. S. p. Sly worm, and it is possible that this decoy will help me to “find the key”.

Summing up, I want to say that Sly O. S. p. worm: quality, budget, and very efficient lure that is worthy of attention. I recommend this lure for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts Microdrives fishing.

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