Spinning rods for jig

Among the other types of fishing lures takes pride of place jig. Due to the availability of baits and their low cost, but still possible to catch almost any conditions he just has no equal.

A large part of novice fishermen agrees to his coming to spinning fishing is the jig. Many anglers are also interested in the question about what spinning rods for jig to buy.

In this article we will try to help you to deal with this issue and also consider top budget jig spinning rods and a rating of the best among them. And, of course, will not leave without attention to companies that occupy a leading position in the production of gear for this type of fishing.

What spinning reel to jig to buy?

If you are going to buy a spinning reel to jig in the store, it will help you to choose the sellers. If the store quality service, the consultant will gladly tell you what spinning rods best buy to jig from a boat or from the shore, on a large river and small rivers. Some will immediately be prompted to choose the coil under the purchased spinning.

I recommend novice spinningists for mastering the art of jig to buy two spinning with different parameters. The first spinning is better to choose for fishing in open water from the Bank, because in such conditions the easiest to train. This spinning needs to be long enough, about 2.5 meters, and sometimes and longer. Prefer rods with a fast action and a test of 10-30 grams. By the way, be sure to buy a fishing rod with a bright tip. This will allow you to learn to play well with decoy and control it in the water.

The second option is the rod you need to choose from terms that will catch them from a boat or overgrown shore. Because of this, it needs to be a little shorter than the previous one, around 2.1 – 2.3 meters. Stroy, you must also choose a quick, but test is better to take 8 to 25 grams. But the test is long and the conditional parameters, they can be a bit not meet.

By purchasing a small set of tents you will learn the basics of fishing a jig. By the way, I recommend to equip them with braided fishing line for better control of the lure. Once you learn to feel the lure and the rod will be easier for you to determine the model of the spinning reel to buy and these problems will not at all.

Once you catch a few dozen predators and understand how it all works, you can begin to master microjy. Or even to get a rod for fishing with hard baits (with a test from 25 grams) in pursuit of large predators. I suggest you to watch a video about choosing a spinning reel to jig.

Spinning Maximus for jig

The company “Maximus” is focused on the production of high quality spinning rods that are perfectly suited for fishing in our waters. The spinning company “Maximums” appeared on the fishing market recently, but already starting to gain a leading position and lead the list of best spinning jig.

Spinning from the Korean manufacturer can be attributed to the gear of an average price category. They are characterized by ease and reliability, which is achieved thanks to the production using modern technology and high quality materials. Positive reviews about these rods very much, and the price is reasonable, so I recommend a must-buy.

Spinnings Salmo for jig

Best spinning reel for jig of Salmo is considered to be a model ELITE MICRO JIG call the local fishermen as spinning master jig.

Anglers speak positively about the spinning, but like all gear from the manufacturer. The company is in the market for quite a long time and won a huge army of loyal fans. But if you even so are not, after purchase, or test the above models of the rod are sure to appreciate the quality of the products.

The Volzhanka rods for jig

Spinning for jig from the Russian manufacturers. Kompaniya Volzhanka is engaged in the manufacture of spinning rods with the distant 1989, and during that time learned to make high-quality and really cool gear. Which can be called one of the cheapest and reliable on our fishing market.

With imagination it is true the producers are not very spinning and called: Volzhanka “Jig”. But to catch the worse it became.

Best spinning rods for jig

Fishing today on the market you can find a lot of jig rods, but to choose one it would be extremely difficult. Choices are influenced by several factors, such as conditions of fishing. But the most important is always the budget angler. If you want the best spinning reel for jig, then you will have to pay a lot of money.

And we have made the TOP spinning premium and budget class:

  1. Graphiteleader Tiro is perfectly balanced spinning where the weight of the bait and test you will be able bases difficult to carry out long casts. And very good sensitivity of such spinning will not disregard even the most cautious bite. The price of this “miracle” depends on different parameters: long, test, and building material, and varies from 380 to $ 600. Read more about spinning Graphiteleader Tiro EX.
  2. Graphiteleader Finezza Trenta is one of universal spinners. It can be used for fishing from boats and from the shore. Thanks to a chain of refinements of previous models and combinations of various characteristics of the output was Finezza Trenta, which combines all the best from its predecessors. The cost of such spinning about $ 400. Read more about spinning Graphiteleader Finezza Trenta.
  3. Pontoon 21 Detonada is a series of rods for a jig which have one common feature ultra-fast operation and differ only in long and test. High strength and sensitivity is an essential quality of this line of spinning rods. This is achieved due to a combination of many parameters used in the manufacture of spinning Pontoon 21 . The price of these rods varies in the range from 170 to 250$. Read more about spinning Pontoon 21 Detonada.
  4. Banax Mega is MC90MHF2 plug rod for jig, which has a test of 7-35 Gy, a fast action and has a length of 2.75 meters. The handle of this rod is made of cork material, and the blank is made of carbon fiber and carbon fiber. This model is relatively cheap, but applies only to coastal jig, the price of spinning about 110$. Read more about spinning Banax Mega MC90MHF2.
  5. Daiwa Neoversal 762MLFS is equal to the previous spinning, but is considered more versatile because they can be fished with boats. Spinning consists of two sections, and has a test 5-21 g length of such rods, for unknown reasons, is 2.3 m and 2,29. Applies to budget models of spinning rods for fishing with jig and costs about $ 70. Read more about Daiwa spinning Neoversal 762MLFS.

And this list is not exhaustive, bring all of the best spinning rods for jig almost impossible. I highlighted only the basic, relying on own experience and feedback from fishermen at the various fishing forums and message boards, and online stores.

The rating of spinning jig

All anglers mentioned various companies that focus on manufacturing jig spinning rods, this Korean”Black Hole”, “Aiko” and “Maximus”, a famous Norwegian “Norstream”, the legendary”Shimano” and “Graphiteleader”, a popular American “St. Croix,” and all your favorite Russian Volzhanka.

Of course every angler has a personal attachment or a negative attitude towards a particular brand or model of the rod. But relying on own experience and feedback from our “brothers in happiness” we have decided to rank the spinning jig.

It includes the TOP 5 best jig spinning rods, according to local fishermen.

  1. First place in our ranking is spinning GAD Harrier 702MHF. Great inexpensive and quality spinning, which is indispensable for fishing from a boat. The price of the rods allows you to buy it even if you don’t have quite a lot of money. But power and reliability are the envy of even some luxury models, standing several times more expensive. It is not always more expensive is better.
  2. Norstream Partner 70H. Great spinning, which has pretty impressive performance and is suitable for boat fishing and from the shore. Due to the thick butt and power rings allows to draw out a trophy fish without fear of the output gear of the system. A great test in 15-45 grams in combination with long, 2.13 meters allows you to throw baits at an impressive distance. Spinning has a superfast system.
  3. Major Craft Rizer 702H Great universal spinning, but some say that they are easier to catch from shore, but I think a little differently. This is a typical bait that is similar to other spinning rods for jig similar characteristics. It is characterized by an impressive range of bait weights: 10-42 grams and long 2,13 m Eextrafast (ultrafast) build pozvolaet to perfectly control the bait and to draw out fish. Also sometimes it is used for twicing, but that’s another story.
  4. Banax TinFish 80MF2 – great spinning which is characterized by high sensitivity and range of the lure. Equally well suited for fishing from boats and from shore. With a length of 2.44 meters has a relatively small weight and convenient handle allows you to use it while jig fishing from a boat. Test this spinning from 7 to 28 grams. As for all the other models from the manufacturer Banax allowed to exceed the test in 10-15 gram. Don’t know why, but Banks gauge their spinning rods for jig some unknown way. So spinning is the perfect training tool for beginner fishermen.
  5. Norstream Spiker 782MH – the most versatile and budget spinning. With a length of 2.32 meters, he has a test 10-35 grams. Great for coastal conditions for fishing, but does not restrict your movement in the boat. Very sensitive and reliable spinning.

This is a slightly beveled stars out spinning jig, because it is still influenced by the worldview of our office, and they might have missed or to keep back. Yes, and it was in 2016 that will soon end, and in 2017 will come up with something better. Well, we are all human, so do not hesitate and comment the entry.

Budget spinning jig

And lastly, special attention deserve the budget spinning jig. After all, not everyone can afford to buy an expensive model from Shimano, no matter how good it may seem. If you are one of these fishermen, then do not worry. It is not necessary to pay more.

Let’s take a closer look at our TOP 5 budget spinning.

  • Banax Thunder 90MXF2 – considered the best in the ranking of budget spinning jig. The old model of a spinning, which is time-tested and continues to win fans among lovers of fishing. Spinning has excellent performance for playing fish, long casting and quite a lot of sensitivity. However, there is one drawback, it is flimsy, which significantly affects the cutting.
  • Black Hole Hyper is a series of spinning rods, which are oriented exclusively for jig fishing. They are characterized by an optimal combination of test and failure. Long rods in the line is in the range 2.4 – 3.2 m, they respectively have a test from 4 to 45 grams. If you carefully read the article first, it is easy to guess that the rods are more suitable for fishing from the shore. I chose the best option, which is 2.7 meters in length and has a test 10-25 grams. Unfortunately, fans of MICRODIA in this range a suitable rod could be found. If we judge the rod in terms of price to quality, then it is the best among all. The price of rods of this line is from 90 to 130$.

  • Maximus High Energy-X is a very popular budget spinning jig. Attracts fishermen to its beautiful design and good value for money and quality. Most of my friends started the way of spinning with these sticks.
  • Maximus Black Widow – thanks to the excellent quality and low price gathers many positive reviews on the fishing forums. Spinning rods designed exclusive fishing jigs, in their manufacture are used only high quality materials. Happy fishermen that the pen does not slip at all, which makes fishing very comfortable experience.
  • Norstream Element – the leader of the fishing market, the Finnish company Norstream. Everything in it is perfect, from the quality of the workmanship and ending with the shape of pen, also used very high quality hardware. There are several different models of this spinning, but their test is not less than 10 grams.

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