Stand for fishing rods

Stand for fishing rods, a trifle or a necessity. The article want to speculate on the stand or slingshot, fishing rod. The theme is certainly not the main, but cannot be avoided.

Know how to understand before You experienced fisherman or an Amateur? When I ask this question to your friends, start a global debate where everyone is right.

But in my opinion, an experienced fisherman attaches great importance to small things, for him, to put it differently, there are no trifles, because he realizes that each of the hundreds of “minor” Affairs and methods, which are specific for fishing, in the aggregate, have and affect the overall result. Won’t a lot of talk on this subject, but I will say that probably a dozen years, I take fishing with me (when I go out with the float or ground rod, feeder) makeshift stands for rods.

It would seem – a trifle, on shore you can always find a ready rogatory, well, or, in extreme cases, cut off from the tree. But I have some principles, one of which reads: no fishing is to deliberately, for their own pleasure, to spoil the trees. If you think about it, as dozens of fishermen break the sling is very easy to imagine that wood really nothing left. Well, these are my thoughts, maybe someone other.

Stand for fishing rods, the pros

In fact, as I said, for fishing trips I take from one to 3-4 homemade coasters made of light metal. To get these bars can be on any construction market, no problems with it, bend to the desired shape is really at home on your own, using at least the most common pliers.

What is the advantage of a makeshift stand under the rod (if desired, stands can be purchase in bait shop)?

  1. Stand always with him, and the fisherman is always sure not to run along the shore in the squeaks need a slingshot.
  2. The stand has a size with a margin, which is important when used on different water bodies where viscous soft bottom, and we have deeply to deepen the stem of the stand.
  3. Bed stand smooth (as I’ll say below), in contrast to the sticks. Thus, the fishing line can catch on a knot or protuberance in wood, and while cutting, just tear or get lost, Such cases are not uncommon.
  4. Homemade (store-bought) stand is durable and designed for rods of different weight, size and length. Carved into the banks of the stick, sometimes “fails”.
  5. Don’t feel hurt nature. This is important.
  6. Well, its thing is a special feeling.
Edge of the box

Now about how to make the edges smooth homemade spears. Easier nothing! It is enough to visit an electrical shop to buy a few termotronic the desired diameter, wear of the tubes and on the structure and fix the flame to the tube sank. It’s simple, affordable, fast, beautiful and reliable. And in terms of money is not so expensive. I kind of improvised spears serve for almost a decade. The main problem is not to forget them in the pond when going home. The rest only positive emotions.

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