Tackle bombard

Guns rarely see even advanced anglers. Alas, few people use it, but in vain. Maybe it’s in her prosrochennoy because the producers are not profitable to invest in is a cheap product. In fact, the bombard has to be in the Arsenal of the angler.

What is the bombard? As stated in the dictionary of foreign words, bombard in the XIV-XVI centuries was called the cannon, firing stone balls.

Now the so-called peaceful fishing weapon, designed to destroy the enemy, and to diversify the fascinating peaceful angling.

Why bombard?

What is needed and do we need all these newfangled fishing gear.

First things first – with constructional and technical characteristics. Through the body of the bombard is a tube that has a clear slide inside the line. Through this tube pass the free end of the main fishing line and then attach a few vertluzhnoj clasp that is used as a stopper. Then set the leash with monofilament line (braided cord is not too noticeable fish) are normally 2 m long, at the tip of the front sight. It is therefore clear that the fishing-rod for catching requires a minimum length of 2.7-3 m

There are 3 versions: floating (it says Floating), slow sinking, which is used for fishing in the middle layers of water (Slow sinking) and fast sinking (Fast sinking), designed for deep-sea fishing.

Bombards can be colored and transparent. Painted floating convenient because they allow you to observe the wiring at the water surface, it is sometimes necessary.

The fly can be mounted as a normal host and install it in the loop, where it moves freely.

Bombarda is a and sinker, and float in one. Its main purpose is to deliver a light lure as far as possible. She should possess excellent aerodynamics.

Slow or fast sinking bombarde, uniformly colored in the color of the algae (khaki) or bottom (dark gray, greenish brown, black), the fish are not afraid. And what can we say about transparent bombarde, which make a snap-practically invisible to underwater inhabitants. Products of all types made of impact-resistant material.

The next thing you should pay attention weight. Manufacturers produce models from 3 to 20 g. When selecting a weight it is necessary to proceed not only from the estimated casting distance, but also of the test characteristics of the rod. In General, it is necessary to take into account the objectives and the conditions of fishing.

For example, if you want to have fun and catch fish on flies bleak, grayling, chehon in a narrow river, that is, at close range, chosen for their light guns 3-5 g, the range of the CE casting with a thin fishing line will be 20-30 meters But at the distance of 50-60 m will help to deliver the snap of 10-12 g Bombarda and the corresponding test spinning.

Here, it should be at hand, and therefore in practice often required to bombard and light, and heavy, and painted, and transparent. Need to understand what kind of fish is suitable tackle, what is the distance of the upcoming fishing on the pond and what kind of weather will accompany fishing.

When you need the bombard

First of all it is necessary for spinning fishing with artificial fly on the fast rapids of stony rivers where there are salmon: trout, grayling, salmon, etc. or Chub, IDE. Fans spinners fishing here is difficult. Fly spinning, not abandoned, and no matter how easy nor was metal lure, shoals and other shallow areas it constantly gets stuck among the rocks, and the question is often put this way: its expensive, lose, or miraculously coming out of captivity.

The stock spinners catastrophically melts down and wants to fish… Because the fish most often rests in those unsuitable for metal. What to do For such fishing is great above the mounting gear with one or more flies.

Rocky bottom in most cases submersible bombarde is not a hindrance due to its design it’s under pressure jet easily jumps the obstacles, break, gets stuck in the crevices. You will be able to fish in the rapids as valuable as the flyfishing, in no way inferior to them in ulovistost tackle. The only possible trouble is the hook of hooks with flies for a snag or algae, but Bombarda nothing to do with it.

If you will be fishing on the river with depths of not more than 1.5 m, should be applied to the floating guns. Up to 3-4 meters depth in the fast current has time to sink and work the water column at the wiring slowly sinking. And then the course is fast sinking.

When fishing in ponds with clear water are very important to the quality used fishing line for a leash. It should be, at least, not too thick and not painted. The best we have had to face in practice, it is fishing line that has virtually the same refractive index as water, so it is invisible to fish. She almost never loose. durable on the knots and tear, and most importantly. sinks rapidly. That’s why it’s recommended for fly fishing in the clear water. Personally, we both used fluorocarbon 0,18-0,25 mm.

The output is: you have to put the leash of smaller diameter than the main fishing line, so as not to inadvertently lose the entire snap.

Still floating Bombarda can be used as a penetration limiter spinner. To do this, just needs to be put in front of the spinner leash is a length corresponding to the depth of immersion, and the guns mounted on the main stationary line. When posting, the bombard will slide over the surface, and the jig falls in the water at the planned level.

It happens that in the wide lowland rivers, fish does not want to keep the spinner close to him, and if he is selected to the distance of the feed bait, the fish won’t react on the large spoon, Devon, kastmaster or Wobbler.

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