Tackle for perch fishing any time of the year

For the most part tackle is no different from fishing from spring to autumn. The approach will change dramatically only in the winter time, where the use of the spinning is unacceptable (for the most part of territory of Russia) and in the course of going winter fishing rods.

All required is selected depending on conditions and fishing place. For maximum effect, preferably in advance to prepare for the process, correctly selecting fishing equipment.

Depending on the fishing boat or fishing from the shore is selected, the length of the rod. The main task in the first option is the convenience and compactness. In the case of fishing with a partner it is very important to have a short rod that both you and the other. Casts in this case are much easier to produce a short stick. This is more than enough length 1.80 cm

What spinning reel suitable for striped robber

  • Ultra light (Ultra light) is the most delicate tackle. Apply for super light lures: Microdrive or micro kalabalak.
  • Lite (Light) universal. Its application is possible with a huge range of lures weights, ranging from light and ending heavy enough. It also is used in the jig, subject to Extra Fast action. The advantage of these rods is that the main working lures have weight from 3-15 grams.

Versatile length is 2.10 m., allowing you to fish from the shore and from the boat. On a narrow and overgrown with trees and shrubs rivers it is better to use short rods, which allows to pass through the coastal thickets. Long spinning are used only if the process will be on the big water surface, with their long balls. Only in this case the use of rods of length 3.0-3.60 m will be justified.

If you want to approach the issue professionally, so to speak, then do not buy the universal versions. For one type of fishing (Giovane) you can take the stick is softer, allowing you to feel the movement of the gear. In this case, it is more like “noodles”. When fly fishing lures spinners or turntables, use something tougher. Noodles, fishermen, means a slow system, where during the wave reacts almost the entire spinning.

A suitable coil

Specific brands shall remain nameless, lest you think it’s advertising. Besides, the choice is huge, plenty of manufacturers offer fishermen a decent “grinder”. First, push off the weight and size of spinning. Preferably, if you already have a spinning, take it with you to the store and hang the coil. So check weight and balance.

It is obvious that for bulky fishing rods and juicy, and the coil is unlikely to be suitable, the same goes for the heavy grinder on UltraLite spinning. Coil weight varies depending on the size of the spool: the larger it accommodates the fishing line or cord – the heavier in the end. For perch do not need a huge Babin, containing 300 meters of line.

The ultralight put 1000 size, and light to 2500. The weight also affects the material, but it is stronger and lighter – the more expensive it will ultimately be the coil. More specific recommendations are not available, as you can use it as a Frank China, and famous brands, everyone will choose according to your wallet and possibilities.

Fishing line and braided cord

Fishing line has a percentage elongation and the higher it is, the stronger runs during the bite. This property is well suited for those cases where it is very important to go fish at infrequent bites. Thanks to depreciation (due to stretching) of the gatherings is somewhat less.

When you jig or any other transaction where you use a jerk line fits little. Elongation would interfere with the proper play of the lure, and will produce a clear jerks that are required when fishing for bass on a Popper. The use of leashes matter, but be aware of a few nuances.

Often the bait for the perch to peck the larger predators such as pike. It is easy to just grab a fishing line or a thin braided cord. If the water where you fish, pike a little, then experience is not what as bass does not have a lot of sharp teeth, the weight and the speed he’s totally not the same.

But there are moments when striped on their guard, and to bait treated with great caution, seeing in the water basket. In this case, it is reasonable and justified is knitting the leash from fluorocarbon. If the fish are active, not to frighten neither a leash nor a cord.

Spinning equipment for perch fishing

Following each snap-in has pros and cons, but what unites them is well-deserved popularity among all fishermen. For the most part they are made on the spot, but you can make them with your own hands at home.

Outlet leash

Read the detailed and full article on the topic of installation and further fishing outlet leash. Below the photo we have shown the scheme, which is no big deal. To the main fishing line tied a small swivel. One lug is mounted a segment of fishing line with a load, to another leash with bait. The weight of the load is selected depending on the test spinning. Read more learn the installation from the link above.

Snap-in tandem

Interesting and little-known simple fishermen method. Athletes use it for fishing in snag, weedy, shallow areas. The point is simple: in tandem (simultaneously) is used Popper and microgy. With the Popper removed the tees and to the last, rear, ringlet fit cut Flyura such length that he did not get to the bottom of 20-30 cm

To him is bound microjava tackle (jig head weighing 1-2 g) with the Twister of any color who likes to perch (engine oil, cherries, carrots). To the front ringlet Popper snaps the leash or braid. Tandem ready to go swimming.

Karolinska snap
  • Used for fishing in difficult areas where the chances of the hook is extremely high.
  • Perfectly evokes the attention of a passive fish.
  • Applied, including, in shallow water.
  • Simple in execution.
  • Multifunctional, allowing you to retool it for other conditions.
  • Universal: excellent bite on her perch, pike, Zander. At the same time meet the bite of the ASP, catfish and burbot.

On the main line puts the weight of the bullet. Below it is the bead that protects the subsequent attachment: swivel. At the time of casting the load with the power will change direction, cutting bead. In its absence it will hit the knot on the swivel, breaking it up and increasing the chances of breakage (see photo above).

The swivel binds the bypass leash length 30-50-60 cm from Flyura or good monolescu with offset hooks (the number depends on the size of the rubber). Follow a simple rule: the more passive bass, the longer should be the bypass leash. Make it no more than 1 meter, otherwise the gear will be constantly confused. The word at the Karolinska swivel snap is used against zakruchivanie and transactions.

Texas rigging

Its structure is almost one to one with Caroline, the difference is that there is no discharge of the leash (see photo above). On the main fishing line is threaded sliding cargo bullet. Bead is mounted below and offset hook. The basic idea of these montages that moves the cargo, holding a hook with rubber. Having faired he is able to get where the other gear will get stuck.

Tackle for live-bait fishing

Use several methods of fishing using live bait: the bait and the trout line. In the first and second embodiment, the base is properly selected fry and spitted on the hook. About the method of fishing live bait with the rod, read our full article. Fry can be caught with the help of the screen (zhivcova mesh). Perch no matter who you put on the hook, he’s willing to bite on: my striped trifle bleak, Bursch, Rudd, crucian carp and other fish.

Main is the correct mounting, which is at the top of the fin or through the gills. In the case of fin: one of the trebles hooks is passed through the upper part of the fish. When mounting through the gills of the fry through the mouth and threaded the leash, and sticking it out from a mouth fit to a tee. If you do it right, it will provide mobility and dolgorovski bait, which undoubtedly will positively affect the bite. Otherwise, the fry will die quickly and will be fixed, as such it is not interesting for predatory fish, so as not to attract attention.

Tackle made by hand

It is necessary to tell about the most famous improvised line on bass – Jack or as it is called noodle. Used for fishing in the bottom layer in winter or boat in summer. Step-by-step fabrication of the devil you will find the link. It is made from sinker and several hooks, which can beat hung little silicone worms.

The above Twister is mounted, which bite the most. During lowering of the Jack on the bottom of he knocks on it, involving , in particular, red perch of different sizes. Haze and dust from the bottom, in conjunction with beat sounds great lure of the striped predators. What kind of tackle to catch you just choose. All of the above our methods are simple, efficient and tested on hundreds of fishing trips. Good luck and big trophies!

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