Tackle for sea fishing

An integral part of modern life is stress, but there are things that help to cope with this state of Affairs, that is just helping to relax. One of such holidays is fishing.

Classifications and types of fishing there is great variety, but today we will talk about fishing on the sea.

For sea fishing there are various kinds of tackle and rods. So, marine coil needs to contain a large amount of fishing line and have a coating resistant to marine environment. Next, briefly consider some gear for sea fishing.

Bottom fishing rod (zakidushka)

This fishing rod is essential to fishing on some sections of the coast with gradually increasing depth.

Zakidushka – is the most common rig for fishing on the sea. Its equipment varies depending on the area in which it is used, although the principle of the device remains the same. For its production used fishing line with a thickness of 0.5 mm with multiple hooks, each on separate leashes with a sinker on the end of the main fishing line. All tackle is fixed on a plate with end cutouts.

Float rod

This tackle is more suited to novice anglers. It is suitable for catching most species of fish.

Float rod is a rod, hook and line, sinker and float. May have flickering or a blank snap. Fishing line in the tackle is passed through a metal ring to the top of the rod. The rod in turn have to be flexible, light and durable, long not less than three meters. It is made from different wood species (ash, birch, etc.) and bamboo, also fiberglass or carbon fiber. Such rods can be composite (consisting of several parts) and whole.

The line for this rod it is better to choose from nylon or nylon, because it is strength five times greater than the line of natural fibers. The diameter shall be not less than 0.25 mm. the Float on this rod needs to be convenient, easy, and reliable to stay on the line and, if necessary, to move freely through it, also it needs to be clearly visible on the surface of the water.


This type of tackle with bait, artificial materials are used for catching different species of fish – horse mackerel, sea herring, mackerel, etc. its Main component is the interest rate (i.e. the tyrant). Used fishing line approximately 4-8 m, with hooks on a short leash with a sinker on the end.

Bet with a thickness of 0.35 mm (thinner than the rate, so it is less visible to the fish), thinner not to do, because sometimes come across large specimens that are easy to cut fishing line. The upper end of the tyrant is tied to the main fishing line, which in turn is tied to the rod length 3-4 m.

After all of the above, we can conclude fishing on the sea can be considered the best vacation. And what kind of tackle to choose – to solve only to you.

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