Tackle Sputnik

If You suddenly woke up one morning and decided to catch a goldfish, go for it! This will help You tackle Sputnik. Of course there is no guarantee that the fish will fulfill your cherished three wishes, but that it will be tasty and – that’s for sure.

After all, tackle Sputnik catch carps, crucian carps, breams and other equally delicious and far from harmless fish. In addition, the number of fish caught far exceed that of bottom, showing a wire spring in the form of a cone.

Through it pass four of the leash with hooks. If you experience an urgent need to use large hooks, the leashes can be made of nylon cord. But still these devices do not guarantee the capture of a huge fish and a great catch.

Remember that the height of the helix and its base diameter should be the same (about 20 millimeters). To one end of an additional fishing line is attached to the spring and the other attached movable wiring. One loop construct small knot, which is installed near the pellet.

To prevent its disengagement under load and on both sides you need to place small pieces of rubber nipple. The same device made of rubber and the pellets should be placed near the bottom of the third loop of extra line. In the spot where you usually attach the sinker.

Primary and secondary fishing line connected to the cover, that at any moment it was possible to remove Sputnik, avoiding damage and cut the line. The main line must be a diameter of about 0,4 -0,6 mm.

A conical spiral is a kind of trough. It is stuffed meal, ground sunflower seeds, and bread, and hooks already put balls of the same mixture. Also the spiral can be spread the dough, so that was a good catch indeed selective for large fish.

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