Talk of semolina on carp

Crucian is very tasty and healthy fish, but before you cook it, you need to be able to catch it.

One of the most popular ways is to catch a goldfish.

The advantages of bait from semolina

  • This bait is extremely simple to prepare , and most importantly, if the semolina is properly prepared, then it is extremely problematic and almost impossible to remove small fish from the hook.
  • It has long been noticed that fish bite into semolina much more actively, therefore, there will be a bite.
  • The latter advantage can be attributed to the disadvantages, as the semolina is ideal for reservoirs with little or no flow, but not the best choice of bait for reservoirs with an active and turbulent flow.

Types of semolina baits

  • One of the simplest types of nozzles is a talker. The method is simple because semolina does not need to be cooked, but let’s talk about the recipe itself.
  • From semolina can make the dough for fishing. Naturally, like any dough, you can make it in several ways.
  • The last subspecies of semolina for fishing will be boiled hard-boiled semolina.
Recipes for making bait

It is most reasonable to begin with the simplest recipe and from the simple one to the more complicated one, because the first way to prepare the semolina correctly is quite simple.

Talker – from the word “chatter” (shake). You do not need to invent a bicycle, take a jar, pour water into it (it is important to water first, but not semolina), add a small amount of semolina and shake it with the help of a regular stick. You should have a “milk”. To do this, even suitable water from the reservoir. It is enough just to have a pack of semolina with you in a fishing backpack, you can make a jar from a plastic bottle with a knife, and finding a stick in nature is not a problem. The longer the shake, the better, because the most reasonable thing is to mix 10-15 minutes.

The second stage: gradually add semolina in small batches and shake to the consistency of liquid sour cream. It turns out something liquid, viscous, volatile, like sour cream from the store. It will also take 10-15 minutes to prepare.

The third, final stage: gradually add semolina and get something more concentrated. How to understand that the talker is ready? When the mass will not “fall away” from the stick. It is best to do a talker by hand and shake for a long time so that the semolina will better hold on the hook. This can be done with a mixer or a blender, but then the semolina will stay on the hook worse. Even the usual culinary halo is undesirable when cooking talkers.

Recipes for making dough from semolina a few, take the most popular.

The semolina is placed in water (some recommend placing it in running water, but even tap water will do) and soaked for about 15 minutes. What is the meaning of running water? In it, the croup is “washed”.

Next you need to shift semolina in gauze and tie. Since the cooking is planned, it is not recommended to tie the cereal into a tight “bag”, it is better to leave the place, given that the semolina after cooking will swell up and increase in size. Manka in gauze is placed in boiling water for 5 minutes, then removed and suspended. For 10 minutes, it should hang to the excess water glass gauze. Then you need to knead the resulting mass with your hands – and the dough is ready!

How to cook the semolina talker, already disassembled above, now we need to talk about a very interesting recipe …

Dough recipe from semolina with garlic

This recipe has its advantages. When people use flavors and other additives, they often do not know what is in their composition. For example, they may be on alcohol. Adding alcohol to the dough can change its chemical composition and make it unsuitable for fishing. This does not mean that it is necessary to dwell solely on grandfathering methods, you can experiment with additives, flavoring agents and other things, but also old and proven ways to forget it is silly.

Semolina is mixed with wheat flour, an approximate ratio of 1 to 3 (3 parts of semolina more and 1 part of flour), then gradually add water in small batches, knead and allow it to infuse a little. In the dough, it is best to add sunflower oil (it attracts crucian carp), but the oil is needed to obtain the desired consistency, you can even pour the olive oil. If the purpose of fishing is to catch a crucian, then it is better to add vegetable oil in small batches (you can simply add to your hands and knead) until the characteristic smell of seeds appears from the dough. Garlic gruel is prepared and gradually added to the dough by shaking hands.

Dough from semolina for catching crucian

Extremely simple recipe, something like a talker from semolina. It takes 2-3 spoons of semolina to add about 20-30 grams of water, the main thing is not to overdo it with water. The main difference from the preparation of talkers – adding water to the grits, but not the grits in the water. Then you need to stir for some time with a spoon, and when the dough begins to thicken – to shift fingers and gradually add semolina. After 10-15 minutes in the hands will be a soft mass, something resembling a crumb of bread. For fishing in this dough, you can add various flavors and additives for bait fish.

Where and when is it better to catch a crucian for semolina?

Everything is very simple here: it is better to fish for semolina in stagnant water or with not very strong flow. The crucian carp likes a warm season, therefore it is more reasonable to fish in spring, summer and autumn, but when the water is warm enough.

Crucian well caught near the trees, thickets of reeds. Fish (not only crucian carp) finds coolness in them in the summer because of the shade, and in the fall these places are distinguished by the warmest water in the pond.

Tackle for catching carp for semolina

Catching is better with a bait, but the best tackle for catching carp for semolina is a combine. It is made as follows: a semolina is added to the spring (the spring in the harvester’s tackle is the feeder), the crucian feeds and makes bites. Some inexperienced fishermen do not know how to throw bait from semolina pond. Such a problem will solve the tackle “spring”, it is also a combine.

The way to attach the hook semolina talker

Experienced fishermen do not experience such difficulties and easily put on the semolina talker with the help of ordinary sticks. Although there is an elementary “life hack”, which makes life easier for inexperienced fishermen. Talker needs to be drawn into a medical syringe. A simple press on the valve semolina “wound” on the hook. You can do the same with not very thick dough from semolina, and a good dough rolls freely into balls and easily sits on the hook.

How to solve the bite?

The bite is very well marked, but even it presents difficulties for an inexperienced fisherman. At first the float starts to fluctuate, leaving a little under water. Carp rarely pulls to the bottom, often leads to the side of the float (left or right) and melts it.

How best to store the seamy talker on fishing

Naturally, it needs to be stored in a dry place and protected from the sun. If there is too much moisture, then the talker will be sodden; The simplest thing is to tear away (pull out by the roots) several reed bushes and put a small talker under them.

Tips for beginner fishermen

It should be understood that the process of fishing for semolina because of the carp’s favorite bait does not guarantee a successful catch. Fishing is something like a war, there, too, everything must happen in the complex.

For example, it is extremely important to have sharp and high-quality hooks, best of all – Japanese ones. Check the sharpness of the hook is simple: you need to put it on the pad of your thumb with a sting and try to “pass” on the skin. If the hook slides easily, then it is bad! A good hook will “stick” into the skin.

Naturally, it is necessary to carry out the sting on the finger slowly, not to jerk and not rip off the skin to the blood, and especially not to drown the sting of the hook in the pad of the finger. If the hook is blunt, it needs to be changed, there will be no successful fishing with it. However, if such a thing is noticed during fishing, then it is possible to sharpen the hook using a regular matchbox, or rather its side for setting fire to matches. When sharpening the sting hook you need to make a movement, as when sharpening a knife.

Also when fishing on a calm pond, it is best to have a bright float. When the eyes look at the float, which is similar in color to the color of water, the more “flattened” the eyes are on the even surface, the eyes get tired faster and harder. Thus, fishing turns from pleasure to work.

It is highly recommended to have spare gear with you. If you have broken the fishing line and lost hooks, there will be a possibility of replacement, sometimes at the most inappropriate moment you may need a float or sinker.

It is also highly desirable to have a baited place. Usually it is chosen in advance. If you have a vacation, regularly go to the same place and give fish a complementary food. This should always be done at the same time, even if fishing is not planned. Thus, the fish becomes accustomed to visit its favorite “cafe”, and when the fisherman goes fishing, the catch will be richer in the baited place.

If you don’t want to “feed” fish, you can use “screens” (they are also “TVs” or muzzles ”and place them in the place of catching, and at the time of bait you can check your tackle for the presence of catch. Thus, even if this day fishing itself it is not planned, the person will always be with a fresh catch, which means with fresh fish on the table.

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