The advantages and disadvantages of bezuslovnoi clasps for braided cord

One of the major problems for fishing was the unreliability of connections in a snap. According to the manufacturer, the tensile strength of fishing line is greatly reduced on the nodes.

To retain maximum rupture strength, the fishermen came up with a set of nodes with minimal kinks thread. A useful device may be Bezuglova clasp for braids. This element will retain the technical parameters of cord as well as speed up the installation process a snap.

What is Bezuglova clasp “Not a knot”?

Fishing item bezuslovna

To reduce the number of dropped baits, and to prevent the gathering of large fish helps bezuslovnoe connection. With its simple and compact details do not need to memorize the intricacies of new knots to tie the bait to the fishing line. The connector is a wire device with special twists on the ends. For the production of this element is most commonly used stainless steel wire. Bezuslovna clasp now offer fishing trips a specialty stores. Easy to make wire and fixture with your hands.

But not enough to buy or make a clever clasp. It is important to learn to use this detail, combining braided cord with artificial lures.

In some cases, the use of the connector degrade the performance of equipment. Therefore, before installing a new accessory for the bait should be acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses bezuslovnogo connection line.

Advantages and disadvantages of bezuglovka

To the main fishing line to attach the leash or lure in two ways. Some anglers continue to use the sites, others like I had Bezuglova clasp. Each of these methods has its own scope, which is determined by the strengths and weaknesses of compounds.

The advantages of conventional nodes include:

  • the possibility of tying different lines and braided;
  • open the snap-in often occurs on the host.
  • on the snap there are no additional elements.

The weaknesses of joint connections, you must select the disadvantage of the formation of the node and low strength.

Tip! Nodes remain the main method of fastening hooks, vertluzhnoj, microscopic lures and other small accessories gear.

Have bezuslovnoi clasp has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • One of the important advantages of the connector “Not a knot” is to prevent abrasion of the cord during playing big fish.
  • Wire fixture allows you to quickly change or tying a lure or snap. Any angler installation takes 10-20 seconds. Time is especially appreciated by the athletes during the competition.
  • No knots do snap very durable, because it eliminates weak spots.

Have bezuslovnoi clasps and some limitations.

Attention! Bezuglova clasp should be selected taking the thickness of the braided fishing line. The item number should be similar to the diameter of the cord.

  • When you dead hook when you have to pull out the snap-in holding the line, breakage may occur at any point along the cord. It’s a shame to lose a long piece of expensive thread.

The angler must determine which mounting method best suited for him. For spinning enthusiasts and faleristov using the network, it will be useful to use the connector. But for those who like float or ultralight preferable is an ordinary node.

How to make bezuslovna clasp

Independent production of wire element has its positive side. The angler can make the buckle underneath the tackle, given the thickness of the twine and the size of the bait.

For the manufacture of details need to arm themselves with the following tools:

  • pliers;
  • pliers;
  • file;
  • pliers.

The connector can be made of steel wire with a diameter of 0.12-0.8 mm. Anglers often use guitar strings or wires of steel ropes, cables, chalok, etc.

Bezuglova clasp their hands is done according to the following scheme.

  1. First, one end of a wire is processed with a file or sandpaper, to avoid sharp edges.
  2. Pliers made by bending the wire 180 degrees. After about 5-7 mm of the tip of the wire is again rotated in the opposite direction. Using pliers bends better.
  3. Next is to cut the excess wire with wire cutters. Burrs removed with a file.
  4. Then using pliers made a loop. The tip of the wire is important to bend to the main part of the connector using pliers.

Photo 1. For clarity, we made the clasp out of colored wire.

Recommendation! To make the buckles set with different size loops, you can use nails with appropriate thickness.

How to use bezuslovnoi

The connection of the basket with the bait through the wire fixture as follows.

  1. First and foremost, it is important to pick up a thick cord the size of bezuglovka. Use a connector with a thicker wire than fishing line.

    Photo 2. Join the clasp with a ring of the crank.

  2. In the first stage the ring of the lure is put in the loop of the clasp.
  3. Loop the main line (double-folded) cling to the hook connector. After the tension form a double thread.
  4. Next, a tight twist should be done 4-6 times around the wire of the clasp.
  5. Remains to have the line ring wire element (latch), wet the cord and tighten. The protruding end of the fishing line should be shortened.

Photo 3. Ready connection.

If at the first attempt, the question may arise, how to knit bezuslovno, then every replacement of lure will happen faster and easier.

The necessity of using bezuslovnoi closure depend on the method of fishing. As for the production of the connector does not require any cost, several of these items you can do with your hands and put it in a fishing box. Perhaps at some point, the clasp will need and will help the angler to extract from the water the coveted trophy.

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