The best lures for pike

Wobbler is considered to be one of the best baits for hunting pike. Developed hundreds if not thousands of models catchability of this lure. Most crankbaits are designed for catching not only pike but also other freshwater predators.

The angler who intends to fish for pike, you need to know is whether a particular Wobbler for catching of a predator and what characteristics are such cranks.

Before you buy the bait, you need to know the 10 best crankbaits for pike to pick up their analogues.

Wobbler pike – which one to choose

Choosing a crankbait for hunting pike considering the conditions of the fishing season, weather, depth of fishing.

When selecting a crankbait for pike you need to know:

  • pike like lures centre of gravity towards the tail or the middle of the lure;
  • apply for a pike lures ranging from 5 to 15 cm, maximum 25 cm;
  • most attractive to predator a game the lure, but at a low speed transaction –pike likes to chase his victim;
  • Wobbler, which is moving on the pike, more noticeable to her than the one that moves the bottom of the reservoir;
  • bright and silvery coloring pages suitable for clear water and a clear day;
  • blue color of lures for fishing at great depths on a Sunny day;
  • in cloudy or rainy day works well Wobbler Golden color.
  • surface lure was invented for fishing in dense vegetation or deep snags;
  • diving (sinking) lure, ideal for fishing predator trolling at great depths.

When choosing colors lure fishing for pike the main criterion is the visibility of the lure in the water environment.

Wobbler, bait, which are chosen under different fishing conditions, physiology of the pike and time of year:

  1. Spring. Unpromising time for hunting a toothy predator lure. Capture happen on the surface and a little submersible bait in the shallows after spawning and warm water.
  2. Summer. A big pike is a favorite place at great depths. Medium and small predator adhere to riparian vegetation and water depths up to 3 m Wobbler is selected depending on conditions of catching.
  3. Fall – pike moves to depth. The most promising large deep diving Wobbler that imitates bait fish grown.

Structurally, each Wobbler has a strong purpose to work on a certain depth and is marked by the degree of buoyancy:

  • F – float for fishing on the surface of the water. In the presence of the blade zaglubljajutsja. Pause rise to the surface.
  • FF – fast pop-up. Increased ascent rate.
  • SF – slowly pop up.
  • S – sinking. During pauses gently fall to the bottom.
  • FS – fast sinking.
  • SS – slow sinking.
  • SP – suspender. Neutral buoyancy – do not sink and do not float.
  • SSS – reduced the speed of flooding.
  • SSR – immersed up to 0.5 m.
  • SR – immersed up to 1 m
  • MR – immersed up to 1.5 m.
  • DR – immersed up to 2 m.
  • MDR – immersed, up to 2.5 m.
  • SDR – submerged to a depth of over 3 m.
  • XDD – plunges a depth of over 7 m.

The top 10 best crankbaits for pike, firmly confirming their effectiveness, selected from the experience of fishermen, athletes and of course lovers.

Top 10 best lures for pike

Almost every successful “brand” Wobbler has cheap copies. And not always copy catch worse than the originals. In the rankings of ulovistost bait occupy different places, but this does not become less efficient:

No. 1 Ima 120 Flut

Suspender, unpredictable game which is formed inside the body rolling balls. Besides the beads specific sound creates a noise hole. Equipped with three treble hooks.

Shows excellent results in uniform wiring, and also twiching:

  • When twiching immersed up to 2 m;
  • At even leading, up to 3 m;
  • Options – 120 mm, 15 g.;
  • The price is from 800 p.
No. 2 Megabass Vision 110

Refers to slowly pop up. Built into the case balls increase the range of the crank and diversify his game. Working range approximately 1 M.

Transactions – uniform and twitching.

  • The length of the lure 110 mm, weight 14-15 g.
  • The price is from 1000 to 1500 RUB.
No. 3, Zip Baits Khamsin 70 SR

Reproduces the movements of small crucian. Flies away when casting. Works well in oxbow lakes and ponds, as well as for passive pike. It is possible to use on the course. Balance is achieved by using tungsten weight. Posting the best slow, not aggressive twitching or wiring short stops, but works well and at high speeds.

A large number of color options simulates both silver and gold crucian.

  • Options – 7 cm, 9.5 g.
  • Price – from 750 rubles.
No. 4 Lucku Craft Pointer 100 SP

Universal Wobbler for different waters and fishing conditions. Makes sounds that attract the predator. Pause the vibrations of the lure do not stop. Price – from 900 rubles.

No. 5 Owner Cultiva Ripn Minnow 112 SP

Large, well-controlled Wobbler to hunt for trophy pike in the far distance. Excellent balance. Not “stoparic” with the fastest transaction. Used for trolling, light twiching and uniform wiring.

All wiring options useful pause.

  • Settings – 11.2 cm, 21 g.
  • Price – from 300 rubles.
No. 6 Jackall Smash Minnow 110 SP

Intended to catch pike of various sizes from the shore in the spring. Long-range. The by-catch often caught pike and perch. Perfectly mimics a live bait active oscillation from side to side.

Exhibits the properties of suspender – retains depth during twiching.

  • Weight 18,8 g.
  • The depth of application of 0.5-0.8 m.
  • Price – from 600 RUB.
No. 7 Zip Baits Orbit 110 SP

To catch a significant predator on small depth. In movement resembles the feeding of fry. Balance is achieved due to the brass weight.

Good at even posting and twiching. Pike responsive to a long pause this lure in the posting process. Price – from 600 RUB.

No. 8 Rapala Skitter Pop SP07

Surface. Copies hiding in the upper layers of water fry. Accurately and flies away. Does not cling to the surface vegetation.

Wobbler is made from balsa and “injured” his teeth.

  • Settings – 70 mm, 7 g
  • Price – from 600 RUB.
No. 9 Jackall Tiny Magallon

Wobbler-suspender in two parts. Used for fishing on small places. During transactions, especially for the necessary pause to let the lure to pdfsplit and wiggle my tail.

Few colors, all of which catchability.

  • The parameters of the crank – 88 mm and 7 g.
  • Price – from 650 to 1100 R.
No. 10 Yo-Zuri L Minnow 66

Accurately and far flies when casting. Suitable for spring and autumn hunting for pike. The original game provided by a cylindrical ‘noisy’ weight.

Wobbler is used with all types of transactions.

  • Depth of 1.5 m.
  • Price – from 350 rubles.

In the rating are the prices for crankbaits, claiming originality. The Chinese copies cheaper and pick them not so pathetic.

Expensive models of lures worth to buy, only in cases when the angler is sure of their effectiveness is in his hands. This is especially true for beginner anglers.

Wobbler, bait is not universal and each model is designed for fishing in certain conditions. A distinctive feature of one of the spinning lure on the other – the constant control over its work from the angler.

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