The Best Selling Fishing Products Of 2019 Stuffed Into One Box

Enough boasting tho… The reason I’m writing this blog is to help fill you in on this incredible deal. Right now, during the Holiday Season – Get 5 of the best selling lures from 2019 and a fresh spool of fishing line for only 35 bucks!

2019 was a busy year on and off the water at the Catch Co. We’ve been working our tails off trying to provide the best fishing experiences possible for anglers everywhere. Expanding brands, creating fresh fishing content, and developing new and innovative products have been our top priorities.

People will think you spent hours searching fishing products when in reality you only had to click a few buttons!

$60 Worth Of The Best Tackle Available For Only 35 Bucks!
The 2019 Best Sellers Box Includes:
Catch Co. Bubonic BugZ

The Bubonic BUGZ are a collaboration between Catch Co. and underground lure artist Chris Grout. Combining brush stroke and airbrush techniques for lifelike, alluring colorways, the BUGZ squarebills are meant to catch the attention of both fish and anglers. Chris collaborated with Catch Co. to bring you custom color patterns most fish have never seen. Combining the talents of an artist and an angler, these designs put a unique twist on common squarebill patterns like crawfish and chartreuse.

Catch Co. Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad

Mike Bucca’s Baby Bullshad is a fresh, downsized ABS plastic version of Mike’s legendary resin poured bait. All the fish-catching characteristics of the classic Bull Shad are packed into this four-joint swimbait at an amazing price. Rivaling the action of the sauciest West Coast style swimbait, Catch Co. partnered with Mike Bucca to create a new legend. Boast to your fishing friends about getting your hands on the Baby Bull Shad by sharing pics of your new bait and catches with the #BabyBullShad, and make sure to leave a review on the site so others know how much of a fish magnet this bait is!

BioSpawn ExoRibbon

The BioSpawn ExoRibbon is a genetically engineered take on the classic ribbon worm style bait. A slender and dynamic ribbed body transitions seamlessly into a BioSpawn logo inspired ribbon tail finish. The fluttering tail will leave anglers and fish drooling. The ExoSkeleton design in the ExoRibbon will help displace a ton of water. This ribbon tail worm is the perfect combination for any Texas rig, Carolina rig, and shaky head. This new bait is sure to become a top fish catcher for many experienced anglers looking for the newest innovation in the industry. The BioSpawn ExoRibbon features a jointed exoskeleton has a classic ribbon tail inspired profile with a BioSpawn finish. Like all our other baits, the BioSpawn ExoRibbon is scented with BioScent™.

10,000 Fish Saw Craw

The 10,000 Fish Saw Craw is the craw of the future. The arms flap and flail unlike your run of the mill crawfish, and they produce bites unlike any you’ve ever fished as well! Throw it on the back of a jig and punch that baby into cover. He won’t be coming home alone!

Googan Squad Thicc Jig

The Googan Squad Thicc jig is a flipping jig designed for use in thicker cover than other jigs can handle. The head is pointed, to go in and out of cover easier. Plus, the weed guard and hook are both beefed up for fewer snags and better hookups. Tie on the Thicc Jig whenever targeting thick shoreline laydowns or punching through emergent vegetation. Built around a heavy-duty hook finished off with a hand-tied skirt, the Googan Squad Thicc Jig is built for the mondos.

8lb Googan Squad Fluorocarbon Line

The Googan Squad teamed up with Catch Co. and quality Japanese manufacturers to create a line we love and trust. Jon, LFG, AP, Lunkers, and Flair all helped develop the product and the packaging to make sure it was something you’d all love. 100% Pure Fluorocarbon Line is tough, reliable, sinking, and just begging to be put to the test by a mondo. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and more are all dying to be tied onto this line.

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